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Project Pan 2018 Update #1

Time for the first update of my Project Pan 2018. If you've missed my introduction, *here* it is.

Last month (actually from the beginning of the year lah) I've picked 13 products for this year's Project Pan. I didn't finish any products this month 😔 but I've decided to add one more product in. Added a new product coz this product just hit pan recently. You guys will read about it below lah.

As for my goal to use up RM200 of products in my collection...guess what? I've actually hit it 😅 I was quite surprised myself. Suddenly in February and March I've finished so many makeup products. But none of them are from my Project Pan lol. So from now I've bring up the value of products to finish this year. The total would be RM500.

I've been very good at not buying any new makeup products since February. But I did recently make a purchase to celebrate hitting that RM200 mark wtf. I'll do a haul post when the products arrive in the mail. I also have a very long overdue Colourpop haul that needs to go up before I forget what I bought lol.

Anywaysssss... let's get back into the update...

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup


I feel like the progress is too slow. My goal is to finish the whole bottle but with this progress, I don't think I'll be able to finish it ler. Plus I've been not using foundation as often as I hope to. Especially during this super hot weather. Whatever it is imma try to use up as much as possible lah. I've decided to throw this out at the end of this year tho coz it is really damn old d.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

I couldn't mark the progress of this concealer coz I can't see where it settles. I'm guessing that there aren't much progress coz I've not been using this 😞 But I'm still positive that I'll be able to finish this up by the end of the year. I've not much left so it's not that difficult.

Essence Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder

 Last month

This month

Woohoo~~~ So happy to see the pan get so much bigger.

I've used this almost every day to contour my nose. That explains why the progress was like woah lol.

Pretty positive I'll be able to use half of this by the end of the year 💪

The Balm Don't You Want Me Blush

Last month

This month

This one I was kinda unexpected to progress so much. I think in a few months it'll finish for sure. I'm a little worried when there is only some products left on the sides of the pan. That would be a little trickier to use. 

But I'm extremely to finally finish this lah coz this is kinda old as well. Would have just bin it if it's not finishing by the end of the year.

Catrice Highlighting Powder

 Last month

This month

Very little progress but progress is progress hehe

Not entirely sure if I'll be able to finish half coz I use so little of highlights in my makeup routine. Maybe I should highlight other places too? Like my collar bone and all those bones near my face? Not sure lah. I'll just see how it goes lah haha.

Elianto Eyeshadow

Last month

This month

There is progress but very very slight nie

I use this like every day so I don't get why there is only a little progress 😕 A lil disheartened tbh. I am going to bin this if I'm not able to use it up end of this year. Reason being it is very old and a pain to finish lol.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner

Have not been using this as often as usual so progress was tortoise speed. Need to speed up my use if I really wanna finish this by the end of the year.

NYX Mascara

Still have no idea how much product is in this. Still working hard to finish it. I think it's gonna finish soon lah coz the tube is feeling very light nowadays.

Benefit Browzings

Last month

 This month

Brow wax's pan (left) is getting bigger and bigger. Woots!!!! Super confident that I'll be able to finish it this year. As for the brow powder (right), I accidentally broke it so I had to repress it...which explains why the pan disappeared.

The brow powder looks a lil weird after repressing but thankfully it still works the same lah. Now I'll have to work on panning it again.

Dollywink Eyebrow Powder

Last month

This month

Very positive this will finish in a month or two *fingers crossed*

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Puppy Love

Last month

This month

Is it just me or has the pan became smaller? 

Not sure if I could finish by the end of the year coz I always use very little amount of this when I do use it. I use it to highlight the inner corners or brow bone nie. If I can't finish by the end of the year, I'll probably roll this over to the next year.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Oops! I've marked higher than it really is 😅

This is another one of those products that I'm confident that I can finish up real soon 👍

The Balm Allegro eyeshadow

Last month

This month

Used this as my crease shade almost every day coz it's a perfect shade for my skintone

Seems like it won't be too difficult to finish up at least half of this product this year 💪💪💪

Like I mentioned above, this month I am going to add on one more product into the project. And it is...

Benefit Hoola Bronzer (mini)

This is a mini size Hoola bronzer that I got from a Christmas/Holiday set. Hoola bronzer is my 2017 favorite bronzer. Read about the rest of my favorites and why I love it *here*.

Pan is not that huge but it's a good start

Goal: To finish at least half.

It is mini but still it's quite difficult to finish a bronzer. The amount that I use every time is extremely little. So I'm setting a small goal lah.

So that's this month's Project Pan update. I'm proud to say that I did quite well with all the products. Okay lah not all but quite many products had great progress.

I'll check in again next month. Hopefully I'll have consistent progress for the next update. Also I want to finish a product soon lah. If I can finish products that are not in the Project Pan, I'll be able to finish the ones in the project kan? Crossing the next check in I'll hit goal for at least one product lah.

Ok lah. That's all for today. I'll see you guys in the next post soon.

Bubbye for now.