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Yes, I have to repeat it... Yay, Yay, Yay!!!

Next Thursday I'm going clubbing. For the very first time in KL. Yay, yay, yay.... (sorry for the excitement. I just can't help it)

I know to you guys going clubbing is no big deal right? I mean club only mah... so wat? Sorry lor... I am damn 'sua-ku' (mountain tortoise in hokkien, which meant something like never see the world before) mah... I've never been to clubbing in KL. So wanna check out the whole scene here lor.

Actually it was Li Shan who got me this chance lah. Coz she have this friend who works for... err~ I forgot working for wat d lah... anyways, her company is in-charged of the launching of some perfumes. So she invited Li Shan and her other 4 friends to this party at Maison. We masuk everything free...erm~ as in no cover charge lah. And if we go there before 11pm, the drinks are also free. Damn good ok??? Where to find this deal??????

Erm~~~ I just heard bout Maison from Eevon's blog. Like pretty fun like that lor... Dunno lah. Must go experience it myself. Also heard from her that Thursday its gonna be damn pack there. Dunno lah... Go there only I know lah...

Anyways, Li Shan invited me and Sinren. She also asked Wen Li (her ex-room mate) to go. Which is good. Coz at least she invited happening people. Unlike some who just go there and stand in a corner... like wth rite? There's one more pass left. Wonder who is she going to call? Hmmm~ none of my business lah... haha!!!

Now I'm just thinking whether to tell my mother or not. My mum is ok with clubbing. She only have one syarat lor. If I wanna go clubbing, Mr. Liow has to be there. Or else it will be a strict NO. I think she would be ok with it but I scared she will stay up late and wait for me to reach home to call her. Like last night (I went out till 3am)... so paiseh ok? She so old d. Let her wait for me like that. Sigh~ sometimes I wished that she wasn't so ganjeong bout me... Should I tell her ne????

I am damn excited lah... but at the same time I was scared that something might come up and I couldn't go. It'll be all shitty!!!! Coz I really wanna go catch the whole clubbing scene in KL. So that I'm not so katak di bawah tempurung.

I am so excited that I searched on the net for a photo of Maison

I also kinda missed the clubbing scene in Melaka. So many new clubs open d. Like Sunshine Bar. Tak pernah pergi leh... heard its more happening than Pure Bar. Somebody invite my bf there lah... then he will bring me there as well. (Would you guys believe if I said my bf was the one who was against me going to clubs???)

Oh and there's also Tribe The Houz...

I bet it is usually not so empty lah...

This one I must bring my sistas there d lah. Coz Sinren tak leh masuk. Its only for ladies. Huhuhuhuhuhu~~~ Anybody went there? Tell me about it lah... Only heard from C-ass that its happening. Can hardly believe her lah. Must get more witnesses only can believe. Hahahaha~~~ its only the truth.

Which reminds me... I have to get a press powder coz mine just been smashed into a million micro bits of dust on the floor. Damn damn it!!!!

I'm gonna get this from Body Shop or maybe Face Shop which ever is cheaper. Maybe I'll just check all the brands first before buying. Oh die lah neney... have to teman me walk the whole shopping mall searching for a press powder d lah... hahaha~~~ kesian!!!

Then there's tonnes other things that I am planning to buy... either take money from Dad or save it up to buy these things. Depends on the kepentingan and price lor...

Straight from my shopping list in my diary, I present you...












1. Satin Care- shaving gel

Everyone knows how troubled my legs looked without shaving. And I heard shaving using a shaving gel/foam will smooth out the skin or something. I am now using the guy's type of shaving foam (Sheessssssh~ my secret is out!!!). Weird rite? I read about this shaving gel in Popteen. I know its sold in Malaysian. But with apricot flavour I don't know got anot lor...

This one sure buy on my own lah!!! How to tell my dad to buy???

Me: Pa arh... Can help me buy shaving gel arh?
Dad: O.o You got use one arh?


