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Our 2nd anniversary

I think everyone saw the slideshow that I posted on Sinren and my anniversary rite? And I think you guys probably felt in love with the song? Yeah, me too. I totally felt in love with the song when I first hear it.

I was about to finish the slideshow then I was asked to choose a song for the background of the slideshow. The songs given to be chosen basically none of it I had heard before. Ermm~~~ actually got lah. Like "Welcome to the black parade" and "Turn it up". I wanted some helpless romantic song and these both don't fall into that category rite?

So I just simply click on each song and listen to it. My first choice was Enrique Iglesias' "Somebody's Me". I was thinking that this song was some fast track by him. Coz most recently I've only heard of his fast songs. But when I clicked on it and listened, I felt in love with this song.

Usually when I listen to a song, I would foremost listened very hard to the lyrics. Coz usually a song would catch my attention and I would like it according to the lyrics. Some love songs have very nice melody and all but the lyrics like some kiddo shitass song. For example, "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi" (The rat loves the so no standard rite?).

Ok lah... For those who knows the song probably knows that its actually about a guy who thinks of his ex-girlfriend. But I don't know why lah... I just like it. I think the chorus part holds the message I wanna say to Sinren and that's why I chose it.

For those who doesn't know the song. Here's the lyrics and you can sing together as the song plays in the background. Hope you guys like it as well as I do.

You, Do You Remember Me? / Like I Remember You? / Do You Spend Your Life / Going Back In Your Mind To That Time? / Because I, I Walk The Streets Alone / I Hate Being On My Own / And Everyone Can See That I Refell / And I'm Going Through Hell / Thinking About You Were Somebody Else.

[chorus]:Somebody Wants You / Somebody Needs You / Somebody Dreams About You Every Single Night / Somebody Can't Breath Without You, It's Lonely / Somebody Hopes Someday You Will See / That Somebody's Me [2x]

How, How Could We Go Wrong / It Was So Good And Now It's Gone / And I Pray At Night That Our Paths Will Soon Cross / And What We Had Isn't Lost / Cause You're Always Right Here In My Thoughts

[chorus]:Somebody Wants You / Somebody Needs You / Somebody Dreams About You Every Single Night / Somebody Can't Breath Without You, It's Lonely / Somebody Hopes Someday You Will See / That Somebody's Me [2x]

You'll Always Be In My Life / Even If I'm Not In Your Life / Because You're In My Memory / You, Will You Remember Me / And Before You Set Me Free / Oh Listen Please

[chorus]:Somebody Wants You / Somebody Needs You / Somebody Dreams About You Every Single Night / Somebody Can't Breath Without You, It's Lonely / Somebody Hopes Someday You Will See / That Somebody's Me [5x]

Anyways, we didn't really celebrated the whole anniversary thing like damn grand. Er~ as in go for grand dinners or whatever couples who usually do on their anniversary lah. Coz Sinren had finals on the next day and I want him to focus on his studies then on our anniversary which could be celebrated every year. But we decided that we will either celebrate his birthday or my birthday properly. Aiyah~ whatever kind of celebration also same lah. As long u're with the ones you loved then its a very wonderful celebration d.

Sinren had told me a million times that he wanna try a tiramisu cake. And I sort of promised him that I would bake him one for his birthday. But after the incident of me nearly burning the house down when I tried re-heating my steamed chicken, he got scared and told me it was better for me to just simply buy one from a shop. HAha~~~

When I was thinking of what gifts should I give him for this anniversary, I suddenly thought of getting him a Tiramisu. Yeah, I know... its kinda lame. What kinda stupid present is this, right? But hey, if he likes it, I think it would be a perfect gift right? But I think just buying it for him would be so normal. So I decided to give him a surprise.

On 16th after church, I planned to go home after church and go to Midvalley to get the tiramisu cake-in-a-cup from Bread Story. But that day I think I was so in a rush to put my makeup on that I accidentally stained my contact lenses with mascara. And it was really uncomfortable coz I had no solution or whatever re-wetting liquid for me to clean it off. I went to the pharmacy near my church and came to realized that there was a Cake Sense (a bakery) near my church. Actually I know got lah. Just that forgot bout it.

At first I didn't think that I wanna go get a cake there. I was thinking of getting breakfast for the next day. I went in and browsed around the bread corner. Then there's this aunty and uncle who were so damn noisy at the counter. I memang born kepoh so I went to eavesdrop to what were they so noisy about.

Nothing much lah actually. They were just thinking of what to put on their daughter's birthday cake. -_-lll And that's when I saw this...Ooo~~ just what I'm looking for. Hehe~~~ And for this huge block of tiramisu its only RM18.90. Quite worth it lor I think. So I just bought it and left Cake Sense without buying breakfast for tomorrow.... -_-lllllllll

In case you guys are wondering, Sinren was not with me the whole time coz he had to meet up with some church fellas after the service. So I went walking around Taman Megah on my own.

