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I decided to try out pedicure after seeing so much of Popteen and going to the Malaysian Babes Forum. I can't do pedicure coz I can't grow my fingernails out. Its a thing that pianists can't do. Growing their fingernails out. -_____-lll

I got the idea from Popteen and this is the outcome:

Nice right?

So proud of myself lah. Coz last time I had to depend on a particular bitch to get my nails done. But now I don't have to. I can do it myself plus we were no longer friends.

Its no pro job but at least I'm satisfied with it.

I think this was not well done. Like simply put the beads on nie. Hahahaha~ I think I too sleepy d lah. Hey! I did this at midnight k?

Deepa calls it peanut butter. Why lah??? I think it really looks like strawberry shortcake apart from the fact I didn't put on any strawberries on me toes lah. But still.... tell me you agree with me.

A day after my success of doing such a cute pedicure, somethings went wrong. The next day, I wanted to show off my toenails but secara discreetly so I wore my green peep toes heels. Hoping people might catch a glimpse of it. (Yalah... I know I very showy lah... Whr you pain???) Manatau after returning home, I think the pressure of the heels had made my toenails went blah...

Take a look....

How ugly they turned into

I think I didn't take enough time to let it dry thoroughly I think. CS bitch once told me that it takes bout 6 hours to let it dry thoroughly. Well, I didn't take that long. The moment I finished doing it, I felt asleep. HAhahaha~

More ugly looking nails

By the way, if guys are wondering, what's up with that ankle on the right bottow part, if you see properly you could see a small cut. Damn damn tiny lah actually. I cut myself with my toe nail. Could you believe that happened? Hahahahah~ Tu lah... toenail too long punye pasal lah!!!

That's all for now.

Oh yeah... Before that... can anyone tell me how to remove those beads. I can't seem to remove them. LOLZ~ I did pedicure before this but they come off quite easily when I want to remove them. But this time I can't. Is it that I put too much clear base?

Aiyo~~ I wanna do new designs d lah. How now??? Now it is damn ugly k? Can't wear heels that can show my toenails. Damn paiseh. Let people know sure kena laugh one lah!!!


Ok lah. SEe you guys in next post.


p/s: I'm currently addicted peanut butter. Is it okay to eat peanut butter just on its on without applying it on something. I am so into digging into the bottle of Skippy in my kitchen. Is it fatal?? Somebody please tell me coz I dun wan my friends to read the new and the headline goes: "Girl found dead beside a bottle of Skippy" or "Girl died of peanut butter overdose"