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Throwback Thursday: Nana's birthday

Better post this up before Nana's birthday this year happens lol.

We made a bad decision to pick Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Nana's birthday coz the food were terrible and overpriced. Only nice thing would probably be the blue cheese dip in the first pic wtf.

We surprised her with a cake

We didn't tell her that the dinner was to celebrate her birthday. Just a normal gathering...which is something we try to do every month.


After the simple celebration, we stayed back to listen to the band for awhile

The band was really good. The lead male singer came (Coz he helped us sing the birthday song, he knew it was Nana's birthday. So he came to wish her) and spoke to us. He told us that they are from the Philippines and had been performing around Melaka for over 10 years. Super experienced d. I think I've heard them performed years back in Pure Bar (closed down now lol) and liked their performance back then as well.

Oh my~ my short hair and curly bangs back then is just 🙅

Aren't you glad there are posts coming out so frequently? But this will probably stop when I've finished clearing my photos in the phone. So enjoy it while it lasts wtf.

I still have a few posts that I put up monthly that I haven't gone into like empties and project pan. I'll try to take pics of those and post it up within these few weeks. Really need to do check how I've been doing with my Project Pan. Seems like progress is extremely slow.

Alright that's all for today. I'll see you guys in the next one...hopefully in a few days.

Bubbye for now 😘