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Back to lameness

Like everybody else when I don't blog often my hit counter drops. :( Aiyo~ for the obvious lah. Nothing to read, people come for what right?

I had been not blogging coz... I think some of you know coz I had been nagged bout it for don't know how long. Hahahahaha~ I was busy entertaining my besties from uni: Li Shan, Esther, Mel and Jane. They came for 5 days and we went to quite many places lor. Some of which was my first time there. Would you believe it? I had been staying in melaka for more than 10 years and there are some places that I had not even been to. Aiyo~ actually not a lot lah. Just one or two places nie.

It was fun and very memorable. Really enjoyed their company.

The photos will be up real soon hopefully. On the verge of editing them... like usual lah... Hahahaah~

Now everybody is back and I'm back to lameness. Doing my lame routine everyday again. Eating the same lame porridge again... *Yawns* AHahahahahah~

Cannot lah... Must stop all this lameness and get on with the plans that I was planning. As you can see, the plans are getting more and more. But not half of it were done. AHahahaha~ But some of it I had already started doing lah. Like reading a book... I'm currently reading a book by Dr. Tan Hann Tzuu. Not that difficult to understand but needs time to digest and remembering the things written. Other than that...nothing had been touched. HAhahahahaha~

Ok lah... gotta go cook the lame porridge. See you guys real soon.