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Stressed prinsezz

For those who kept checking in my blog and found nothing new, so sorry. Some close friends might think "Oh... Kan she said she'll be working at Nobel..." Noperz. My asshole boss didn't call me to tell me bout the details of the pay and what time to work and all that shit. So I'm wasting good time at home, sleeping more than ever and slacking all my holidays plans including blogging.

Actually I had been blogging. I was posting up photos and its in the draft. You know lah I need time to post up the photos because of the stupid line mah... So sorry la...

For those who wanted to know how did my birthday go... It went real well. I mean I didn't exactly love the party coz it wasn't the one I had in mind, but ok lah. I had some real great birthday presents. But some are plain... -____-lll Why the heck got people give me things that I don't need. ie:crystal balls. Why? Do I like I need to see the future??? -___-lll OTher than that I love all the presents. Muaks Muaks to all my buddies and besties. *hugs*

I had been rather stressed lately. Funny huh? After finals and I am stressed? I think I am turning into Jane. Haahhaah~ Stress queen.

Those who read about my plans for the hols might know that I am preparing a self-planned performance for my church's Christmas celebration on 24th. I didn't know why I decided to do this. Maybe I was too bored and wanted to do something great. (konon lah...) I started to plan the performance with Yuyu. We planned to play two songs which the pastor said ok. Then pastor wanted us to put some slideshow shit into our performance. "It will be too boring just seeing you two play". I'm like "huh?" If I put the slideshow, the performance will be distorted right? People will be focusing on reading the damn slides and not listening to our playing. But coz I was born with brains I manage to do the slideshow without interfering with our performance. But after planning all the slides, we had only time to play one song. So we settled with "12 days of Christmas" which was a jazz duet piece.

Both yuyu and I had never played the songs together. We just prepared our own parts on our own. I did practise coz I was rather serious of the whole performance. I didn't have to worry bout Yuyu coz he's one great pianist. But one thing that I forgot is he lacks of commitment. He's rather lazy at times and sometimes drive me nuts coz he doesn't wanna cooperate. Dang!!! I spoil my brother at times.

Pastor asked me to go through the slideshows with him before the rehearsals. I blur blur asked him, "When arh?". And damn it!!! Its on 19th, which is counting from yesterday was 4 days more. Ahyu and I had not tried putting both parts together. THIS IS DISASTROUS!!! I ran to Ah yu and told him bout it. And he said, "I haven't practise lah jie. How arh?" WTF???? Why is he doing this to me? "You ask Nan to play lah. I really cannot" Now he tells me. I tried to calm down and tell him that we will try to put the parts together if we really can't make it, I will ask Nan, our friend, to replace him.

After returning home, I rushed to finish the slideshows, which I did great research online to do it. Erm... I don't know how to explain to you guys what the slideshow was for. I will show you guys the slideshow after some finishing touches. I did it till 1 something. I shouldn't sleep late on Saturdays coz the next day I had to go church. And I don't want my sleepiness to get in the way for me to worship Lord. I had been sleeping off for quite sometimes. Sorry... sorry... When I finally goes to sleep, I had terrible nightmares. Mostly bout the performance, sucking badly on the night of the performance. Gawd!!!! I am seriously stressed.

Wanna know what happened next? Read tomorrow lah... I have to go watch CSI. Haahahahhah~ Sorry to keep the suspense.