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Zyon: 12-14th month

Time for Zyon's milestones πŸ’™

But before that here are all the previous milestones that I've posted before: first month | second month | third-fourth month | fifth-eleventh month

As usual there will be a mixture of pics and (short) videos from March till May. Some may not arranged chronologically but I'll try to keep everything in the right order.

This time's milestone's post is really special coz we all know that...
He turned one on April 1st

This pic was taken on his birthday celebration at home. We set up a small photo shoot for him and the pics are all super adorable. I'll be blogging about his birthday real soon. Definitely going to be up before he turns 2 wtf.

He is now upgraded from a baby to a toddler. His personality and character has starting to show up. I mean I had a glimpse of it when he was a baby. But now it is like full blown obvious.

Zyon started walking around 8 or 9 months. But he was not stable yet. He would take a few steps and then back to crawling as seen in the video above. In the video he hardly walked lah. Just rolled around on the floor hahaha.

But the moment he was strutting all around the house...occasionally unstable when there is a step.

Now he's like super stable d. Doesn't like it when we try to hold his hands when he walks. He just wanna explore everywhere by himself now.

Zyon experienced his first blackout

In my mind, I always thought that he had experienced blackout during his newborn times. But I was wrong. That wasn't a blackout. Our house's electricity had some problems so he had to stay in fan-less situation for a few hours. It was not so bad coz it wasn't dark.

This time he was in pure darkness. We didn't wanna use any candles coz we didn't want him to touch it. Nothing can stop a curious baby. So to be safe, we used all the torch lights in the house to keep the place kinda bright. We had to remove his clothes to keep his body cooling just in case his eczema flares up.

He had a lot of fun tbh. He played with shadows and wrestled with ah gong and mama. Didn't wanna sleep at all even though it was his bedtime. Managed to only put him down to sleep when the electricity returns.

Zyon started climbing the stairs as soon as he discovered their existence lol

He LOVES climbing it. Whenever it is time to go upstairs, he would choose to climb the stairs up by himself than let us carry him up. Sometimes even when it's not time to go up, he'll try to go up by himself. But this is of course dangerous lah. For safety purposes, we bought the gate for the stairs but just couldn't fix it right. So in the end we just blocked the stairs with the sofa and only unblock it when it's time for him to go up.

Zyon got his first haircut

Will do a throwback post on this real soon.

In his second month (read about it *here*), I've mentioned that Zyon makes many very cute expressions. Those expressions are mostly like not intentionally. It's just his newborn reflex doing all the work. But nowwwwww he does the cutest and cheekiest expressions in the world. My heart exploded back when he was two months and now after 10 months, it exploded again wtf πŸ˜‚

Zyon understands simple questions and could answer them correctly

Tho sometimes I'm not sure if he really does understands or just simply winging it as he goes lolol. At times he answers questions correctly but other times no. But for the question in the video above he's always accurate...unless he refuses to answer lah.

Brought Zyon to visit Grandpa Wong's grave during Cheng Beng. He of course doesn't understand or gives a hoot about the whole thing but I think he had fun lah.

We also brought him to IKEA for the first time but no pics of it. So it is not an official visit for him πŸ˜‚

Now this next milestone is a pretty scary and big one for us coz my mum had never experienced it with me before. We had no freaking idea how to deal with the whole situation.

So after returning from KL, Zyon had a fever. We didn't think much of it coz he was teething anyways. We thought it was just fever due to teething. So just gave him Kool Fever and monitored him close.

But at night his fever peaked till 40 degrees which was way too high for a toddler. He couldn't sleep well the whole night. We were planning to bring him into emergency but he slept off in the end. So we decided that we will bring him to clinic the next day.

Brought Zyon to the government clinic the next day. He was given some fever meds and was asked to come back if the fever doesn't subside in three days.

He was extra cranky during this period. Little things would irritate him and he would cry for no reason. TBH it was a difficult time for mum and me coz we don't know what to do to help him feel better.

