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Flood or Waterfall???

What is this you may ask???

This is what my monkey-face neighbour did to my house's back room.

Erm... for those who can't really make up what was in the photos, its actually water flowing down from a leaking roof. Well, actually my roof had not leak since we moved in two years ago. We paid like so much money for the house plus all the extra expenses like getting the whole termites-proof ceiling covers. If it still leaks, don't know what to say la.

My neighbour who just bought the house recently said that the house was not as nice as he thought. So he decided to renovate it. Well, we know coz he told us when we met him once. That's the only once we saw him. After that his bau (smell) also tak dapat.
Then later workers started pouring in and started to start their renovating work. According to my mother (I was not home, at KL studying mah...), they made lots of noise with all the hammering, drilling and whatever work lah. Summore they went to build a wall between our houses without asking our permission. But mum was ok with it coz she said that not that she wanna see their face. Hahahahahahahahahhaha~ true also lah...

One day it rained really heavily at Melaka. My mum returned from work and realised that our dining room was kinda wet. She didn't know where all the water came from. Then dad went into the back room to charge his handphone. To his horror, the room was flooding. The bed was soaking in water.

You know what??? Half of my piano and violin books were in that room. And my violin was lying on the bed. Thank God it was in its case lah. And the case was only a little wet.

Dad went to check on the roof to see what happened and he realised that the aluminium or whatever lah covering the roof, in between the roof and the ceiling lah... was removed.

Our next door neighbour was extending their whole back part. So they had to mess with our side and dunno why had to remove the aluminium thingy lah.

So stupid right? They didn't even tell us. And then made our back room like that.

Dad told me that when he went to talk to the workers and wanted to ask for the owner's number to complain bout the leakage, the workers apparently tak tau bodoh ker apa, don't know how to speak English or Malay. So they didn't understand what my dad was telling them. I guess they are from Bangladesh or somewhere from India lah. Then when my dad asked them to come over to see what had happened to our house. They didn't want to. So my dad was damn pissed lah.

When i was home for study break, ngam ngam it was raining very heavily. So I was able to see the whole leaking thing and take photos of it. Dad says that he will sue them if the workers don't take any action for what they done. So the photos are quite important lor.

Lately I called home and asked about the roof and how was it. Mum said that Thank God it has not rain heavily recently and she sees no more leakage. So probably they returned the aluminium back to its place. And dad said that they will pay for all the damage they done. (That's what the head of the workers said lah... Coz he speaks Malaysian language... AHAHAHAHAHAH~) Dad said that he will ask for about RM500 for everything. For our spoiled matress and some of my piano sheets which had its printing wash out by the 'flood'. Hahahahahaha~ I don't think it cost that much. Dad must have asked for extra. HAhahahahahahahah~

Can't wait to go back tomorrow to ask dad to belanja me makan since he asked for extra money from the headworker. Extra pendapatan say... Hahahahahahaha~

Ok lah. That's all for today. Oh yeah... I'm going back tomorrow. Back for a week. Don't know can blog or not lah. See lah k????