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Did something to my hair

I went to Auntie Nika's house and asked her to do something to my hair. Then she asked me what had I not tried on my hair. I gave it a hard thought and it was highlighting my hair. So she suggest that I highlight my hair.

Mama didn't allow me to highlight too 'yeh' punya colou. I wanted to highlight my hair with blue streaks like what Rihanna did in her 'Shut up and drive' video. But couldn't lah coz Mama would go crazy. Plus if wanna dye other than brown shades I would have to bleach it before doing it. I didn't wanna bleach lor. So settled with brown. Forgot the color exactly lah. It some reddish brown. Something like bronze.

Yes lah... I know you people wanna say I so wanna copy Rihanna's hairstyle all the time. Yes lah. I like her hairstyle and will copy it like gila. Why? I copy her style you lose a piece of flesh on your body is it? Get a grip and stop pestering me lah.

The above words are for a person in particular. Don't bother bout it if you love my hair. Hahahaahah~

Anyways, here are the afters. (I did not to put in the befores to compare sorry!!!)

The front

The color looks kinda discreet here. Took this after doing the highlights. Now the color is much visible.

Sorry i did not put on make up. I know it looks pooped up.

Tell me who puts on makeup and drive to a house just a few blocks her house and get her hair done. Its totally -_-lll if you ask me.

Couldn't take the back. I tried but I nearly sprained my wrist wtf. LOLZ~~~~

Ok... That's all.

Lots of photos but so lame the line.
See you guys round.

Still damn sick. I had to get better by tomorrow or else mama wouldn't let me attend Youth Fellowship's year end birthday party. I wanna go lah!!!