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Project Pan 2018 Update #2

It's been awhile since I last updated on my Project Pan. I was thinking to do it every month but sometimes I just ain't got the time. I'll try to update whenever I remember alright?

Introduction post is *here* while the one update is over *here* for those who are interested to find out what I'm doing.

On the last update, I'm at 14 products but this time round I'm gonna add a couple more into the project coz I've hit pan on a few other products. I think at this point I might actually accumulate 18 products to finish by 2018.

Now let's get into the update.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup

This time's progress is unexpected going strong. Well, to be fair, it was two months worth of usage. So obviously there is more difference than before. But there was a time I was using this foundation almost every day. That explains why lah. I'm hopeful this will be gone by the end of the year.

As the weather gets a little hotter, I'll be using this less. I prefer to use only concealer or cushions during the super hot season. But I'll try to use at least once or twice lah.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

During the last update I couldn't find a place to mark my progress coz the concealer didn't settle properly. Thank God this time I could.

Used quite a lot of the product as well. I think it'll consistently progress coz I've been using this concealer very often...especially when I workout coz it's waterproof.

Looking forward to finish this by the end of the year.

Essence Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder

Last update

This month

I think getting this halfway done will not be a problem for sure 👍

Recently I've not used this as much to contour my nose but I think I'm gonna go back to this coz the rest of the products that I've been using is too harsh to my liking.

The Balm Don't You Want Me Blush

Last update

This month

Gonna finish this in a month or two I think? 🎉🎉🎉

Catrice Highlighting Powder

Last update

This month

Hopeful that I'll be able to finish half at the end of the year 😊

Elianto Eyeshadow

Last update

This month

Not sure if you guys can see it but I'm about to finish about half of the whole thing. Great progress but I'm still not sure if I'll be able to finish the whole pan by end of the year. I'll try my very best lah.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner

This is taking tooooooooo long.

I'm thinking to roll it over if I really can't finish it this year.

NYX Lush Lashes Mascara

Still no idea how much product is left. I'll just continue to dig out product till it does nothing to my lashes. Pretty sure this one is finishing soon tho.

Benefit Browings

Last update

This month

The brow wax is about to finish but I'm not sure how long it'll take. I've finished a lot of my other eyebrow products so I've been focusing on this. I think because of that, this brow wax will be done real soon lah *fingers crossed*

Still trying to pan the brow powder but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. Maybe I'll have to roll the brow powder till next year?

Dollywink Eyebrow Powder

Last update

This month

I thought I was going to finish it by this update but I didn't 😞 

There is really not much left but I guess you just use very little product each time. That's why it's taking longer than expected.

I'm giving it till August. I'm pretty sure it'll be done by then.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Puppy Love

Last update

This month

Finally some progress!!!!!

I am 100% sure that I won't be able to finish it this year. Should have just set my goal as finish half lah. I guess that's what I'm gonna do lah. I'm just gonna change my goal to finish half.

Recently I've been using this quite a lot coz I love it as my inner corners highlight. It is also perfect to do an ombre look that I'm loving right now.

I should probably do a post about how I've been using my products in my every day makeup and also how I've been using the products in order to finish it fast. I'll try to think about how to present it and post it when I've thought about it.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Expecting to say bubbye to this soon. Woot woot~~~~

The Balm Allegro eyeshadow

Last update

This month

I don't think it will be difficult at all to hit half pan by the end of the year. I might even finish more than half coz I seriously use this every single day.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Last update

This month

This is progressing very well. I think hitting half pan won't be a problem at all 💪

Now on to all the new products that I'll be adding starting from this point on...

The Balm Iron Maid-in Eyeshadow

 Sorry this pic is so blur. I didn't realize it is this blur till I upload it 😞

Anyways this is another eyeshadow from my The Balm Balm Jovi palette that I've kept. I didn't bin it coz I kinda like the eye shadow.

I've been using it as a inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight almost every day. So when I hit pan, the pan got bigger super fast over the three months that I've not been updated on my Project Pan. My goal for this is to finish at least half. It's doable lah in my opinion coz I still have like half a year kan?

Essence Single Eyeshadow

I have no idea what's the name of the shade coz I depotted it from its original casing

I use this eyeshadow for all over eyelids and under eyelids as well. It took me quite some time to hit pan tbh so I'm not sure if I'll be able to have much progress for the rest of the year. So I'm giving it a small goal which is emptying about 1/4 of the eyeshadow.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks in Birthday Suit

Bought this coz I wanna try out Colourpop's Super Shock Cheeks. I'm not the biggest fan of cream blushes but I thought this might change my mind. Well, it didn't lol. I'm not sure if I'm not a fan of the formula of the shade or the shade or both. I just wanna finish this and bin it ASAP.

For something that I didn't like, I've actually hit pan on this quite fast. I'm quite surprised tbh. My goal is to finish half. Might bin it if I really hate it by the end of the year. But I don't wanna waste the product. So we'll see how we go along.

That's all for this update. Up to this point, I have 17 products (one more to hit 18 products!!!) to empty. I think I'm going on strong with my project, don't you think so? Really hope to finish something soon. I still have another six months to hit my goals. Really need to work harder 💪

As for finishing RM500 amount of products, it is not going on very well coz I've not finished any products recently...which explains why there's no Empties post recently. Maybe I should have set RM300 instead? I'll still continue to try to hit the goal lah. See how I'll do by the end of the year.

Alright I'll update again next month. See you guys then.