Thinking that I had succeed in my plan, I was ready to go back with church's van. But manatau my plan was failed. I thought that if Sinren had to have a meeting with those church fellas maybe he would not go back with me. So I could go back home to get ready for this surprise (and also to get my camera which I left home -_____-lll).

I walked over to my church and manatau Sinren was standing there with Big Samuel (our church member). And it totally spoiled my plan. Darn it!!! So many people saw me holding the damn cake. Including my bf. Isk isk isk~ And everyone kept asking whether it was my birthday or whatever. And kept bugging me to find out why I bought a cake. I gave them a thousand other reasons like "Er... its bread lah. I bought a lot mah... So they gave me box". Haha... Like lame rite? I totally felt like dying there. Why lah my plan tak jadi???

Sigh~ so I gave up lah. And both of us decided to go home by LRT. Coz dunno why the church van was taking very long and we were both in a hurry to go back to sleep. Hahahahhahhaha~
This was taken while waiting for Sinren outside the toilet at the LRT station. The fella don't know why suddenly stomachache. So I had to wait outside for him lor. Haha~ So bored that I started camwhoring but all tak jadi coz i was scared that people might catch me camwhoring. Damn shy can? Hahaha~

After going home, we quickly stripped open the plastic and box to reveal the cake.

The cake sorta melt a little coz the weather was quite hot and we walked all the way from the LRT station to his house to save money on taxi. Hehehe~ damn kiam-siap.

If you all didn't realized, can compare this current cake with the one I took at the bakery. The white chocolate ring had already melt and only left with little scraps of it. Haha~

Oh yeah... don't ask why there's a 'Happy Birthday' thing on top of the cake. I already told the deaf worker not to put. But I guess he's too deaf to hear what I said.

Neney lighting up the candle on the cake

Sorry for the lousy quality. This was taken by my camera phone. I left my camera mah... So had to take with my camera phone lor.

A close up of the cake

Sorry we both looked like ass... Hahahaha~

I just remembered that I should have asked for two candles since its the 2nd anniversary. Hehe~

We removed the candles and the sugar beads (what's it called btw?) on the cake. Ooo~ and we shared the little strawberry on the cake. Haha~ Damn small can? But still have to share lah rite?

Neney cutting the cake

See he so sayang me. Coz he knows that I wanna take photos so he did everything. Er... and also he knows that I don't know how to do all this stuff so he HAD to do lah... hehe~

After eating the cake (we ate almost quarter of it... it was our lunch), we slept. Coz we were too tired lor. He slept at 4am the nite before to study while I edited all the photos we took together and did the video till quite late. Haha~

Woke up at... er~ don't know what time lah. And we decided to go Pizza Hut to have our anniversary dinner. Coz its been a long time since we last ate Pizza Hut. Er... kinda think of it... it was like we never had Pizza Hut together before lor...

We were so lazy that we didn't even dressed properly for dinner. I wore my pajamas and he wore some t-shirt with a short pants.

Us dipping garlic bread into the soup

Us tasting the mushroom soup

Sorry that I looked so ugly coz my lenses got stained by my mascara so I can't put it on and I got too lazy to do any makeup.

Us with our cokes

My man eating his garlic bread eagerly

The pizza we ordered

Can't remember the name d lah. But the flavour of the pizza was seafood supreme. DAmn sucks lah... I mean the pizza was nice but the things on the pizza damn ciplak. Tuna and the faux crab meat and you call it seafood supreme??? Where's the sotong? Prawn?

Sorry lah... first time eating the seafood supreme so don't know what to expect mah... Haha~

The thing I like most about the pizza is the BBQ cheese dip in the middle....
The taste is so so nice. Don't know how to explain its "nice-ness". You gotta try it yourself lor...

So that is how we celebrated the anniversary.

Anyways, I know the anniversary is way passed. But I think with the love alive in us, everyday is a special anniversary for the both of us...

Sinren Liow,

I may be like my favourite food, Lala... Forever trying to protect myself from being hurt by anyone. Whenever anyone comes close, I would shut my clam tightly and spit stones at those who I think intend to tear me apart.

But beneath that clam is a soft and lovely little lady. And that lovely delicious lala always wants you and needs you. This lala dreams about you every single night (ok lah... sometimes dreamt about other thing also lah...). This lala smiles whenever she sees you and hopes to see you every day and night. And most of all this lala loves you more than anything in the world.

And the lala is of course.... DORCAS PANG TSYI SHIN...

Love you, Neney Liow...

p/s: please forgive my "cheesi-ness". haha~ lala is definitely not a good way to describe myself...