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[From Dayre] Bangkok + Hua Hin trip highlights

My data returned on the day that I’m flying off πŸ˜…


So excited to finally fly again after three years πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Two years we were trying to get a baby so we didn’t fly. How stupid. Could have made a baby anywhere in the world kan? πŸ˜‚ Then I was pregnant so I couldn’t travel for another year.

I’m glad to finally travel to Bangkok. I’ve been there before but that was when I was two πŸ˜… am super excited to finally explore Bangkok as an adult. As for Hua Hin (heading there tomorrow from Bangkok), can’t wait to take a million pics from all the Instagram worthy places.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update le Dayre. I’ll try my best to IG story everything so if you guys are curious of what’s going on in Bangkok with my gang and I, follow me on IG at dookikiekookie.

 Leaving for the airport now 😊

Feel like peeing the moment I got into our airport transfer fml 😝

Reunited with my love 😍

We are at the boarding area now. Supposed to board but we don’t wanna board yet. So rebellious wtf.

Hello hello hello from Bangkok ❤️

On my way to Hua Hin now. So let’s do a quick rundown of what happened yesterday.

Day 1: Departure from KL, Arrival in Bangkok

This was from pre-boarding. We look like six very excited kids hahaha. Practically all of us has been to Bangkok except for Wen Feng. But we acted like it’s our first time/first flight lol.

Watched one and a half episodes of Knowing Brothers on our two hours flight. Laughed all by myself coz nobody else wants to watch with me #sad hahaha.

Love the hotel that my jimui, Sheene recommended. So convenient coz 7-11 is just next door and a lot of food stalls all around.

Had the best flat noodles in Tom yam goong and...  

...Cha yen/Thai milk tea

All near our hotel. Awesome or what? Definitely gonna put on a lot of weight before I get back.

Now stuck on a jam back to Bangkok. Let’s do some highlights from Day 2 and today.

 First stop of our Hua Hin tour is Mae Klong Railway Market 

Honestly I wouldn’t go here if it wasn’t included in d tour. I’ve seen multiple travel shows talking about this place that I practically know the train schedule lol. There is really nothing much apart from seeing how the shopkeepers at the side of the railway quickly pack up their things when the train comes. Summore the place is super packed with tourists that it’s impossible to take a pic without someone photobombing. Just look at the pic that I took above here. All of our pics were photobombed πŸ˜“ Damn sien.

Had my first taste of mango with sticky rice and coconut water here. It was the saving grace from the messy crowd at Mae Klong. Super tasty πŸ˜‹

We are still in Bangkok at this point. Our tour guide promised two tourist spots in Bangkok before going off to Hua Hin.

Next we went to the floating market...another place which I think is a waste of time and tourist trap.

Btw had to cut my brother in law out of the pic coz someone has to sacrifice themselves for the square orientation pics lol.

Again the food saved us. Wanted to have boat noodle on the boat but didn’t see anyone selling. Before we left, we saw the vendor coming near us so we order two to share among the six of us.

This is my first time trying clear soup boat noodles. I like the soup. It is super oily and slight on the saltier side. But it’s damn yummy. Definitely one of the things I’ll miss when I get back to Malaysia.

On the way to Hua Hin, we stopped by Shell (petrol station) and it has a freaking cafe. Super nice cafe but we got cheated so πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

 First place we went to in Hua Hin is Swiss Sheep Farm.

Sorry I disappeared πŸ˜‚ didn’t have the time to update.

Back to Hua Hin...

Nothing much to do in Swiss Sheep Farm except seeing some sheeps and...

...horses and many other farm animals.

Really impossible to update during the trip. But now I’m back!!! Gonna put up highlights of the trip for these few days.

As I was saying... Swiss Sheep Fun is pretty disappointing with animals but it’s a great place to take photos. I think all of us spent like an hour taking pics every display available hahaha.

Next our tour guide brought us to a roadside restaurant for some really awesome lunch. Everything was damn good but my personal favorite (I think everyone else’s as well) is this green curry. Super spicy but we whacked it coz it is really that good.

I can’t tell you guys where this is coz the tour guide just dropped us by the roadside randomly. I wished I remembered to ask for the address lah. Maybe can go again if I ever go to Hua Hin.

Took pics with the owners (top pic) and the cook (the lady at the bottom pic). They were so happy when we won’t stop singing praises at their food lol. I think we became their favorite guests of the day lah coz the owner even sent us off to our van when we left. So nice lah all these Thais.

After lunch, we went to Venezia. Another place not worth visiting coz it’s dead af.

But we took like a million of photos and had a lot of fun together like a buncha kids.

 Checked into our hotel at Hua Hin.

Super big room. Even bigger than the one we had at Bangkok. I think one room could fit almost five people. But two of us shared one room lah.

