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Random Haul

Got these mini NYX lippies from Puff.

Her sis got her a NYX advent calendar. She opened it all in one day without waiting hahahah. She gave these to me coz they are all nude colors which is totally my jam muahahaha.

These are the shades. The top three are Lip Lingeries while the bottom one is intense butter gloss. I don’t use gloss but that butter gloss’ pigmentation is crazy good that I want to try it out.

 Swatches with some snow flake coz of Christmas spirit wtf

I always wanted to try Embellishment so it’s good that I have a mini size of it to try. Apparently the Tres Leches gloss is a dupe for Koko K gloss. Not sure I’ll like it but I’m gonna try lah.

 Fml these are so difficult to remove. Don’t know if I can swatch other stuff on this hand d.

 I’ve mentioned that I got buncha liquid lippies for my jimuis for Christmas. After picking out the ones for my jimuis, I’m left with a few for myself 😬 

 Velvet Vanity x Cleo one I got it for myself while the bottom two are leftovers from the set I got.

Top to bottom: Take Me Out, Cheap Thrills and Mr West

I’ll be wearing Take Me Out for all the Christmas celebrations and probably all the way till CNY hahaha.

As for the other two shades, 🤔 I haven’t test it out but it’ll probably be worn every day.

I got the Smashbox Shadow + Highlight Palette Set as planned. So happy that I got all the holiday sets that I want 😊 There are two eyeshadow palettes and one highlighting palette.

 First up we have the Ablaze palette (from the Cover Shot series) which I’ve been eyeing for god knows how long. It’s not sold at Sephora as a single so when it came out in this set, I knew I had to get this.

 It’s a mini palette with warm tones. Super great for traveling. Wanted to bring it to Bangkok but didn’t in the end coz I knew I’ll be lazy to put on makeup haha.


(1) Relaxed is the only matte shade that is not patchy when swatched. (3) Nirvana, (7) Throwback and (8) Dark Horse is patchy swatched but when used on eyes, it’s pretty ok.

2) Siesta and (5) Moccasin are shimmers while (4) Delirious and (6) Torch are satins. All of these perform perfectly.

Smashbox Cover Shot palette in Sultry

 These shades aren’t really my jam but I’ll try to work it out.

As compared to the Ablaze palette, this palette has smoother mattes. Out of the whole palette, I only like the darker shades: (6) Bordeaux, (7) Black Currant and (8) Dark Cocoa.

 The last palette in the set is a highlighter palette called Spotlight Palette in Pearl.

I like all the highlighters except the last one, Blow A Fuse, coz it’s a glittery highlighter. It’s supposed to be a pearl finish highlighter. Don’t understand why it’s so glittery. But I’m still excited to try them out soon.

Remember these Mille x My Little Pony lippies that I’ve mentioned in my Bangkok haul? I’ve kept them both in the end 😬

 Rarity on the left and Pinkie Pie on the right.

Rarity looks like a pinkish red on my friend but it’s like a straight up red on me. So weird. Pinkie Pie on the other hand is a standard nude color that I’ll always get in all lippies lol.

Last item...

 So damn happy coz I always wanted to try out Juvia’s Place. It’s a birthday present from ❤️ hehe

I chose The Zulu coz I like the colors in the palette. I don’t have many colorful palettes so this is a great addition to my collection.  

Look at the colors!!! Aren’t they all so pretty? I wouldn’t wear them on a daily basis lah. Probably during special occasions or during the festive seasons. 

First time swatching these since I got it. Honestly it’s quite disappointing than expected. Pigmentation is so so if compared to Colourpop. Eyeshadows feel dry. The metallic ones feel extra gritty. Gonna try it out on my eyes to give better review of it.

My favorite shade from swatching is first from right of the third row. Second from right of the third row is also not bad. Probably the smoothest matte from the lot.