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Throwback Thursday: 12th Anniversary Dinner

OMG Zyon at five months. He was so chubby and had so little hair hahaha~

Prepped him and we were ready to head out for mama and papa's 12 pat toh (got together) anniversary dinner.

I remember us laughing at the fact that we fell in love on the year of the chicken (chinese zodiac) and had a baby at the next year of the chicken. Don't know what's so funny but we laughed like mad at that time #easilyamused lol. I wonder what's going to happen at the next year of the chicken. We will be 43 by then. Such old farts 😝

We had to feed the baby before we feed ourselves #parentslife

Craving for this activated wtf. I should go to Wazen soon.

We actually over ordered but I didn't take pics of all of the food coz #momlife

Our anniversaries and birthdays and other celebrations are basically us just over ordering food at places that we love to eat hahaha. Such boring people we are.

What is wrong with my hair at that time???? Not that it's better looking now lah. Needing another visit to N2 soon 😐

No pic with daddy coz who needs daddy when you have Zyon hahahahahaha~

Sorry I've been MIA coz I've been busy with many different things...but mostly being a mum lah. I have a post drafted. Not sure will it be out before this one or after this one. It will be a Zyon's milestones post. Hopefully I got it up before Zyon turns one...which is like really soon hahahah.

Alright lah. I'll see you guys in the next post. Here's hoping I'll be able to keep with my schedule of one post per week from now on *fingers crossed*

See you when I see you 😘