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Throwback Thursday: Siew Tin's Wedding

Siew Tin celebrated her first wedding anniversary last month. If Siew Tin ever finds this post, I'm sorry babe hahaha. Your friend is known for posting up stuff real years sort of late hahaha.

The wedding was just a few weeks after my confinement. I could hardly fit into any clothes so I had to wear like some shapeless dress. But the great thing was my makeup was still on point and I had lovely boobs wtf.

Look at Zyon at 2 months. He looks so round and tiny hehehe

Mum still has a full head of black hair back then. She refused to dye her hair anymore after becoming a grandmother. She said she'll look cooler with grey hair...which is quite true tbh.


This pic is so funny coz everyone is happily smiling but Zyon is crying. Poor dude wanted to have milk when the photographer came over to take the pic.

The girls with Siew Tin

Siew Ling was pregnant back then. So shy to show her bump back then hehe

Alright that's all for today's short throwback Thursday post.

I've been pretty consistent with my throwbacks that I'm proud of myself. Maybe I should try to be consistent with my photo dump as well. But it'll probably take some time before I get that consistent lah. For now let's be glad that this is consistent.

Ok I'll see you guys in the next one...which is coming out in a few days I hope *fingers crossed*

Bubbye for now 😘