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[From Dayre] Thai Food Gathering

Last night had a gathering with the besties to give each other our souvenirs/Christmas gifts.

Guess where we went for dinner?

A Thai restaurant 😂

I don’t know why we chose that even though Nana’s level of spicy tolerance is close to 0 hahahah.

Anyways here’s what we had...
 Clear soup tom yam

I still prefers creamy Tom yam lah tbh.

 Green curry coz I missed it so much

In Bangkok, the green curries that we had were always spicy and the tom yam were thick and creamy but not spicy at all. Back in Malaysia, it’s the opposite. The tom yam was spicy af while this was just some thick and creamy soup. So weird.

Tbh the food there is pretty meh except for this crispy omelet. I’ll probably come here, pack this for dinner and leave.

I’ll share what I got from my girls when I get back home. Out to run some errands right now.

Oh forgotten about this cha yen. Nothing close to any cha yens I had in Bangkok 😑

Is it obvious that I’m never returning to this Thai restaurant? Hahaha.

Christmas gift/Souvenir from Nana

Japanese candies/snacks

Nana knows me so well haha. I’m addicted to candy/snacks and probably it’s the reason why I can’t lose weight.

Anyways most of the candies/snacks are from Meiji. Me love Meiji 💗

 She also gave me a Hello Kitty hand cream and a limited edition Love Liner liquid liner ❤️

The Hello Kitty hand cream smells like very very strong roses. I think it’s a lil too strong for my liking. But it’s just one whiff lah. Probably love it more when I use it properly.

The Love Liner is in collaboration with My Melody and Little Twin Stars’ 40th anniversary. It has a super cute drawing of My Melody and the twins 😍

 The liner is not as opaque as I like it to be 😕 Buttttt I’ll make it work for sure 😊 

 Christmas & Birthday gift/Souvenir from Puff

 This booooooook ♥️

I’ve set my eyes on it the first time I see it. Puff being puff will buy any book that I would like (for special occasions lah). Can’t say the same about makeup tho. Hahahahahaha.

She also got me a lapel pin and keychain from the Harry Potter display at Siam Paragon 😍 

The display was not up when I was there. I was super disappointed lah. But again Puff’s got my back 😘