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New Hair

It's been too long since I last got my hair did. The last time was probably last year June before Deepa's wedding. So naturally my hair looks like ten thousand kinds of shits.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...ten thousand kinds of shits 💩

Curls have mostly grown out. Hair color looks like rust with so much black hair growing out. Sighhhh.... It's just a mess lah basically.

On regular days, I would tie up my hair and pin up my fringe. When I tie it up, you can see all the curly baby hair sticking out at every direction. My forehead sticks out like a sore thumb as usual when I pin up my hair. Not exactly the most nice looking thing lah. But at least it's under control.

So before my cousin's wedding comes, I decided to go get it done. My usual saloon (N Two Hair Studio) is closed coz they are moving to another location. I had to go to another saloon which I used to frequent. It is Nuovo at Bukit Beruang.

NUOVO Hair Studio
17 Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Beruang Utama 2, 
Taman Bukit Beruang Utama, 
75450 Melaka

Nuovo used be a small saloon when I frequent there. Only the director/owner and his wife were running the saloon. But now they have another helper and also a nail saloon with two manicurist.

The owner's wife, Elaine recommended that I take the hair + nail package. Since I wanna rebond and color my hair for the wedding, might as well just do my nails as well. So I signed up for that.

So apart from doing my hair like the above,...
...I also got my nails done

Seriously pamper to the max. Pamper the rich rich tai style. But just once a year lah I can do this. Next wedding imma look like shit wtf.

I knew it was going to take damn long since I'm doing so much. So I bought lunch over to Nuovo. Thank god I'm close enough with the owner so I could eat with ease.

Eating my sushi while looking like I'm bald hahahahahahahah

I always get so bored of waiting for my hair to be done. My hair usually takes up to minimum 5 hours to be done. So I always end up with nothing to do that I started to take lame pics of myself and send it around to people. I sent these two to Puff and hubby and also posted it on Instagram lol.

This was during hair treatment

Guess how long did it take to do rebounding, cut, color, hair treatment and nails all at the same time?


Seriously my butt got so numb that I couldn't feel it anymore lolol. But I think it's worth it lah coz I always look pretty after spending that long hours.

See what I mean?

My hair is so much healthy looking, neat and even in color. In other words, more fab than it was before.

For comparing purposes, see how different it is before and after 😱 It's like magic but not exactly wtf

You know there's a video going around where this dude can't shaking his head after he did his hair? Well I know exactly how it feels that day hahahahahaha

Nowadays it looks something like this right after hair wash. Nice bangs and all.

My hairdresser, Nic picked a light-ish color but not overly light coz he said I'm not the age to be a lala mui anymore lolol. I personally prefer it to be lighter but with Zyon, it is weird to have honey blonde hair lah. It'll become lighter over time but not all the way blonde.

This is how it looks like one day after washing. My bangs are unbelievably oily after one day. I think it was better when I use my scalp treatment shampoo. But I couldn't use the scalp treatment shampoo coz I wanna maintain my hair color a lil longer. So usually I'll side sweep my bangs after the second day. If I'm too lazy to wash my hair, I'll just pin it up...which I'm doing now 😐 No pic of that. I look exactly like how I look while doing my hair lah basically haha.

I'm planning to grow out my hair to about boob length again. Then I'm gonna do some huge curls like I always plan to. My other hairdresser (also Nick lol) doesn't think it's a good idea to do it but Nic (from Nuovo) says that it'll look good for my face shape. Not sure who is right but imma try to decide myself. Wonder how long it'll take to grow out till that length tho.

Alright that's all for today's short post. Sorry I didn't put this up on the weekend. Too busy with dealing with Zyon. For this week I'm planning to put up at least three posts before I leave for Singapore for the weekend.

My cousin in Singapore, Mark is getting married and we will be there for two days one night. So excited to have a gathering with my cousins again. Especially excited to see Vivian and her baby girl, Penelope 💕 I'll definitely be taking pics so wait up for that.

I'll catch you guys in the posts I'll be putting up next.

See ya and bubbye~