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Exam fever

Hello people. I'm back in KL with no internet access coz I didn't pay for my internet account at MC. So I can't update my blog. So its gonna be abandoned for like about a week or so. So please wait patiently for my update soon.

There are Deepavali visiting's photos and Music Showcase's photos that had not been up yet. I don't know would it be too late to post it up by the time I'm back at Melaka. But I think the gang is waiting for me to post something funny and embarrassing about them. Hahahahaha~ Its weird how some people have a love/hate affair with me. They always nagging me to stop embarrassing them on my blog but they love reading my blog. Hahahahahaha~ People, people...

Anyways, tomorrow is the last paper for finals. Then lastly after the practical exam, my heaven will come. Hahahahahahahaha~~~ Can't wait balletz!!!

Oh yeah... I'm currently going online at my fac. Hahahaha~ Happy, happy... Pratice finish piano d so online lor. Thanks to my clever room mate who asked us to bring our laptop out in case we got time to go library to online ker apa. Tak sangka can also online at here.

K lah. Just a brief update here. Gotta go on and read other blogs. Its like hell without being able to read blogs and go online. How to live like that you tell me? Thank god got exams was occupying me so i can get my mind off to online. Hehehe~

Ok... See you guys soon.


p/s: the holiday plan updated!!!