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.: a story bout our insane blogger :.

One day, when prinsezz was about to take her regular shower after a hectic day at uni, miu miu came out of his warm casing and took her picture.

"What are you trying to do, miu miu" shouted prinsezz looking very shocked. "Don't take my photo without my makeup on!!! I look damn ugly"

Despite being shouted by prinsezz continued to take photos of prinsezz. Because in miu miu't little mechanical heart, prinsezz looks beautiful with or without makeup. *pukes all over the room*

"Please don't take lah... I really look very ugly leh"

Miu miu still didn't care about prinsezz's ranting. He just continued to take pictures of prinsezz.

"Ok, ok. If you really wanna take, please let me comb down my fringe first. I look like a horse without my fringe"

"Ok, how I look now?" prinsezz said while giving miu miu her signature pose. "Much cuter rite?"

Miu miu nodded in agreement. prinsezz really looked nicer with her fringe let down on her forehead.

"Ok lah. Miu miu better go back into your casing d lah. Prinsezz wanna go bathe bathe d. Got a bit smelly d lor"

But miu miu still sat there looking at prinsezz. He didn't want to go back to the casing eventhough the casing was nice and cozy. He had hardly spend much time with prinsezz since she was busy with her assignments and the craziness of uni life.

"Why o? I really need to bathe leh." prinsezz said sulking. "You go back to you casing lah. I got no time to take pictures neh. I got Piano Ped's assignment to do later"

Saddened by this, miu miu slowly walked back to his casing.


ting ting ting ting

Prinsezz heard something rang nearby and it stopped miu miu in his steps.

Oh my gosh!!! What the heck is this????

"Eeeee~ its uglier than my face without makeup on and haven't wash my face for a month"

By the look on prinsezz's face, we could imagine that the thing was really ugly looking.

Miu miu looked down on the thing on prinsezz's hand and saw Nono smiling like two whole pie at both prinsezz and miu miu.

"Hi... I'm nono. You have one new message from prinz" said nono in a very mechanical tone.

*no time to edit the photos. so please imagine the phone smiling lah hor~*

Prinsezz picked up Nono and turned to the back of Nono.

"Eeyer~ why your internals can see one? What happened to your skin?" prinsezz asked nono.

"Oooo~ I lost my back skin. But don't you think without my skin and could see my internals very cool meh?"

"Yurk!!! No lah!!! Like so ugly can... your battery and other internals nice never mind. But like shit!!!" prinsezz started to complain non-stop. "You arh... really no standard lah. Dare to become phone some more. Should be extinct lah. Why you still laying around her???"

And the complains just goes on and on....

Hearing all this, so hurt by it, nono started to cry.

Prinsezz heard nono's crying and stopped talking. She looked at nono quietly.

"Sorry lah... I don't mean it lah." prinsezz comforted nono. "Don't cry lah..."

"I cayang you lah." prinsezz continued to comfort nono. "I know you are only doing your job. I shouldn't condemn your ugliness one"

*muaks muaks*

"Don't like this lah. Smile lah. Look at miu miu and give miu miu a big smile lah"

Finally a small stroke of smile appeared on Nono's face...

*tell me you can see it the imagination thing...*
"Yay!!! Nono smile d... Nono no more angry with Prinsezz"

*isk isk~ why my fringe parted??? Ugly lah!!!*

Suddenly prinsezz remembered her close companion, Momo. He had been in coma state for a couple of days d. prinsezz had been in bad mood since momo was in coma. She was even sick the day momo went into coma...

All she could say was...

"Prinsezz miss Momo... I want Momo back!!!!"

"When Momo wanna get up from coma leh??"

Prinsezz became very saddened. She starting sulking and her face turned into a 'po lo bao' (pineapple bun). Miu miu decided to cheer her up.

"Prinsezz, you faster pray for momo lah. And give her some cheering so that he will wake up as soon as possible" Miu miu told prinsezz...

Prinsezz quickly held Momo close to her and hugged it tight.

"Momo, prinsezz pray that you faster get well. *So that I don't need to use that ugly 3200* prinsezz really miss you dearly o!!!"

"Prinsezz 'sek sek' (kiss) Momo. Prinsezz believe Momo sure will come back to Prinsezz one"

*Muaks muaks*

Although Momo is in a coma state, prinsezz insisted of taking a photo with him. She whispered in his ear:

"Momo, you must jia you (add oil=keep holding on)o... I will wait for you to come back and serve me mia..."

Miu miu was quite touched to see such a touching scene in B-5-3. But couldn't cry coz it will wet miu miu's internal stuff.

*Oik!!! my curly hair start to can see d leh!!! UGLY!!!!*
This story was acted out by:

Prinsezz~ herself

Nono~ prinsezz's old Nokia 3200

Momo~ prinsezz's Motorola *crap!!! I forgot the damn model d!!!* phone
Miumiu~prinsezz's Olympus 'miu' 760

This story is inspired by:

A couple of bloggers who like to camwhore with their stuff *not to condemn arh!!! to celebrate them...coz i also like to camwhore with my things*

=The End=

p/s: if my post is similar to anyones, please forgive me. Its really mere co-incidence.