We stayed at Riche Hua Hin btw. Definitely be returning if I ever go back. Family Mart is just next door while 7-11 is quite near. Super convenient.

Went to Cicada Night Market for dinner and strolled at their shopping. Super comfortable night market lah. Better than Taiwan’s I feel. Taiwan’s night markets are clean but not as cosy as the ones in Hua Hin and Bangkok.

Spent the night drinking, eating and gossiping with the gang. Super shiok. Chat until almost 2am which is like 3am Malaysian time. Damn siao I tell you. None of us had done something like this since we started “adulting”. Even when we were younger, I don’t think we gossiped till so late haha.

Day 3

After breakfast, our tour guide brought us to Hua Hin Railway Station.

For the second day the itinerary was pretty boring (except for one place) so we just simply took some pics and left at all the touristy spots we went to.

We basically took many lame ass pics like this everywhere we went lah hahaha. Actually these pics are more memorable lah coz it’s so fun. This trip we took like millions of pics like this. Definitely be super duper precious when we look back 10 years from now.  

We went to this place that wasn’t in the itinerary. Don’t even know the name of the place and we didn’t bother to ask. Just spent like 5 minutes and left lol.

Five minutes there and still got time to take lame pics like this of me hugging a random tiang hahahah.  

We also went to this vineyard called Monsoon Valley. We were too cheapo to pay for the wine tasting (forgotten the price) so we left after going to the toilet at the vineyard πŸ˜‚ 

The last place we went to was Santorini Park which was the most interesting place we went to for the day lol. Great place to take photos but coz it was extremely hot that day, we cut down on a lot of outdoor photo taking. Don’t wanna die of dehydration. Ok I was exaggerating lah. But seriously damn hot.

There are so many cute photos from Santorini Park especially from Miffy Garden that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

 Really damn cute I tell you

Back to Bangkok

We ended our Hua Hin tour and checked back in at our hotel in Bangkok. Unpack, showered and then we left to start our first day of exploration in Bangkok.

Today is my birthday so the gang said we should go club or drink to celebrate it. We decided to go to a sky bar where there is food and club at the same place. But we were too cheapo. Ended going for cheap food then to a mid-range (in price and height lol) sky bar for the celebration.

Heading to Terminal 21 for their food court coz I heard it’s cheap and damn yummy. You won’t believe it but it’s even cheaper than some street side stalls that we had. Cheap food with air con and clean environment. Damn win lah.

Christmas decorations at Bangkok is πŸ’— Had to take pics with/of all the Christmas trees in sight hehe.

Celebrated the day I turn 31 with my best friends and love ones at a bar 30 floor above ground (told you it wasn’t high), it couldn’t get any better... actually it can. If only my baby is here too 😞 It’s okay lah. Next trip (probably next year) I’ll bring him along.

In case you guys don’t know yet, I’m back from Bangkok πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

After coming back for four days, I realized a few things...
• my skin became super dry- never had this before from my other flights overseas
• I fall asleep very easily when I have nothing to do- must be from over exhaustion
• my baby became super clingy- don’t mind this hehe
• there is an unbelievable amount of laundry to do- ran out of lingerie to wear hahaha
• I have to prepare for work stuff for next year before 2017 ends- plus work and replacements right after I came back 😱😱😱 

I assure you all posting will resume as normal from today on. I’ll be posting up Bangkok trip’s highlights for now. Beauty posts will take a step back while normal day to day updates will be posted once in awhile.

I’m going to post highlights of my trip nie coz I’ll be doing full posts of each day up on my main blog. That will happen when my modem is fixed/new modem is bought...which is probably a thing happening next year lol.

Day 4

Day 4 onwards were all allocated for shopping. None of us were interested in doing anything touristy anymore hahaha. Day 4 we went to the Siam (BTS) area where there were like so many shopping malls and felt a lot like our Bukit Bintang area in KL.

They celebrated my birthday again at After You coz we didn’t have a cake yesterday. Didn’t order cake at After You so I had to cut the Shibuya Toast lol.

After that it was shopping all the way so not many photos were taken. I’ll probably do a Bangkok haul post to kick start my Bangkok trip posts. But first I need to make sure that my clothes are all done from rinsing lah. Maybe I’ll start off with the beauty stuff first.

Cropped Jacy off thanks to square orientation pics πŸ˜’ Pic taken at Beautrium.

We shopped for makeup like crazy at Beautrium and Eveandboy. By we I mean the girls lah. Each of us spent like 2000+ baht just for makeup alone hehe.

We’ve not gone to all the malls at Siam but I really like shopping at Siam Square area. Can get everything from beauty to clothes right at that area. Definitely return to shop here when I go to Bangkok again.

