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Birthday with Neney

Neney couldn't celebrate my birthday with me on the day itself coz my birthday is on a weekday and neney had to work. Many people said that he should be there on my birthday party but I was ok with it coz he needs to work mah... When he works and earn money d, he can spend some on me lor... Hahahahahaha~

But he did celebrate it with me earlier. We went to had dinner and went for pat toh, which is something we didn't get to do a long time due to exams, his work and LDR.

We planned to go for the Japanese buffet at Sibaraku (erm... did I spell it right???) but we reached MP (Mahkota Parade) a bit too late. MP closes at 10pm. We went at 9pm. How to eat buffet like that you tell me!!! Go eat buffet must eat until your stomach felt like bursting apart. One hour how to eat until like that???

So we decided to go for Sushi King instead. Had a wonderful meal. I mean its not a great or expensive meal (Actually Sushi King is even more expensive than the Sibaraku's buffet) but its a matter of who am I eating with. Right neney?

We ate until damn full. If you were looking for the most love-to-stuff-their-tummy-till-they-explode couple, its gonna be us alright. Haahahhahahahah~

Then we went to this new tourist attraction in Melaka. Its called...
This pirate park just opened recently. I got to know this park by reading Jiji's blog. I knew it sucked coz Jiji took pictures of it and posted it on her blog. But I wanted to feel its "suckiness". LOLZ~

I wanted to bring Li Shan, Mel and the rest of the gang there when they came for visit recently. But after passing it, they didn't wanna go. Too lame it seems... AHahhahahahahahah~

I told neney about it and he suggested we go there and walk around to ease our stuffed tummies. Hahahaha~ So we went lah...

It really sucks damn badly. Hahahahahah~ It was the worst tourist attraction I have seen anywhere. Why lah the Melaka government must shame us this way??? Hahahahahaha~ Shame shame sial!!!

Anyways, let me give you a photo tour of the things there. Dun worry. It won't take a lot of time coz there's only three rides there. Hahahahahaha~ See the lameness???

I think Melaka gov was so into copying KL that they didn't realized the real meaning of Eye on something... If I was not wrong, KL had the Eye on Malaysia coz this Ferris wheel can let you see the whole KL. Therefore your EYES ARE ON MALAYSIA... or maybe eyes on the capital of Malaysia lah...

But this stupid ride is damn low. Only about 2 or 3 stories high. How to see the whole Melaka you tell me??? The whole of town also cannot see lah wei.

Why wanna copy people's name leh? Just put something plain cannot meh? Maybe Ferris Wheel of Melaka? Or Pirate Park Wheel? AIyo~ they should have ask me to name it lah. I can come up with some good names. AHhahahahaah~

You guys might think: "Not bad what... got pirate ship. Can play apa". Play what lah!!!! The thing damn slow you know. Like rocking cradle nie. And it didn't swing high at all. Exactly like cradle lah. I think if you guys go on this ride, sure tertidur one. Like how Mr Bean slept off on roller coaster. Real shit sial. Even babies sat on it and didn't cry. Hahahahaha~

I didn't take the last ride's photo coz it was too crowded by people and it was too dark lah. But I could tell you that it sucks too. Its called Bungee Jump. Don't get excited coz its not like the typical bungee jump you usually see where you jump from a very high place with a cord tied to your foot. Its nothing like that. Its a thing looking like swing. They have something like the bungee jump cord tie around your lower torso. Under you there will be a huge trampoline (Dunno spell correctly or not). Then you have to jump up and down on this trampoline. And that's, ladies and gentlemen, Melaka's version of Bungee Jump. AHhaahhahahaha~

Its damn lame arh!!! WHy is the Melaka gov so lame? Spend all this money (OUR MONEY MOSTLY!!!) on this lame pirate park. Take the money and build more shopping centers better right? STUPID!!!!

Two very ashamed Malaccan

After that we went to Graha Makmur's park to chat and pat toh. Its like our favourite spot. We went there for our first Valentine's date. Even though there's lots of people there but the atmosphere is kinda nice. Windy breeze and nice fountain surrounded us.

We sat there until suddenly it started to rain. So potong steam lah... Had to go home d.

I didn't wanna go home coz I wanna spend more time with him. I hate it that I had to miss him for two weeks more before he comes back again. :(

Anyways, many people wanted to know what he gave me. Tak sangka so many nosy people around me. Hahaahhaha~ Not your present also, why so kepo???

The box

Can you guess what it is?

Its a bracelet

And the words on it...
I love you too neney...

Nice right???

Anyways, will be going back to KL soon. And I will be able to blog normally again. Yay!!! I had edited lots of photos and will post them up as soon as possible. Plus pastor will be waiting for the pictures of the Pusat Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal visit.

So please wait for it yah...

See everyone soon.