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Backdated again...

Those who got sick of back dated photos can skip this post. Erm~ kinda think of it... you might as well skip the whole blog coz this blog is filled with backdated photos. But those who love reading my blog despite all the delay of posts I promised and didn't mind seeing backdated photos, thank you so much for reading my blog and do come visit often. I welcome you with open arms and do hope that you leave a message in the tag box and tell me bout the things u like bout my blog and also what you don't like. I would try to change and bring more grandmother stories and backdated photos as often as possible.

Ok, that was one big load of grandmother stories up there...

This event is UM Music Showcase 07/08 Sem 1. Every year the Music Department of UM will hold two Music Showcase to help students to have the opportunity to perform to an audience and also for the audience to see the ability of our students to perform.

Last year I performed. In the traditional ensembles. But this year I didn't coz they only wanted solo performance and ensembles... as in those of piano arh... violin arh... sax... those not in the traditional Malay ensembles lah. Aiyo~ I'm not really good in my piano playing. Its the truth. I have stage phobia. I mean I am ok with doing things on stage with lots of people but when it comes to solo... I will flop!!! I just don't have enough confidence to perform for the public lah. I'm like shit. People who is in the same course with me should know how bad I suck. I'm not being humble k? I really suck.

Ok, ok... I will stop going on and on about how bad I suck before I bore off you people. Lets just move on to the photos.


YY, Li shan and Esther did perform for the showcase. This three fellas damn ganjeong bout their performance and also their appearance for the showcase. So under Li Shan's recommendation, they went to Puchong for a hair cut. Yes, you're eyes didn't see wrong. All the way from PJ, they went to Puchong for a hair cut.

YY and her haircut

The kepo one with her room mate

Li Shan getting her haircut by Auntie Connie

Auntie Connie's real funny. The whole time she was cutting their hair, she was telling us jokes. And so coincidentally she was from Langkap which is where Esther is from and she knows Esther's cousin. Hahahahaha~ The world is so small you see...

Apart from teman doing their preparation, I had my own preparations to do. I didn't perform but I was in the receptionists and ushers department. So I had to get te signature board ready for the showcase. For those who doesn't know what a signature board is... Its a board where people will sign on it as they enter the auditorium. Its like for remembrance lah. Something like that lah. Hahahahah~

This is the signature board that Shiu Li and I did for 7 hours. Ok lah... some juniors did help out lah. But most of it was done by us. The juniors only cut the shape out of the polystrene, erm... which was I think quite a big deal lah... Coz I had no idea how to cut the thing out without the polystrene cutter. They did it with blade k? So geng. Then the rest was done by us.

Layering the treble clef with thre layers of tissue... Painting the thing... and putting on glitter...

Sounds easy??? Not easy lah wei. You had to wait for the tissue to get dry before putting on the next layer. Then you had to wait for the whole thing to dry up before painting it. Wait until wanna sleep can?

If you guys wondered where I got the idea from, watch lots of Art Attack. Hahahahaha~

These heart shapes were to stick on the treble clef with the signatures on it

We actually planned to cut the papers into lip shapes. It was like the guest are kissing the treble clef lah konon. But we couldn't get the right shape so the seniors asked us to do something a little more simple. Hence, heart shapes.

So hardworking...

Reaching the auditorium before the showcase starts

My dear room mate trying to see how she looks like without glasses

What do you think? Should she continue wearing glasses or try out for contact lense? I asked her to try out for contact lenses. Her eyes are beautiful, much bigger than it looked in this photo. and her eyelashes are damn long. why hide it right? Flaunt it lah!!!

My besties in uni: Esther, Li Shan and myself...hahaha~

During the dinner

After dinner

We walked around the place and took photos. Too free mah... Nothing to do.

Proud of our treble clef... actually Shiu Li's and my treble clef... Hahahahaha~

Our signatures and how the board looks like with the hearts attached to it

The Showcase

Oh yeah... I forgot to say that the photos are chronological according to the showcase's rundown.

I forgot the pieces or whatever they performed...well, most of them lah. Some I still remember. Hahaha~ Sure lah. Pass so long d how to remember???

She played Chopin's famous "Fantasie Impromptu" which I personally think that I heard until sick d. Coz our tutor was the same. So I often hear her play the piece. I used to love the piece but grown to got sick of it coz of her. ER... sorry...

They sang "Sound The Trumpets". I forgot whose piece was it. Huhu~ Anybody who knoes please let me know. They sang it damn well.

Errr... forget d. It was from The Nutcracker if I'm not mistaken.

Two beautiful and sexy ladies playing duet. What a sight for the eye... Hahahahaha~

Forgot to put in their names... It was a duet by Hao Tian and Cat. Forgot the piece too... Huhu~

Sorry... forgot to put in her name too. Yiing Siing playing some piece by Debussy. Hahahaahh~ forgot the name too.

"Three Littile Maids from School" or something like that. Hahahaha~ Damn nice lah. Haven't seen anyone from the voice singing something so cheeky and dramatic. Good job!

But I think Doris wasn't as cheeky as the other two. Should really improve lor... Well, I'm not from the vocal fellas so I don't know what to expect.

I really have no memory of the piece they played... Gosh! Can't even remember anything from their performance. God!!! Teruk Sial!!!

Don't know her piece either.

Ooo~ I know this one. Its Liebestrume by Liszt. Hahahahaha~ I know it so well coz I love the song so so much. I heard it very long time ago but I didn't know the name of the piece until recently. Damn shy rite? Currently trying to learn it on my own. Hopefully can play it as well as Wai Leng. Maybe should ask her to teach me.

There's 3 other performance that I left out. Those who went to watch should know. Its Jane's solo, Esther's six hands with Li Shan and YY and the finale. I didn't take any photos of the performance but I did take videos of the performance. Uploading photo is damn difficult... uploading video is like hell difficult k? Like can take up the whole day. Gosh! I gave up. Maybe I'll go over to my honey's house to do it lah. So sorry.. Those who wanna watch it just gotta wait for it.

Not trying to make my friends look good but the performances were really good. So you guys really gotta wait for it. And the finale.... it was really really good. I was so surprised it was composed by Amy, my coursemate. Ok lah... She didn't compose the song lah... She re-arranged it. But it was really very good. She did a real good job. You guys will see it...

After showcase...

The second years

Every showcase its like a tradition to take group photos like tht. Took it every semester. Last semester we took with the whole music faculty students but this year didn't. Everyone was bust taking their own photos. HAhahaha~ So busy for what leh???

Another group photo but got one kepo head... I still don't know who is he. -___-lll

My dream

Yes, its a dream to accompany Jane...Only a dream. Slap me and I wake from it. Hahahahaha~

The trio

I don't know what is up with the seniors with Esther's hairband. Especially Raymond. So acting cute!!!

See lah!!!

My ladies

I like both the photos. But I looked closely and realised that shit Li Shan was wearing slippers!!! Spoiled the photo!!!

After returning to MC, we were still into taking photos. Plus Li Shan was staying over. So we were into the camwhoring mood and took lots of selftiming photos.

Ooops~ there goes my leg... Hahahaha~

We didn't wanna look at the camera

Li Shan was about to laugh during the photo when she felt that I was digging her head. AHhaahahah~

The four famous expression

Isk~ why I look like retarded nie???


Statue of Liberty
Why am I staying with crazy people??? AHahahhahaah~
That's all from showcase. A lot of photos but managed to post it all. Damn proud. AHahahahha~
Ok lah... That's all.

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