2. A wallet

This is not the wallet I want lah. The one I want is by Vincci and red colour one. This one dunno what brand also. I just take nie from some website. Hahahhahaha~~~

Why do I need a new wallet? Coz 1) mine is damn old d. the colour is fading. 2) the syilling's compartment is going to be torn apart (yeah lah... call me 'cu lu' lah...)

But guess what? The red colour one is no more selling in Midvalley. Maybe have to go back Melaka to buy or choose another one. But I like that one leh...

This one can ask Mummy to buy. Have to show her the torn compartments then about 70% she will buy d. Hahahahhaahahha~ how can I not love her huh?

3. A dress to wear to my friend's and my cousin's wedding

I could get 2 different dresses actually. But why waste so much money rite? My friend's wedding is in Melaka while cousin's one is at JB. So no one will even realized that I wore the dress twice.

Do you like this dress? Its from Topshop... er~~ dunno is Topshop or Miss Selfridge lah. I thought of buying it lor... Damn sweet rite? But I don't know if its sold in Malaysia coz I got this over the net. Anybody saw this before? Hmmmm~ hopefully its not that expensive. Mama said she'll only chip in RM100 for the dress. If its over 200 then 'gou li' already. I must come out a lot...

4. Body Scrub

My Elianto one finished ages ago. Had been a long time since I last scrubbed my body. This time I'm gonna get a Body Shop one. Anyone could suggest which flavour is nice???

5. Red coloured high heels

For those who is wondering, yes, I am totally obssessed with red color stuff. But I'm still a pink color fan lah.

Don't you think red screams LOOK AT ME ? Damn cool~~~ Pink is erm~~~ not that cool lor. Some people get disgusted looking at it. That is why I don't usually wear pink but only uses pink things. I only have like 2 pink clothing item. I think pink is to princess-sy. I am prinsezz but... not princess mah... See the difference?

Anyways, I saw this damn cool red heels at Vincci. But lots of people tell me that it looked very alike with the heels I had. As in the pattern. Only different colour. So a bit boring.

So I thought of finding a heels similar to the one above but maybe with a peep toe lah.

6. A pair of sandals from Vincci

I don't know why but I just think Vincci's sandals got lotsa standard. Although I did have a bad experience with one of my sandals. Its colour fade of and the skin started to peel. But although it was not that good (that particular pair lah...) I still wear it coz I find it real comfortable.

I like this pair lor... but you know lah... I kan damn rough one rite? I scared I might break the strap or something. This pair of sandals looked a bit too ladylike for me (this type of tomboy). But I really like it lor...

I think this pair is no more selling in stores d lor. Coz I think its a quite old one. I got this photo from ebay. So I think I can get it from there or something lah.

7. Loop earrings

The last loop earrings I bought from some cheapo shop at Tesco was really damn cheap!!! Really!!! Wear for like a couple of hours then it will start to hurt like hell. Where got earring like that one? The ones I had before I wear to sleep also nothing wrong. See the damn quality lah. That's why... neney said bout quality of things memang benar. I didn't want to listen but its damn true.

I might get a chandelier one or something else. I don't have any loop x chandelier earrings in my collection. But I was thinking of getting the lots of loops one from FOS. Don't know lah... will decide later. As long as its loop one can d.

8. Nintendo DS Lite

I don't know if its influence by Xiaxue or something lah. I went to the Nintendo counter and tried this baby out. I played the cooking game and some rearing dogs game. Damn fun say!!! I didn't want to leave the counter and Esther had to drag me off... hahahah~ that last line was a lie lah. But it did take her some time to ask me to leave lah.

I'm gonna get the pink one or this white one. The colour damn cool lah!!! Cannot tahan!!!

