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Pixie's 21st birthday party and The Curve

Can't believe that I got so brave and took a bus alone up to KL. I dared to take it back to Melaka but dunno why I didn't dare to take a bus from Melaka to KL. But for Pixie, I made myself brave enough. Wahahahahahahaha~

Here are the photos:
Photo with the birthday girl

Don't even ask what was I thinking wearing that to the party. I had a quite nice top actually. I wore a halter top that was quite low at the front and a bikini inside. Arriving at the party, realizing Pixie's whole family was there, I chickened and put on the jacket that I brought. Thank god I brought it!!!

Wear until so sexy to a family thing... WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Signature pose with them

The birthday cake

Ini dia muka sedap

We were trying to catch her doing the kissable lips. Hohoho~

The mighty prinz and prinsezz

Group photos before Mel left for the other party

I love Decembers. Birthday parties everywhere.

Ok, ok... don't remind me of the money spent for presents k???

But the jacket is really damn hideous la!!! I gotta get a new denim jacket!!!

Digging each other's nose

That's how much we love each other. Wahahaha~

Eeee... why Li Shan so ham sap looking? See Wen Li wear so sexy must pose like that lah???

This fella's voice damn nice ok... This is what they meant by do not judge a book by its cover.

Pixie's church friends singing "Close to you"

It was her favorite song it seems. Hahahahah~ Reminds me of someone... Doesn't it Li Shan??? Doesn't it Mel??? Hahaahahha~

I can't upload the damn video. Slow line mia prob la. Gotta ask ney to help me load it lah... >_<

After the party, since it was early, we decided to go to The Curve to take photos and to eat donuts. Woots!!! We love Big Apple donuts!!!

Big Apple here we come...

The queue at Big Apple

After we return from getting donuts, Li Shan said she wanna get some for her mum and siblings. So ney and I waited for them to come eat the donuts together. While waiting... we camwhored!!!

My favourite pose and him looking a bit 'niang'

Our favorite pose

I made him to the same pose. So evil of me.. Hehehe~ But he doesn't seem reluctant rite?

The donuts that neney bought for us

Tasteless it seems... neney said one.

Some almond donut

Didn't ask Esther how it tasted like. Erm... should be good lah coz she didn't complain. Hahahaah~

The green tea donut

Li shan said that its tasteless

quote* "Its 1% green tea and 99% none green tea" *end of quote. Whahahahahahaah~

Also forgot the name... but the top filling is dark chocolate. Neney liked this one better coz the dark chocolate is thick enough.

One of my favorite

My Favorite Donut

Forgot the name too... something like New York cheese or what lah... Hahahaha~ my amnesia getting worse.

Love the cheesy yet its not too strong. Ney said that it got no taste at all. Something is wrong with his taste buds anyways. Everything he ate he said that it was tasteless.

Li Shan and her tasteless green tea donut

Niak niak with her almond donut

Curly head and his spicy floss

Me and my favourite donut

Me love cheesy stuff...yum~ yum~ fattening but so sinfully good. Eat d do more exercise then ok d lor...

Wah~ see my neney membabi at the back. AHahahah~

After stuffing ourselves with donuts and Li Shan getting donuts for her family, we went to take photos at the street. Their Christmas decors are up. Well, I bet its not as beautiful as those at Singapore but boleh lah kan???

This is what I wore inside that hideous jacket

Not really sexy lah. But a bit inappropriate lor. Don't you think?

After that we went into The Curve which were already closed by that time. My friends and I had been to The Curve a couple of times but most of the time we didn't get to shop there. Coz everytime we were there, The Curve was always about to close. Hahaahha~

The photos from this point on wards will be slightly darker and harder to see coz I didn't wanna use flash and the place was kinda dark.

Took this before they switch it off

So christmassy!!!

This is how my house should look like... er~ minus the karaoke set at the front door lah. Hahahaha~

Gosh!!! Why my tummy so bulgy???

Li Shan being scared of the snowman

sorry...can't see Li Shan's face at all.

Last photo before leaving The Curve

That's all for today lah... Will continue tomorrow or whenever lah.

Hoho~ Tomorrow's my bday!!! So the hell excited. Wonder what all presents I will get. Hahaah~ Isn't it about the presents??? You guys agree with me right? AHahahahahhahaah~

Ok lah... That's all...