His fever went on for the next few days. Dropping to normal and shooting up to 40 degrees on and off. When he had his meds, the fever is in control but when the meds worn off, the fever comes back again.

Pic taken outside of his paed's clinic. Had to post up coz he's still so cute even though he had been feverish for so many days.

Also taken at his paed's. So active around the clinic that I was skeptical if he is really sick

So here's the outcome from after visiting the paed:
So yeahhhh, Zyon had Roseola or fake measles

I've never heard of the illness. My parents have but they have no experience of it ever. Thank God there's always Google lah. I've found out quite a bit about it when Zyon got it.

Fever typically goes on and off for five days. During this fever period, the baby can pass it down to other kids so it's best to keep the baby away. Swollen lymph nodes happen in between 3-5 day. In this pic above, Zyon is having super swollen lymph nodes and wouldn't eat his solids. We gave him mostly milk during this period. He also calmed down a lot as compared to the days before. Slept most of the time.

the pink rashes started to show up

Not sure if it's clear in this video but here's a clearer pic of him with the rashes...
I didn't do any editing to this pic to show you guys how terrible the rashes are. It looked damn scary but at this stage he's back to his normal self d. No more crankiness and sleepiness. Even the fever is gone. Then it took like a week for the rashes to totally disappear.

On to the next milestone...

Zyon likes to do this farting sound with his mouth when asked if he farted. Damn cute. I tried to ask him to do it in the video but he refused after awhile and started to show his "muka kesian" hahaha.

I'm not sure if this could be called a milestone but Zyon got bullied by mama very often nowadays hahaha.

I always wanted to do this when I saw other mums posting videos of them doing this to their baby. Then when I found out which app they used, I just had to lah hahahahahahaa.

Another video of me bullying by asking him to eat a lemon lol. I've actually let him try lemon earlier on but didn't manage to film it. His reaction is not that dramatic like those I've seen but damn funny in real life lah.

Zyon loves to take my bags and drags it around *smh* That bag in the video is now currently his coz my mum said he needs one bag of his own. Even with that bag as his own now he still takes my bag and drags it around. Don't know what difference does it takes lol.

SR requested me to include this in the post coz he finds it so funny. This video here is the first video recorded by Zyon himself πŸ˜‚. I left my phone near him and he took it without me knowing. When I was flipping through my phone, I found this video and knew it was him who took it lah.

In the last update we've seen Zyon playing with the piano. This time round he started on drums...or should I say attempt to play on drums πŸ˜‚ I'm glad that I have so many leftover toy musical instruments from when I teach really young kids. Now I can pass them to Zyon to play.

We got Zyon started on housework training πŸ˜› 

My mum always make him sit beside her while she folds the laundry. She would throw over some clothes and asked him to help out in folding. He looks pretty legit "folding" doesn't he?

He also helped mop the floor...or rather he TRIED lah

Every morning he'll try to help my mother with some sweeping outdoors as well. Again, keyword: TRY

I don't know if this could be considered helping out or kepoh hahaha but at least he tried lah kan?

One night he had a nightmare or something that he was crying in his sleep. I quickly whip him up and let him lie on my chest. I was so overwhelmed with emotions (tho not obvious in the pic 😜) coz like just a year ago he also lied on my chest to sleep. It seemed so short but he has already slept on my chest for a year d. So difficult to believe I've been a mother for a year...thanks to him πŸ’•

The top pic is one year ago at the hospital, one day after he was born and bottom is this year, one day after his birthday for those who can't differentiate lol.

I got Zyon started on some activities ever since he turned one. In this pic he is doing post-its pasting to create mane for a lion. Guess how he did?

As you can see he didn't exactly concentrate well or did any of the work. It was all me 😀 But it's okay lah kan...since it's his first activity.

Then came the second activity...
As seen in the video, he still doesn't care and I was still the one doing everything again πŸ˜’


The only activity he was willing to do was this sticker thingy...which I plan to repeat real soon.

