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Bangkok Beauty Haul

Gonna do another Bangkok trip related post. Today imma talk about all the beauty products that I got from Bangkok. Gonna start with this coz there are less stuff and also coz I’ve not done rinsing all my new clothing yet. Might take awhile so you’ll probably see that next year lol.

I’ve gotten everything from Beautrium (Siam Square One), Eveandboy (Siam Square One) and Platinum.

From Beautrium...

Some pics, like this one, was taken at the hotel. I’ve forgotten to take it with the square camera that’s why some parts will be seen cropped.

First up, we have Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint. I’m not sure if this is sold in Malaysia or not at the time that I bought this. Turns out, yes it is sold in Malaysia 😒 but I got it so much cheaper lah. Just 99 baht which is about RM12 nie.

 Got it in the second darkest shade

This is what the tip looks like. Always wanted to try an Eyebrow pencil with this type of tip. Apparently the strokes drawn are more natural? 

It can draw tiny strokes alright. But it feathers out like mad. Strokes became like one patch of product as seen in this pic.

Next we have the number one must get item in Bangkok, Srichand Transclucent Powder. You can actually find this in all the convenient stores but I think you can get better discounts at Beautrium and eveandboy.

This one I got is their collaboration with Disney. Hence the Rapunzel on the box. But inside is almost the same as their usual translucent powder.

 Rapunzel on the lid as well.

 Comes with a puff 👍🏼 

I’m a bit bummed that this Disney version of the translucent powder didn’t have the lock like the usual one. I can’t find a pic of how the lock looks like tho. It’s perfect for traveling lah coz it’ll make sure that the powder doesn’t spill. Sigh~ nemind. Next time I’ll get that one when I’m back in Bangkok.

Another item from Cathy Doll. This one confirmed not sold in Malaysia 😂 This is the Flash Me Baked Highlighting Powder.

Got it in the pink shade coz the other two shades are very similar to what I already have it my collection.

How it looks like in the pan. Very similar to my Makeup Revolution’s highlighters in the highlight palette. As in the way it looks lah. Shade wise, I think it’s different as well. Need to swatch to see if I’m right. 

Wah super metallic leh. I don’t think I have anything similar to this at all. Don’t even know if I dare to wear this out wei. It looked more subtle when I swatch it in Bangkok. Maybe coz of different lighting lah. Nemind. Gonna use it and see how I feel about it. 

Had to get something from Mistine coz I see their ads everywhere. Apparently it’s the no. 1 cosmetic brand in Thailand. Their most famous brand mentioned on dayrebeauty is actually the eyebrow pencil but since I’ve already gotten the Cathy Doll one, I got their eyeliner to try. Also coz Jacy said her friend highly recommended this.

It’s pretty likey. Gonna try it out on my eyes to test its longevity and also to see if it flakes or smudges easily.

Jacy tried hers out at Bangkok. It wasn’t as opaque and as smooth as mine when I swatch now. It also didn’t hold up very well in Bangkok. Our friend, Sheene told us that it works on some people while not on others. So I gotta try it out and see how it does on me.

Only got one item from the Cutepress x Beauty & The Beast Collection. I don’t need another palette so I didn’t get it (don’t need a lippie either but I still got it 😆). As for the highlighter, all the shades looked very similar with what I have in my collection so I skipped (I probably got similar shade of the lippie I got but I still got it). Can’t remember the name of the lippie that I got but it’s a Matte Liquid lipstick lah.

 Le shade

I’m actually quite surprised that the lippie is kinda small. Smaller than regular size liquid lippies lah. I’ll do a comparison later at the end of the post or something lah.

 Love the roses engraved on the lid of the lippie.

It’s a pinky nude with a little hint of orange. Pretty sure I have something similar but nemind lah. My hobby now is to collect lippies mah lol.

The liquid lippie has a slight perfumey smell. Can’t remember what scent it is. I’ll take a whiff when I get home and update about the scent later on.

I’ll test it out for it’s longevity, staining power, matteness/dryness and other stuff on my lips real soon. Will do a post on all items after using it for some time.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is widely talked about on dayrebeauty as well. Grabbed it when I saw it. Score coz they have buy one free one at the store at the time I’m buying. 

