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Why am I still here when I should be going for Theory?

Guess what? Your ever so intelligent blogger had done something stupid last night.

Yesterday night, after taking a shower and washing some undies and bras, I decided to soak other undies and bras (don't ask me what is up with me with undies and bras washing... its a personal hobby...) to be washed today. So I went to take those that were needed to be washed from my 'wardrobe' (as marked by the MC's admin on the stupid locker).

Then I went into the toilet and mixed the soap powder with water and dumped all the stuff into the bucket. Suddenly... I realised something.










I had just soaked my one and only clean bra into the soapy water. Dammit!!!!

And that left me bra-less today. WTF??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! How to go to class like that??? Why am I so stupid????

My room mate told me to go without bra. Wearing jacket all the time. Like HELLO, I don't mean to be pissed with everything, but its pratically like SUMMER here now. (ok, I know... its alwiz like summer here) How to wear jacket everywhere? Kalau boleh, I wanna wear as less as possible. Then she started nagging (why are there so many naggy people in my life????) me bout me being careless and me being lazy to wash my bras everyday....blah blah blah blah. I was so pissed I didn't listen to all the things she said.

I was damn pissed with myself that I got so pissed with everything else. (WTF???) I couldn't do my assignment preparation or what ever. I didn't even had the mood to answer my room mate when she asked me what I'm planning to do with my wet bra. I just sat there on my desk with my pissed face. Then after awhile I went to sleep.

I was actually thinking bout what to do with my wet bra as well but I seriously don't know what to do. I asked Sinren and he told me that when his undies didn't get dry on time for him to wear, he would use the hair dryer to blow them dry. And that is what I'm doing now.

Its much drier already compared to when I woke up this morning. But it takes lots of time lor. Blow until a bit tired. Sigh~~~ all thanks to my careless-ness and my laziness (of washing bras).

Actually I could go to theory class now since my bra is dried. But... hehe~~~ late d wor... go in late might kena scold one neh...

I know, i know... better late than never rite? Screw that damn line lah... Late means late lah... I think when they made up that line they don't have lecturers/teacher who would scold or caci them when they're late.

And since I'm late I'm sitting here blogging. Hahahahahahahaahahaha~~~

Anyways, on another event:

Me: Ney arh... I like to spend so much money. What if I spend until you become broke next time?
Sinren: You like to spend money then spend lor...
Me: Then mah become very poor next time?
Sinren: Never mind lah... I know how to earn money for you to spend can d lor...

Awww~ my bf is so sweet...

*muaks muaks*

Maison is tonight!!! ARE YOU EXCITED???? Well, at least I am... lolz~

I will take photos and be sure to edit and post them up as soon as possible. My computer is becoming slower and slower day by day. I think its cursed!!!! Hahahahahhahahahahah~

Lastly, I wanna say that I still love my room mate no matter how naggy she is... Muaks to you Esther Niak Xiang Hui!!!!