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Bangkok + Hua Hin Day 2 Part 1: Mae Klong Railway Market, Amphawa Floating Market and Swiss Sheep Farm

It's been awhile since I last updated about my Bangkok (+HuaHin) trip. The last time I posted about day 1 was in December (read about it *here*). Then I was all about exporting (I keep saying TRANSPORTING before this 🙊) my Dayre posts and recovering my old posts. Now as I was going through my (published) posts I realized I've totally forgotten about the trip. So I decided to post one part today.

On the second day we were getting ready to leave Bangkok and go for our two days one night tour at Hua Hin

We had to get up at 6am which was super ungodly for us. We slept at around 2am after all the unpacking and repacking for the next day. But getting to see the quiet morning of Bangkok from the hotel window made it all worth while lah. If I woke up at the time that I would usually, then I won't get to see this lor.

We had buffet breakfast which was provided by the hotel. This was probably the only day Li Yee woke up for breakfast hahaha.

Our driver picked us up from the hotel and brought us to two tourist destinations in Bangkok first before leaving for Hua Hin This was taken when he dropped us at the first destination.


The first place that we went to is the Mae Klong Railway Market.

Mae Klong Railway Market is super famous right now. Out of 10 of the travel shows I've watched about Bangkok, all of them had talked about this place. So you can imagine how touristy it is = super duper packed with tourists.

What's so special about this place is that they have this market right beside the railway tracks. So whenever the train comes (which is like one hour once), the vendors will have to "clear the tracks" for the train. We were just in time to see this "clearing the tracks" thingy happen but we didn't get to see it irl coz this place is packed with tourists. I didn't mind not seeing coz like I said I've seen it a million times when travel shows talked about this place.

This is how pack it was. Every angle of that place has someone taking photos...myself included hahaha.

We managed to take a pic without having too many people photobombing us. Nubad right?

Went up the train coz John wants us to take photos in it 😓

Awkward photo time lol

If you want a better experience at Maeklong Railway Market, I would suggest that you take the train You'll be able to see the whole "clearing the tracks" better I feel. At least you won't be blocked by a million other people.

We didn't take the train so we didn't ask how much the train ticket is. But I don't think it will be expensive lah.

We went to explore some areas away from the railway station coz there are less people

We headed back to the market to see if there's anything we can buy/eat.

But before that we were asked by John to take pics on the railway tracks 😓 For this whole trip he had been asking to take photos at the most random places with most ridiculous poses. Damn lame I tell you. But thanks to him, we have a lot of photos to remember the trip by lah.


Found a stall which sells coconut so we sat by the railway tracks to have some

I can't really tell the difference between Malaysian coconut and Thai coconut. They just taste like coconut to me lol. But apparently Thai coconut is more fragrant. Maybe I should drink both side by side then I can differentiate.

I miss this so muchhhhhh

I'm glad Racha (a Thai cafe here in Melaka) serves really good mango glutinous rice so I don't have to wait till the next visit to Thailand to eat this. Their mango is damn good too.

Our driver brought us to the second tourist destination next.

The next destination is Amphawa Floating Market which is super boring if you are not into touristy stuff. Even though we know it's going to be boring to take the boat tour, we still did lolol.

The whole tour we tried not to make eye contact with any of the vendors. They will try to sell you something when you look at them or the things they are selling. We just stared right ahead while trying to shout to each other over the loud engine of the motorboat.

We were looking for food vendors so that we can experience the whole eating boat noodles on the boat but they were no where to be found. We finally found a boat noodle seller when we reached the pier 😓

We ordered two boat noodles to share among the six of us #cheapskateauntiesanduncles

We were all expecting the dark broth boat noodles (those kinds that are sold in Boat Noodle) that we are more familiar with. Turns out this vendor sells clear broth boat noodles. It's great to try something different from home lah. Honestly, after so many months, I can't actually remember how it tasted like d lah. But I remembered it being very good.

Uncle John strikes again hahaha

From here on, we officially left for Hua Hin.

En route Hua Hin

On the way there, our driver stopped at Shell to pump petrol. He asked us to go to the washroom or get something to eat coz the journey will take about 3 hours.

The petrol station is pretty huge and damn pretty

The petrol station even has its own cafe

The cafe looks so damn class summore.

The guys got some coffee

John sort of got cheated at the cafe. He paid for the coffee and left but one of the cashier insisted that he didn't. She went to our driver and asked him to get John to pay for his coffee. So John paid twice. He said maybe it's some communication breakdown or something lah. He paid unwillingly lah at the end.

We slept all the way from this point. Only woke up when we are reaching the first place we will be visiting at Hua Hin.

First stop, Swiss Sheep Farm

Errrr... I think they didn't update their decor. It's almost Christmas and they still have Halloween decoration up lol.

There are definitely sheep on a sheep farm but the sheep look so sad looking. I think the sheep at John's old farm looks better lolol.

The animals there aren't like super interesting. Instead of looking at the animals, we were there just to take pics with the various props and scenery.

 Like this one hahaha

Again all poses are directed by our boss, John Ng haha.

We also made John (and the rest of the guys) do silly poses lah actually 😂

But if compared with all the poses he made us do, his photos are pretty normal tbh 😂😂😂

Saw something other than sheep. Not sure if it's a pony or donkey lol

More photos at random places hahaha

There are many props for you to take pics at Swiss Sheep Farm. The scenery is pretty nice too but is it worth to spend the money at the farm? I would say no. We had lots of fun coz of each other lah mostly. We acted like a buncha kids and took lots of pics. We really tried to enjoy every moment spent at the farm but we would not recommend the place lol.

The queens posing with the queen of fruits 😅

Yes, that's what John said to get us to take pics with the mangosteens hahaha.

From another angle

Errr... the kings with the king of fruits 😒

BTW can you guys spot the difference between these two photos? It's damn lame but yes, there is a difference.


After a couple pic with my hubby, I need a "couple" pic with my best ji mui hehe

Then we became awkward af after the pic hahahah

There is a small trick art museum in Swiss Sheep Farm itself. We went in to take more pics but mostly we are just in there to hide from the sun.

Sorry I've peeked 😝

Catch it before it flies out, Pheen Pheen

More places to take photos outside the trick eye museum thingy

Aunty and Uncle Ng

Aunty and Uncle Liow hehe

John wanted to imitate the pic at the back but Li Yee didn't want to hahaha

I don't know John is trying to take the barn house or a pic for u =.= 

Much better

Nearly got pecked by a rooster to take this photo. The photo can't even see me properly. Not worth the danger wtf.

"Double date" konon

Then we had the single one hahahahaha

Day 2 was a very long day coz we went on the tour. I'll have to cut into two parts. Next part we will continue our tour at Hua Hin at other "interesting" places lol.

This week I've once again forgotten to put up a throwback post 😅 I think I'll draft one right after this lah. Then I'll schedule it to be up next week. This way I won't forget about it. My phone's memory is about to be full so better clear up whatever old things that I have in there quick.

Alright I'll see you guys next week lah. Hopefully I'll be able to post up more than one post.

See you guys then...