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Throwback Thursday: Anil's Wedding

This was taken during Anil's (Puff's brother) sorta like bachelor night celebration

 Look at Puff membebeling

Still membebeling while I look goddamn awkward hahahaha

This was taken during the wedding reception

Can't remember how many months pregnant I was. Couldn't fit into any nice lenghas or sarees so I wore this punjabi suit nie lah.

Look at this beautiful pic of me taken by Nana 😒


Way before parenthood hit us. I hope we still look the same now lah hahaha

I love my makeup during the reception hehe. At that time I didn't have many colored palettes so the look wasn't colorful enough. The teal on the bottom lashes doesn't look bright enough for my liking now.

Upclose 💕

Really love the look. Just a lil disappointed that the teal is not bright enough.

Hello Zyon in the belly haha

I didn't blog about this event but I've actually vlogged about it. It was not professionally done lah but still quite interesting I guess.

Here it is...

That's all for this week's throwback Thursday. Totally forgotten to post up one last week coz I was still CNY mood hehe. Sorry~ 😁

I'll see you guys next week with more photo dump from the past.

Bubbye for now 😘