Another activity that Zyon loves is this etch a sketch thingy that I got from Big Bad Wolf recently

Here's him working on it for the first time

His first masterpiece lol

Zyon had started doing some sweet things like holding my hand while he eats dinner lol. Other than that he would sometimes kiss my face nonstop. Tho I'm not sure he is kissing or biting my face. He also likes to hugs me tight at least once a day.

Zyon became super camera sensitive when he's about one. Last time I'll have to scream for him to look at the camera. But now he sees the camera he'll pose or make weird actions so that he'll continue to be taken pic of or filmed.

He loves it when I takes Instastories. He'll talk nonstop or does some weird dance like...


We call this the Hello Dance hahaha

Zyon's daddy went and bought him his first pair of sneakers πŸ˜‘

My husband is not someone who simply splurges on things. But I don't understand why he would buy an expensive pair of kicks for his son. I mean it is not that expensive but babies' legs outgrow very fast. So I think I would rather buy cheap shoes for him at the moment. SR said since we didn't buy a lot of things for him usually and he uses a lot of hand-me-downs from his god-siblings, it's okay to splurge once in awhile lah.

BTW this is Zyon's first NIKE 😍 Isn't just too cute? It looks even cuter when he's wearing it.

I always hope that Zyon would love reading and thank god he's pretty into looking at books since he could sit up straight and hold stuff. Got him some books from Big Bad Wolf recently to help him to get into books more. He would ask me to read it to him or try to "read" it on his own. Super cute!!!

I'm planning to set up a reading corner at home so that he'll have a place to put his books and also sit comfortably to enjoy them.

Zyon has also started having his own favorite shows on TV. He doesn't really like watching cartoons yet but anything that has singing and dancing he'll definitely stay in front of the tv to watch it.

His favorites now are Yoyo 点点名,ζ°΄ζžœε†°ζ·‡ε‡Œ and Sesame Street. For Sesame Street, he'll only watch all the dancing and singing. If there is too much talking, he'll walk away as well hahaha.

 In the last update *here*, I've talked about how Zyon would barge into the toilet when I pee or poo. Nothing has changed πŸ˜’What's worst is that he asked to be carried while I poo... as seen in the pic. Seriously gotta teach him some privacy lessons real soon.

Mum and I brought Zyon on his very first excursion. We went to the Chief Minister's house which was opened after our newly assigned Chief Minister was sworn in. Will blog about it real soon.

He obviously enjoyed the excursion

Need to plan other excursions real soon as well. I'm thinking to bring him to the zoo but not sure if there are enough animals in the Melaka Zoo to show him haha.

Just in time for World Cup, Zyon learned some sick football skills lolol

Zyon did his first passport (coz we are bringing him overseas to Singapore 😬) recently. Would you just look at his passport photo. So damn cute right? You have no idea what we had to do to get him to take this pic. All I can say I really respect the lady who took his photo. She did so well that you couldn't even see that both SR and I were grabbing him on the shoulders and legs to stay still for the pic hahahahaha.

My parents got Zyon his first swim suit for his birthday. He wasn't really fond of it when we let him tried it on coz it's kinda thick to wear outside of the pool. But I think he'll like it in the pool lah.

Last post I said I'll be doing special posts to commemorate his birthday but I didn't manage to. This one was supposed to be one of it but I've dragged it till now. Like I always say, better late than never kan? As for other posts I've drafted, I'll try to post it up ASAP...hopefully before he turns two lah. If too late, it'll just be another throwback post lah hehe.

That's all for today yo. I've been MIA for quite some time. Not sure if anyone realizes lol. It's my busiest period right now with replacements and exam preparation. It'll all end in mid July but I think for now I could juggle with coming here to blog once in awhile. I try to draft a few posts and schedule some when I'm free. So that's why there are still posts while I'm busy. I think I'll be doing one or two posts this week while I'm free lah. At least you guys will have some stuff to read in these few weeks.

I'll see you guys in the next post which I hope to be up in a few days. It'll probably be a short one coz that's what I'll be able to draft for now.

See you guys then...