Checked out Stylenanda’s Pink Hotel but didn’t get anything *pats self on the back* Very dreamy place but too damn small lah. Wonder if the original one in Seoul is just as small.

We had lunch right outside of Siam Square One where they had some sort of market with food and things to shop.

Everything was yummy but this pork leg is my favorite. Pork in Bangkok is so different from the ones I have back home. I don’t know if it made sense but it didn’t have the pork smell.

Generally everything I had in Bangkok and Hua Hin was damn good. It’s like good food is everywhere...whether roadside or in malls. The worst was probably the cockles that went bad at this market. But that’s coz it went bad lah. The hawker gave us some replacements of fried pig intestines and liver. It was damn good as well.

No strength left (coz we’ve been walking around for the whole day) to check out the LINE store so we just took a pic with the Christmas Brown outside of the store.

I’m wearing a pair of new fashion glasses that I bought from Siam Square One. Super love ❤️ Bought two pairs. One pair I’ll be going to optical store to change it to my regular short sighted lenses.

 Sorry to those who were cropped lol.

We had dinner at some random roadside stall and food was damn good. Apart from being really good, food in Bangkok is also damn cheap. We hardly order rice + dishes back home but we had that for almost every day...till we went bankrupt from shopping hahaha.

Went back and FaceTimed my babykins. He couldn’t understand why I was in the phone so he just stared at the phone for a very long time. Then when he realized that it’s me, he got too excited that he kept ending the call πŸ˜‚

Took a soak in our awesome jacuzzi in our hotel room and fatigue all gone. I would come back to the hotel just for the jacuzzi tub hahaha.

Further relaxation at the massage parlor near our hotel. SR, Jacy and I had the foot and neck massage while John, Li Yee and Wen Feng had the Thai massage. Super shiok I tell you.

Had my first try of Betagen during supper. I like it. It’s like our no sugar Yakult here in Malaysia but even more lighter. I drank this almost every night since then.

I’ve also tried like no fat milk and non lactose milk. Super good. How come it’s not easily access in Malaysia for this type of milk? My slightly lactose intolerant stomach will thank anyone who brings these type of milk into Malaysia.

Nearly forgotten to post up a roundup of my haul hehe. First day of shopping so it was pretty moderate. But it was mostly makeup as you can see. I’ll talk about everything I’ve bought in a haul post very very soon.

Day 5

Not much highlights coz all we did was shop hahaha.

Bought clothes for all the Christmas and CNY celebrations basically hahaha.

Highlight of the day has got to be the tom kha kai (chicken in coconut milk). It’s my first try of this dish and I loveeeeeeeeeee it. Wanted to eat it again but hardly see it on other places I’ve been to. Damn sad 😞

Also tried KFC’s egg tart (top) and McD’s samurai pork burger (bottom), angus beef burger (not pictured), kurobuta burger (not pictured) and corn pie (not pictured).

Egg tart- meh.
Samurai pork burger- taste the same as the last time I had it. Pretty meh.
Angus beef burger- taste like a fancier Big Mac
Kurobuta burger- Why is a burger with a Japanese name so darn spicy?
Corn pie- not bad but not as good as Taeyang described lol.

Toasties from 7-11 is πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Highly recommend the shredded pork/pork floss flavor. Not the spicy version but the salad sauce/mayonnaise version. Cheese also not bad but I still prefer the shredded pork lah.

Day 6

More shopping. Till we ran out of bahts wtf. Had to go change more moolahs. Not to shop summore but coz we ran out of money to survive our remaining days in Bangkok πŸ˜‚ Really siao la we all.

After exchanging more money, we went to Chinatown for more shopping and more good food hahahahah.

Day 7

Didn’t wake up for our hotel’s breakfast buffet coz too tired from two days of continuous shopping. Woke up at around 10am (when buffet ended lol) and hopped to 7-11 for breakfast. Got this sticky rice burger which was highly recommended by other bloggers. It was damn good. No regrets. Not sure if the other flavors are good but this grilled pork one that I got was damn πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ 

We found this steamboat buffet in Big C and ate to our heart’s content. Didn’t have to worry about being broke (we spent a lot again the day before πŸ˜‚) coz we could use credit card here haha.

We ate so much ok. It almost looked like we’ve starved the past few days or something haha. Then we ate over the time limit (one hour and fifteen minutes) and got fined 20baht each. We didn’t even care coz we can just swipe our credit cards for the fine πŸ’…πŸΌ  

Went to Talad Neon but only for awhile coz we were already very exhausted and also very broke πŸ˜† 

So we spent the rest of the night buying snacks at Big C coz can swipe our credit cards lolol.

I think that’s all the highlights I have for you from my trip. Last day no highlights coz most of us half dead or sick πŸ˜‚ Moral of the story, don’t over shop and overeat wtf.