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the ambulance service of Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya

Today when i was coming back from sunway pyramid i saw an accident. A motorcyclist fainted on the road so my friend stopped his car and went to help the casualty. We saw the motorcyclist was in unconscious condition so we didn't dare to move the casualty because our action might hurt the casualty.

My friend picked up his mobile phone and called the ambulance. The sad thing is we didn't know the hospital's phone number and no one at that place knew any hospital's phone number (this is very sad. so, next time pls store the hospital's, police and bomba station's number in ur mobile phone so that u can help other people when needed).

My friend called his friend and asked them for help to get the hospital's phone number. Finally he get the hospital University Malaya's phone number and he called and asked for the ambulance service. Do u know what happened?

We didn't see the ambulance come even after 30 minute.

what the hell, man?????? the accident happened at some where near sunway pyramid. Usually if drive from hospital to there is around 20-25 minute. Why can't the ambulance reach in time????? My friend called again after 30 minute and the operator said the ambulance is on the way and got stuck in a traffic jam on the way. At the moment is around 9:45 pm, do u believe that the Federal Highway is still busy with jam??? I felt the reason given by the operator is so ridiculous......... (I use the Federal highway to go back to PJ after helping the casualty so i am sure that the highway didn't have any jam).

Thank god the casualty became conscious while waiting the ambulance. Then we asked him to sit down from lying and try to move his body and he can move all his body part (this mean the casualty has not broken any bones in his body). The casualty rejected us when we suggested that we send him to hospital. So my friend was worried and accompanied him on the roadside and waited for the ambulance to come (that's why i said the ambulance didn't come after 30 minutes). At last the casualty rejected to go to the hospital and rode his motorclycle back.

This is the ambulance service that i've met for the first time....................... hopeless and useless