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Here comes Part 2

After eating our brunch at the Chop Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball shop, we started our 'walking' journey of our Malacca trip.

At Jonker Street:
This statue stood outside of the souvenir/antique store at the foot of Jonker Street. I've seen many shows on traveling on the TV and a lot of the hosts took photos with this statue. So I decided that I would too.

I don't know what I was thinking when I pose for this photo (the one on the left). Funny betul my face.

Li Shan and Esther didn't dare to take photo with the statue alone. Very scary meh? They only dare to take it together. Haha! Scary cats...

A cafe:

Malacca's Baba Nyonya's homes are very highly decorated. Like this one above...wonder how long they take to paint their walls. It's so colorful plus all the tiny details.

I would love to have my house painted like that but...I would never do it myself. Haha!

Jonker street is filled with shops selling antiques.
Here are a few antiques we saw along the street:

Is he someone you know???

Here's another shop selling chicken rice ball.

This shop is quite famous in Malacca too. It has many branches all over Malacca but like I said before, it was not as good as Chop Chung Wah.

Actually I would not recommend that u guys go walking round Jonker Street in the morning. It's damn hot and not for those who are afraid of getting dark. If u wanna go there but not in the morning when the sun is blaring, I would recommend u to go to Jonker Street at night. It's almost the same. With most of the shops closed but they will have stalls like pasar malam almost the same stuff they sell in the morning.

Pretty obvious we are mother and daughter... check out our sexy asses...WOO-HOO!!!

Nobody whistled at me lah actually...Haha!

Too free...Haha!

I wanted Li Shan to take me looking like I was drinking the water from the fountain. But her skill...sigh~ tak sampai standard lah. So tak jadi.

What made Li Shan go "Oooohhhh~" ?

This shop's chendol was really good. I had not tried it before but after this visit...I agreed to that Malacca's official website saying that this shop's chendol is the best in Malacca.

Actually I don't like Chendol. Coz I hate looking at chendol. It looked like nose poo. Don't u think??? Geli rite?

This shop is very authentique o~

Check out the walls behind me and Esther...
and this...
The tauke must have a thing for collecting coca-cola's collectibles. The whole shop is filled with them.

And this shop is a museum by itself with all the rare antiques...
Ever had this type of tabung? I had leh... but tak tau hilang mana d.

Long lost relatives?

The weather was so hot we had to buy a mini fan...
left: Us showing off our mini fansright: My broken mini fan.

Esther broke her mini fan a few minutes after buying it. Ish ish ish~ mine at least reach home baru break. Li Shan’s fan was the only one left by the end of the day... LAST ONE STANDING!!!

Outside the hokkien association building.

None of us were hokkien. But see the dragon nie must take photo.

The end of the 'walking' journey...and this river welcome us:
Could u believe that Jane told Li Shan and Esther that Malacca River is very beautiful? Tell me where's the beauty, babe?

And check out what's in the river:
I don't even know whether its fish or worm...eww~~~~

Jane...Jane... I think u got a bit blind lah...where got beautiful neh?

That's part 2. Tomorrow shall continue with part 3 k? Thanks for ya all's patience.hehe!