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Coco's wedding

Backdated photos again...

As usual before any event, I would do the 'before-after' thing right? Here's another...
One of my eyes is always looked bengkak. Is there any cure to this???

Isk!!! My brows seriously need trimming. Any recommendations?

Ooo~ my symmetrical haircut. Next time gotta go back to Thomas & Guys Bukit Bintang if I ever wanna re-do my bob. But the fringe too short and not thick enough. Sigh~ didn't cover up my ugly brows. And my damn eyes still bengkak!!!

Self obsession

Like me, dad loved babies. Sam yi is my cousin's daughter. Damn cute right? In this photo she seemed like she was going to cry. But actually she's a happy kid.

Check out this photos of her...
Dunno why she looked so happy. Smiling away at the tv. It wasn't a kid show btw. Takkan she understood right?

Dad looked happier, doesn't he? Hahaahahah~

After getting ready, we went straight to the restaurant.

On the left, Mama in a cheongsam.

On the right, Dad with 'Er Gu Zhang' and 'Er Gu' (Second aunt's husband and second aunty). They were of course Coco's parents, the proud host of the day.

Coco and her husband during the champagne pouring ceremony

I forgot what was Coco's husband's English name. Hahahaahah~ Hopes she doesn't read my blog. Hahahahaahahah~

Here's another photo of the couple:

The two families

On the left is the husband's family. The dad beside him and the mum in red. Don't know who's that beside the mum. Don't know who are those kids either.

On the right is of course Coco's famly.

From left to right: Ah Di kor kor (Coco's younger brother), Joan (younger sister), 'ER gu' and 'Er Gu zhang'.

Its black , its white... its my parents... Hahahahaahahhaha~

We've got almost the same hairstyle, don't we?

The happy baby

She was sitting on the table next to us. Why lah must sit beside? So bored lah me. At least can play with her. Who arranged the damn seats arh???

I had been digging the photos' vault and found photos of the happy baby. See how much she changed arh...

This was when she was just a few days old. Cousin Chee Meng sent me this photo to show me the baby.

Beside her is her brother Ji Him. Devil!!!

This was taken earlier this year during Ah gong (granddad)'s birthday. Check out her hair... Hahahahaah~ ant the face expression.

Now... so happy looking. Damn damn cute!!!

Hua hua or Alisson who was sitting beside me, dragged me to take photos with ah gong and ah ma.

Hua hua and xiao zhu was what our grandparents called us when we were younger. I had another one but shall not disclose. Manatau someone will use it to call me. I don't like it lah wei...

Ah gong so thin d. Sigh~ coz of his sickness lah. But he still so handsome huh??? Hahahaahah~ Ah ma pulak getting fatter and fatter. Hahaahhahahaha~

After that we took photos together...
Damn the bad lighting at the restaurant!!! But I didn't wanna use flash coz then flaws will be visible.

The one I took with her at Karen's Wedding was much better: That's when I had less visible eye bags and my hair was long, curly and 'gam mou' (golden haired)

The rest of the photos I took

Clockwise, L-R:
Mama and Uncle Ah Seng/'Xiao Gu Zhang'. (Small auntie's husband)

Dad with his younger sister and 2nd brother.

Mama and 'Xiao Gu' (Small auntie).

Dad enjoying the prawns served.... Hahaahahahhaah~

Before leaving, Coco dragged me to take a photo with her. Isk~ so sad my camera's one came out not so clear. But ok lah...

Aiyo~ See how skinny she is. Probably thinner than I am.

BTW, just got good news from her. She's pregnant. Yay!!! Gonna be an auntie for the... hell knows how many times. Hahahahahahaha~

The next morning we went to have Capitol Laksa.

Capitol Laksa

This has been like a routine for going back to JB. Sure go here one. But it was really very tasty lah. So every time go back and eat I also not 'sien' one.

