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The Lost Of The Beloved Wallet

Hello!!! I'm finally back in Melaka!!! So the hell happy!!!

Actually I'm back on last Friday but I didn't had the time to blog and when I wanted to blog, switched on my lappie and realised that my Jaring account has no credit. So had to top up lah. U know lah I kan stay in a 'san-ka-lah' (literally means by the hill's foot) so I had to wait till yesterday nie I can go out town and buy the reload cards. Tu ler... ask to put streamyx don't want. Isk isk isk~ Kan senang if got streamyx???

Anyways, yesterday I was damn busy. Kan I had lost my wallet right? So I had to go settle all my IC, driving license and all the ATM card shit. So ma fan. Sigh~ Tu lah... careless summore... waste time, waste money and worst of all... WASTE SLEEPING TIME!!!

I said that I would talked about how I lost it right? Yeah... Its actually not a  very long story lah. But I don't wanna put in so much grandmother story into my last post so I decided to leave it for this post lor. Hahahhahah~

On the last paper for my finals, which is on the 15th i think, I brought my wallet to the exam hall. Actually I don't know why I brought it. The exam also doesn't acquire us to bring our IC. Usually I don't bring my wallet to the exam one lor. What for right?

Then during the exam, all things including wallet, handphone, pencil box and water bottles had to be put on the floor. So I did lah. But I was aware of all the things on the floor at all times. Coz manatau some of the pembantu peperiksaan take my things when I was unaware?

After the exam, obviously I was damn excited lah. Coz exam over d mah. So faster faster pick up all my things and ran to my friends to ask about the plans for the night. Hahahahhaha~

Actually the finals were not over know... coz I still have my practical finals mah... But can go celebrate summore... Hahaahahah~ Teruk betul!!!

Ok, those who were interested in our plans, we went to Banana Leaf for dinner then head down to Cineleisure to walk around then ended up eating Big Apple's donut at The Street. Hahahahah~ photos will be up soon.

So we went back to get ready. We bathed and got changed. Then got ready to move. We were in Li Shan's car when I realised that I didn't bring my wallet. So I told them to loan me money to eat that night. Then those shitasses told me that they got no money so they won't loan me any. So they forced me down the car and back to my room to get my wallet.

Ran back to the room and ransacked all my belongings but I couldn't find it. So I called them downstairs to search whether the wallet was in Li Shan's car. Coz we came back from the exam hall in Li shan's car. But it was not there too.

I started to get a little worried. Started to think where did I left it or was it in any other place. I couldn't remember whether I left it in the exam hall coz I couldn't remember anything happen before running over to my friends. Gosh!!! Teruk betul!!!

The next day, I went over to the exam hall and went to the Exam Registration Office. I asked whether anyone picked up my wallet and leave it at the office. There was a pink wallet but not mine. Then, when to the library and asked the same thing but nope, no wallet found.

I finally call my mum and told her that I lost my wallet. I didn't wanna tell her earlier coz I know she will scold me like gila for being so careless. But manatau she didn't. Hahahahah~ Such relieve. But I think it was because Auntie Yeow Hao was there. So she didn't wanna lose her cool. Hahahahaha~

Mum asked me to go report to the police coz with a police report its possible that I could be excluded from the fine when I had to re-do my IC. So went thru the whole shitass thing lor. So stupid lah the whole report. Ask me so many stupid questions. Oh yeah... actually I lied in my report. I said that it was stolen when I was away from my bag for awhile. Hahahahahaha~ Aiyo~ who didn't lie in their report before you tell me. I mean to get away from somethings you gotta lie bit bit lah. But... tak digalakkan lakukan selalu... Hahahahahaha~

SO that was the story lah...I was really sad that I lost the wallet lor. Coz it was quite precious to me. Coz Cousin Christine and I bought the same Blythe wallet (hers was blue and mine was pink) at Times Square three years ago before she left for Australia. I was really sad lor... I had feelings towards all the things that I own. Especially those which I use everyday.

I had a new wallet which I bought to replace the old one long before I lost it. The Blythe wallet was actually tearing apart d. But I tak sampai hati wanna change to the new one and planned to use it till its totally not useable anymore. Manatau this tragic happened. :'(

Anyways, all my things were done yesterday and it took the whole day to do. The stupid system in doing things in Malaysia is all the same. All they do is let you wait, wait, wait... So sien can? Ok, maybe JPJ is better lah. I only took a few minutes to get my driving license done. But the others... I tell u!!! Damn long arh!!! The worst was doing IC. Don't know how many hours I did man... then kena maki by the workers summore. I lost my IC my pasal lah. Scold what shit la??? I pay you all k? Not that it was for free. I had to pay a fucking RM60 for the damn penalty summore. Shitass kena scold like gila... Fuck the stupid bulldog face lady lah. Hope she kena kick out from the stupid department and have to sweep the road for a living.

Ok, ok... shall not curse people so teruk... Its not good.

Anyways, its over. So don't have to worry bout kena catch by the police without IC and can drive to many places coz I got my license. Most important of all... I know that my savings are save in my bank account without kena curi by anyone.

BTWs, to the one who took my wallet and didn't return it to the rightful owner... *shows middle finger*

Anyways, this Saturday I will be going back to KL for Pixie's birthday then on the next day will be coming back with Li Shan, Esther, Mel and dunno who summore. They will be here for a couple of days. Then I might have to work in Nobel for 2 weeks. They called me but didn't confirm bout the dates that they want me to work. Sigh~ the pay is like shit but at least I can get some money. Worth it also lah. Then the rest of December is just gonna be filled with preparation for Christmas and shitloads of birthdays.

Auntie Yeow Hao asked me to celebrate my 21st with Ah Hong... Hmm~ I was gonna agree... Ok, ok... I agreed coz we were such good friends and mum and her were such good friends...You tell me how to turn down the stupid offer right? But manatau she said she will invite the whole Youth Fellowship. And who is in Youth Fellowship??? That shitass C-ass bitch. Who would wanna celebrate birthday with their own enemy??? Definitely not me. I am so finding ways to avoid the stupid party. Esther actually told me to go to Perak after their trip here. I want to go. But... I wanna spend that weekend with my Neney coz he said he wanna celebrate my early birthday wor... Tak tau true ker tidak. Later say no time then cancel again... :(


Ok lah... That's all for today.