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Exams and the ending of it

No. My exams had not end. Its not even halfway thru.

Theory was... I just pray that I'll pass. It was not difficult actually. My bad. So there's nothing much to say lor.

As for the others, I am trying very hard to concentrate on revising all of them as much as possible. Hopefully be able to read them all before the exam, which is quite impossible lah. But I'll try my best. Sejarah is out of the talk lah of course. Coz its damn hard to understand. Read the stupid Sumarsam's book also wanna die d k?

Practical neh... Quite ok lah. The Scarlatti still needs more partial practice. Mozart... memorizing and brushing up. Mendelssohn neh... I need help on how to play it like I'm rowing a gondola. Shit lah! I haven't sit on a gondola in my life. How to know the feeling of it? Dun say gondola, sampan also haven't in my life sat on it before.

Sigh~ don't know lah. Just pray and pray that finals will pass quickly and break comes even quicker.

Anyways, I was daydreaming the other day (Hahaaha~ I still got time for daydreaming. Unbelieveable isn't it?) and suddenly I started to list down a list of things that I want to do during the year-end break. And here's it:

1. Do something to my hair

I know I just got it straighten and cut it. But... hehe~ fast get bored one mah... I thought of dye-ing it with some other colour. Not blonde d. Coz... sien lah.... Hahahaha~ Must try other colours. Any suggestions?

2. Brush up my Japanese

Don't know who can practice with me. Hehe~ Maybe go find Pei pei or something lah. So long didn't read or speak it d. Haha~ Bukannye very good but have to brush it up lah. Or else wasted all the money I paid for classes last time.

3. Learn to make some Christmas cookies/desserts

Planning to have a Christmas party for my gang. Wanna make something that has more Christmas themed. Haven't try this before. So gotta try it.

4. Spring clean my room

There are some clothes that I can't wear no more. Gotta spring clean it and maybe get some new stock in. Hahaha~ Super impossible can? Like I suddenly gone rich like that. But Christmas is around the corner mah... Can get Christmas clothes. Wheee~~~~

5. Hang out with the gang

Especially those who I don't see often. Deepa, Pei li, Liz... Deepa used to be my twin lah wei. Why suddenly became so far apart lah??? :'(

6. Go for violin and piano lesson

Gosh! I wonder how long had I not seen Miss Ong and Miss Ng. Haha~

That's all I could think of. Would be adding more to the list I guess. I will putting it up at the side bar like my wishlist so that my readers could see what I had done and what progress was going on.

Ok lah. That's all for now. Gotta get back to those books.

Oh yeah. Deepavali tomoro. Going for visiting with gang. Photos will be coming. And of course it will be photoshop-less.