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Doing my bit to advertise for my beloved Melaka

Hmm~ I think I had blogged bout Klan rite? You can find it in the archieves (its at the June 2007 archieve) if u are so interestered. Damn paiseh lah... I don't know how to link to that particular post. Haha! Anyone kind enough to teach me???

Anyways, those interested to get a tattoo, which I am secretly very interested to have it, and its their first time, why don't you guys come over to Klan concept and get ya virgin tattoo. 50% off leh. Can tht be any cheaper? Wah! Now its the megasale...even the tattoo parlour got sale. Haha!!!

I can assure you that Taksha Tribe Body Tattoo is a good tattoo parlour. Alaa~ although I tak pernah pergi but... I know lah. Got Miami Ink's standard.... *ok...that's over bragging*

So hurry...the promotion ends at 22nd August. Don't even wait even if had totally decided to get a tattoo. Even if you're at KL pun, fly down to Melaka and get it!!!!

For more info bout Klan concept, Klan da houz, Taksha Tribe Body Tattoo or Boutique Tribe, check out their website here

Alright. That's all for today.


NOTE: Oops... the photo's a bit of an...obscene~