 The SA helped to find my shade. I hope she is right lol.

 From Eveandboy...

Makeup Revolution is available in Eveandboy but the products available are not the latest. It’s okay la coz Malaysia has nothing of Makeup Revolution 😒

I got a Summer Of Love Triple Baked Bronzer. They also got the highlighter and blush version. The shade that I got is Love Hot Summer. I think there are two other shades or is it one more shade. Can’t remember properly 🙃

I think this is a dupe for a Too Faced bronzer which was discontinued. It’s called Sweet Tea if I’m not wrong.

 It looks pretty shimmery but shade is damn nice.

The Mille x My Little Pony Collection consists of Powder foundation compacts, blushes and liquid lipsticks. I got the blush and liquid lipstick. Initially I also picked up the foundation. I put it back coz I wanted to save money for clothes shopping lol.

I got one shade of blush like I originally planned. A lot of self control exercised during makeup shopping coz I really don’t wanna spend too much here and left nothing for clothes.

Name of the blush and shade are both stated on top of the box. 

 Ahhhh so cuteeee

I don’t feel like using the blush ever coz if I do, then I’ll destroy this beautiful flower. But buy d must use lah. Or else buy for what kan?

 The shade is prettyyyyy.

I think it’ll look nice on my skin tone. But I’m guessing it’ll be a super pigmented blush. Have to be very light handed lah.

The other MLP product I got.

I haven’t open these up coz I was thinking if I wanna give out these for Christmas. If I am not giving out either one (or both), I’ll talk about this again.

Shades are Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Honestly I wanted to get everything except for one shade. But Applejack was oos. I also wanna save money for clothes shopping. I plan to come back if I still have money left. Turned out not possible coz I went broke after clothes shopping hahaha.

From Platinum...

Got this set of EDP and hand lotion from Beauty Cottage at Platinum. There’s Beauty Buffet everywhere but so difficult to find Beauty Cottage. Almost gave up but thank god I found it in a corner on the fifth floor.

The scent that I got is Memories of Love. Super nice. It’s a very familiar floral scent but I can’t remember what it is similar to. Regret not getting more of the EDP coz I really like it.

Where to shop for makeup in Bangkok?

For those who follow the dayrebeauty community I don’t think this will be a problem for you. But I got asked by my friends back at home how I know where to get makeup in Bangkok when it’s my first time there. What I told them was I did a little research. The truth is coz I follow the dayrebeauty community hahaha.

Anyways, as you can see I’ve gotten most of my stuff from either Beautrium and Eveandboy. After going to both stores, IMO Eveandboy is a better place to get all your makeup needs in Bangkok.

The reason to why I say this is coz there are a lot of brands available in Eveandboy...whether high end or drugstore and whether local (Thai) or international brands. What is available in other places (such as Beautrium) you can (almost) definitely get from Eveandboy but what is available in Eveandboy might not be available in other places.

Let me give you an example. Mistine can be found at anywhere in Bangkok: Convenient store, drugstore etc. It can also be found Eveandboy. But as for Mille, I was only able to find it in Eveandboy and nowhere else.

Another thing great about getting makeup from Eveandboy is that they have discounts and promotions very often. Follow their FB before (and during) going to Bangkok, you’ll know about all their discounts and promotions for sure.

So in conclusion, just get all your makeup items from Eveandboy to save yourself from looking for a certain product everywhere and also save yourself some money.

This is their fb page. It’s in Thai but translation function works quite well lah. Well at least I understood what it meant.

Details about where their stores are also available on their fb page. The one I went to is Siam Square One The Underground.

Comparison of size for the Cutepress Beauty & The Beast liquid lipstick.

Smaller than Colourpop’s liquid lips but slightly bigger than Wet n Wild’s Catsuit. Diameter of tube tho is smaller than both CP and WnW. IMO I think that’s pretty small lah. I think I got it for 200 baht (or a little less). I think that’s not really worth it lah coz almost same price as CP but smaller than it. Gotta try it out to give more opinions about it tho. Btw the liquid lipstick smells like candy when applied.