I love love to eat 'si ham'. Usually mum and dad will give me all their 'si ham' coz they said that they too old d, cannot eat so much seafood. Aiyo~ So nice lah they all. Love love love my pa and ma... Oh yeah, my 'da ku' (big auntie) also gave me hers lah. Coz she can't eat seafood. Heheheeh~ Love her too...

Dad told me only Cathay's laksa has this fried fishball. They're really nice. Don't know how ot describe the taste. I don't know how they fry it. It was somehow different from how usually people fry their fishball.

Excuse my makeup-less face. Woke up late so no time to do my make up. Hahaha~

After breakfast, we went church. Didn't take any photos there.

Then after that we went to this free duty zone shopping centre called... I forgot was it Eden or The Zone. Either one lah... Ahahah~ It was the Ramadan month so there was of course special sale for them. (Why the heck so unfair one??? I don't see when got Christmas got special sale???) The discount was up to 70%.

A watch


Damn sad to see the watch....

Coz I lost it!!! T_T

It was no branded watch. In fact it was just a normal 'gai bin' (roadside) quality watch sold in a small stall in Eden. But I like it a lot. *Run to the bed and cries* (Lolz~)

Tell me... how do you mend a broken heart who constantly cries for its lost watch?

Whoever took my watch... give me back and I'll exchange it with a bowl of home-cooked mushroom cream pasta... Please give it back!!! T______T

A bag from MOMOE

This was 40% discount. You guys may have seen me toting it around.

Bought another thing from MOMOE...
It was a pair of shoes

Of course lah. From the box also know its a pair of shoes. But what type of shoes ne???

The wedges

I prefer wedges eventhough wearing heels is so sexy. I think Wedges are kinda like er... dunno lah. I just feel heels are darn sexy. But wedges are more secure. I mean in my opinion lah. If you all think heels are gives u lots of security, then good for u lor. Haha~

The wedges was in 70% corner. Just gotta get it.

Nice leh?

Please ignore my fat legs. Don't know why they looked so bloated. hahahahaahah~

Love MOMOE so much coz they are the only Japanese street wear store that has got more standards than those lala shops in KL. I don't buy clothes there but I pretty much like the bags and shoes. Too bad its a bit pricey. Just don't get it. Its not even branded but how come its so expensive?

Multi-purpose containers

For what you ask? Aiyo... When I go travelling or camps, no need lah bring one whole bottle of facial wash there. If the whole facial set mah like 3-4 bottles. So heavy for what you tell me... Its damn cheap also. And its from Japan. Good lah... Haahhahahahahahahah~

I came back from Johor with this stuck on to my laptop. I was half furious coz who would have the right mind to put the thing on my laptop. Will spoil the screen ler. Don't know which of my smart room mates did it. But thanks for receiving it for me lah.. Hehehehehe~

I was wondering who gave me that thing from PTUM. Its a dedication some sort to help support the finance of the PTUM (Pesta Tanglung Universiti MAlaya). Who dedicated it to me ne? Couldn't be my room mates lor. I did dedicate one to my ex-room mate. Could it be her? Or is it Cherlene who is in the PTUM committee? Hmmmm~

Its from Sinren

Well, I was kinda shock really. Coz I saw him writing the thing at church. He bought it from Cherlene. But didn't expect that it was for me. No wonder lah so 'kwai shu'. Hahahahahahaha~

Thanks ney... I didn't tell you this but I loved the surprise.

Just to let you know, I hung it at the head of bed. So I see it every night before I go to sleep. Er... not very clear lah coz dark mah... HAhahahahahaahha~

He said: " Happy Mooncake Festival. There's no mooncake so had to give you a shirt"


How unromantic of him... Summore the handwriting was like... even more -_____________-lll

But... its the thought that counts plus I love surprises from him. So neney... please lah do more often.

Ok lah. That's about it. Will be going back to Melaka today. Currently cooking dinner for my ney. Hope jadi lah the thing I'm cooking. Hahahahahhaha~