I think this little baby I will buy it with my own money lah. Coz I shy wanna ask mama or papa to buy for me. Later they shout at me: "YOU HOW OLD D ARH? STILL WANNA PLAY GAMEBOY???? CANNOT!!!" After kena shout the only thing I can reply is: "Its not a gameboy lah... its a Nintendo DS Lite" Hahahahahaah~

Maybe I could get them to buy it for me for my birthday. Or could hint it to my friends that I want it for my birthday (which I already did and kena caci by Esther... -_-lll). So... now you guys know lah wat I want for my birthday d rite? Hehehehehehehe~~~~ Faster go find lot lot people and chip in to buy lah. Got time till December. Hahahahahahah~~~ I'm crazy!!!!

9. Makeup pouch

I need a makeup pouch to put in my makeup so that when I'm going out and have to bring some makeup to touch up my bag won't look so disorganized.

I just need a small one to put my Vaseline, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner and some tissues and cotton buds.

The photo I got from the net is a makeup pouch designed by some blogger. And she's selling it online. Damn nice rite? I bet you this girl going to make it in the design world lah. At first I thought it was by some branded bag designer. Manatau just a blogger with lots of talent. I forgot the blog URL lah. If I found it, will add the link to let you guys view all her designs.

I so wanna get my hands on the pouch she design but its not available to people outside her country.... *bleh*

10. Miracle Season perfume

I had the tester before this. The smell suits me. I mean I like it lah. I got sick of my Beyond Paradise d. So gotta change some frangrance d. But neney always said he so terpikat with my Beyond Paradise smell wor... Manatau I change d he not so terpikat how arh???? Hahahahhahahhaha~~

11. Guitar pick

Tak sangka I can play guitar leh? Haha!!! Neither did Sinren. Actually I am just an amateur lah. Can only play a couple of chords nie. Can actually play a quite decent 'Twinkle, twinkle little star'. Whahahahahahahahahaha~~~

I need to buy a good pick before my nails goes apart. Those who are curious how ugly my right hand's 2nd finger nail look like can grab my hand and check it out. But actually since I had quit playing for awhile. The nail's back to normal. Nothing to see... hehehehe~

12. Guitar case
I joined the keroncong (going back to mah roots... hahaha!!!! wth???) this sem. I had not seen the keroncong ensemble got guitar also. Don't know why Dr. Ariff ask me to play the guitar wor... bukannye I play very well also. He pun belum nampak I play.

My guitar no case mah... So if I wanna bring to uni, very difficult lor... So must get a case.

13. A pair of decent jeans

Don't laugh but I don't have a decent jeans. The one that I always wear had been worn since I was in my teens. Damn paiseh say!!! I don't know why I keep it for so long. And the other one who look ok is bought before coming to uni. Too little jeans d lah. Have to buy another one.

Do you guys know I had to wear the more ok looking jeans for 2 weeks coz I didn't want to wear the more older one? Gross rite? What to do? No jeans k? Ok lah, another reason is I wanna get it to look like dirty dirty looking (somebody remind me that I am a girl and not some sloppy teenage boy...haahha!!!).

Thought of getting a Levi's. But I don't think I can afford lor. Maybe I'll take Esther's word and go FOS and get the RM25+ one lah... FOS one is not cheapo k? Its just rejected from the good brands.

14. Swatch

I wanna get a Swatch lah... the designs is like so nice. And... aiyah!!! I just wanna get it lah...

Ok lah... maybe no need a Swatch lah. But I seriously need a watch. Coz I find myself I little to reliance on my hp's clock. I think wear a watch will be better lor. Plus it looked more professional wearing one (WTH???).

There is my list of what I wanna get...actually there's a couple more lah. Like a new (Sony Ericsson) hp- coz mine is going kaput and KATE waterproof gel eyeliner -coz I can't live without eyeliners and coz its a new product in Malaysia. Just gotta try it.

Anyways, got a new skin. What do you think of it? Still not so ideal one. But ok lah. Better than the others I tried.

There's lot to be done: I have to replace all Wei Xian's piano class (which is 3 classes), finish all my stacking assignments and finish up editting all the photos which is still pending. AhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Damn it I'm stressed.

K lah.. Gotta go continue my damn Sej essay. Later wanna go shopping d.