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I hate it when I have nothing to wear

Tonight is Jing Huey jie jie's wedding. And I had nothing to wear. Ok lah, I do have a couple of dresses in my closet but... I wore to other people's wedding d leh... So not fresh d those clothes.

I wanted to go buy a dress one. I did blog about it right? But I can't find any at this short notice. Plus there's no cheap dress and the sale is over (this blogger is so freakin' broke!!!). I can't go to Sungei Wang coz got no time... blah blah blah...shitloads of excuses and reasons.

I really don't wanna go to the wedding tonight. But since its a church member, I gotta go. *lets out long sigh* sien arh...

Oh yeah... I didn't tell you that I tried to borrow a dress from my aunt rite? Well, I asked for her favor since I know that she had lots of beautiful dresses. But manatau... that day she sent the dress over and I nearly fainted. The dress was... lets just call it out of date. LOLZ~~~~ I can't bear to wear it. I know retro is in but.... sorry lah. I just can't take it. Whatever happened to all the nice dresses I saw in her closet?

Aiyo~~~ damn sad lah... Don't know what to wear... Wei wei says that she'll be wearing quite simple coz its not gonna be a grand wedding (like Yin Yin's one). So she says that she's gonna wear something with a skirt. Aiyo~~~ I left my nice tops at KL thinking that I would be wearing a dress there. Isk isk isk... should have ask her earlier before coming back. STUPID!!!

Suan le bah~~~ I'll just wear the white tube dress that I wore to Jeff's wedding. Maybe no one will realised that I wore it before. Haha~~~

I have to get ready d. Have to get there at 4.30pm.

See you guys when I'm back at KL. The line here at Melaka is worst than MC's. Wonder how I used to go online here. Lolz~

I promised the photos will be up soon for all events...

Here goes your unproductive blogger signing off...