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I'm back with an outdated post

Hey! I'm at the library onlining again. So happy.. But uploading the photos d took up so much time.

BTWs, latest update is... tomorrow is my practical final exam. I'm still not very sure of my pieces. Damn scared that I will flunk the exam. Hopefully my memory won't freeze in the middle of the exam tomorrow. Then there's the programme notes which should be done earlier but I never did. And now struggling to vomit stuff out for it. I'm not sure if they will count in lots of marks for programme notes. If they are, shit ass!!! I will fail till I can't recognize my family!!! (Some cantonese saying lah... HAHAHAHAHAHA~) After all the struggling, final exam officially ends. But before that I had to finish my Computer Music's final assignment and my correction for the Nusantara paper before returning home to MElaka. Hell knows when can I finish...

Last weekend, I missed my 'twin's' birthday party. So Pei Pei (childhood friend from church) came over to stay with me for the weekends. And we went 1U together with Esther, Hong and my fatty bon bon, sinren. So sorry to say this but babe, it was damn boring lah. Hahahahaha~ should have turn the offer down and spend time with Neney, which I won't be able be doing for a couple of weeks to come. T________T

Ok... enough of quick updates. Here are the Deepavali's gang visiting's photos.

Those who turned up:


Nana and Soon (he's sleeping at the back... can see? Hahahahaha~)

Kev and Ann

Ann having headache... Hahahahah~ Don't know what she was doing lah. I just take nie... HAHHAHA~
And of course, me lah...

First we went to...

...this bitch's house... Hahahaha~

The food served:

White rice and puri (how to spell lah??? Nobody told me how to spell... so if spell wrong, please blame it on Puff... Hahahaahahah~)

The curries

The vegetarian dishes

I don't know what is this... Hahahahah~ Sorry...

Orange juice

Too bad I had period and couldn't drink it. Coz its iced la. I can't drink iced-drinks during my period unless you want to see me suffer then you can try forcing it down my throat.

The cookies

I'm not sure if Puff made any of these. Maybe Bindi (Puff's sister) made it lah. Coz she asked me to send the photos of the food to her.

My favourite is the one on the top right.

For those who didn't know, Indian is one of my favourite food. So I often can't wait for the arrival of Deepavali. Coz I can eat like gila without having to pay for a cent. Hahahahaha~ Plus these food are way....way.... way....x1000 better than those at any other Mamaks.

Can you believe Puff was not in a traditional costume during Deepavali??? WTH??? Even Ann, who's not a Indian wore Punjabi suit lah!!! This Puff here wearing school's t-shirt pulak...

Heheh~ No lah. actually she not yet bathe mah... After she took her bath and all set, she wore a Punjabi suit. As seen on the photos below:

I don't know where is Tze Liz looking. Got something to see meh at the side there? So interesting until see there never see the camera. And Soon slept off during the photo. Hahahaha~ Tu lah.. Play DOTA summore until 7am... Isk isk isk~

This photo was supposed to be nice. But Puff had to go shake her head and spoil the photo. >____

Neney wasn't there to be my driver so I had to sit on Tze Liz's car with Puff. Takkan I wanna sit with the other couples right? Kacau they all nie... Who knows they wanna make out in the car??? HAhahahahahaah~

In Tze Liz's car:

Woops!!! It failed again...

Forgot to take photo with her at her house. So took it in the car. Hahahaah~ Sorry Liz... Always terlupa wanna take with you in the car. Hahahahaha~


...this budak punya rumah pulak

Anu mistaken it for Chinese New Year is it? Wear so red for what?

We were kinda full from all the eating at Puff's house so we did not eat at all.

Er... actually I stuffed myself with lots of candy. And almost finished the candy at Anu's house. hahaha~ Erm... didn't take photos of the candy. hehe~ But I could tell you that its damn damn good lah....

Me messing with Anu's ET

Comparing the size of our eyes

Group photo before leaving

Next we decided to go to Vila's house. I haven't seen Vila since finishing form 5. Ahhhh!!! Its like assing long man.

Before that...

Why Anu looked so freaky lah??? Hahahahahaha~

On the way to Vila's house:

Passed the overhead bridge that will lead us straight from town to Tengkera

So nice... can see the sea??? Actually quite difficult lah. Coz the colour like same nie...

Out of boredom while waiting for Soon to go withdraw money from bank. HAhahahaha~ Kev looking at other chick eh? HAhahahaha~

Sick of our faces yet?

I hope not...

Why I look so funny??? Hahahahahaha~

Reached Vila's house about 45minutes later. We even got lost. Coz we were looking for the river in front of her house. Hahahaha~ Manatau there was not river. -___-lll

The food served:

Putu Mayan and Capati

The rendang and curries

I tell you... After not seeing Vila for so many years, I felt like I had lost a very very good friend. We used to be so close. Talking bout so much stuff but after not seeing her for so long. It was as though we had just met. Felt so kekok d.

Sigh~ why lah must this happen?

Don't care lah. For the years to come, every year I will pop up at her house during Deepavali. Just to meet her and eat her delicious Indian food. Hehehehehe~

The stupid group photo that I made everyone take using self-timer

Candid took by Liz

Good work gal!!! Check out Puff's face ^___^ Ann pulak like ready nie for the photo. I guess she saw Lizzie taking photo lor.

Without Liz

Taken by Desh, Vila's boyfriend

Check out Puff's face again. Why lah she must spoil our nice photos? Why lah I have friends like that??? HAhahahhahah~

Prinsezz and Aka Vila

Bitch Nana and Puff kacau at the back!!!! >_

Can't wait to see all my friends soon.

Bubbye for now...

The Happy Gang

Missing in Action:



-Anu & bf



-my beloved Sinren Liow