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Technology Park Malaysia Academy and Bukit Tinggi in one day

This day on 4th of June, two of my best mates from my childhood had finally leave Melaka and join me and my dear sin ren at kl to continue their studies. Well, dear friends, I've only got one thing to say to ya all... 'CONGRATULATIONS!!!!'

Haha! Tell me? Who don't want to leave? Not that I hate melaka. But let's face it. Getting out of there means goodbye controlling parents and hello freedom. It's the truth ain't it? If not, tell me why do you wanna leave your hometown and spend all this load of money when u can eat and sleep at home and find a local college to continue your studies?

Anyways, here are my good ol buddies...Tze Hong
He he...I dun mean kl to be hell but ah hong's mum always tell him that kl is very dangerous and is a hell for naif guy like himself. Haha!!

...and Chong Yang. 
Tze Hong @ Ah Hong is my dear brother who is coincidently just one day elder than me. His family and mine are very close. And therefore, he asked me to send him off to his college. (yes, he’s the weird one who wants me to send him off to kl. Ain't he the weirdest thing in the world?) so I ikut jer lah. Actually I went to kl in the hope that Ah Hong's mum, auntie yeow hoe, would bring me shopping, which she did plan to, or anywhere to 'pou'. Haha! But good also lah. Can see other people's college. Or not I only get know how my UM look like only. Others all dunno. (i don't even know how UTAR PJ look like)

So I woke up at 6.30am. and auntie yeow hoe drove us from melaka at 7.20am and reached kl at about 9am. We have to get there so early coz ah Hong got orientation at 9.30am.

On the way to kl, in the car...
We had sugar-coated bread for breakfast.
I already had my breakfast back at home. But my dear 'ol brother, yuyu chan forced me to eat the bread with him. and so I was forced to stuff it down my already damn full stomach.

In case u guys r wondering (which I dun think u guys are...), the hand in the photo on the left with pink nail polish is obviously mine and the one on the right, looking a bit fat there is my bro’s fingers. Haha!!!

My 'kena-force' face while eating the bread.

Yuyu's 'muka sial' face while eating the bread
Anyone is up to guessing my brother's age? Try guessing lah. Those who already know no need to guess lah.

Damn metro sexual man him until its so mengelikan. He said tht he won't shave coz it'll make the part above his lips punya pores grow damn big. He doesn't like it. I'm like HELLO!!! U R A GUY!!!! NOBODY'S GONNA CARE HOW YOUR PORES GROW ON YOUR LIPS!!!!
You know what birthday present he asked for last year??? A facial massager!!! Gosh! I wonder if he's gay. Haha! The reason I mati-mati keji him coz I know he won't read the blog. Haha!

Reaching ah hong's college...
Yeap! That's ah hong and chong yang's college's name

Any idea where it's at? It's at Bukit Jalil lah. Near the 'Kompleks Sukan Negara' and is just a few blocks away from Astro's office. Erm~ actually Astro's office is in TPM lah.

Anyways, ah hong is taking a diploma in E&E while Chong Yang @ Yang Yang is taking a degree in biotech.

Yuyu thought I was sleeping and took this pic of me.

Stupid betul... I was just relaxing a bit and closed my eyes.

The damn college was so huge. I think I might get lost if I walk around. Plus there's so many security locked doors. I'm not the student so I can't access to most of the doors. So I sat down and relaxed lah. Terkejut yuyu when I open my eyes. Haha!

He was the one who doze off for real while waiting for the mothers to settle the unfinished shit at the college's administrator. Haha!

After a couple of hours waiting for ah hong and yang yang's mothers to settle the administrating shit, we finally could go to our next destination. But before that, we had lunch. Didn't take many photos except for one coz we were rushing to leave and it's...

Auntie yeow hoe eating her lunch...haha!

The next destination we were headed to was Bukit Tinggi. We planned to go to the latest tourist attraction there which was the Colmar Tropicale and Japanese tea village. Not for a holiday or what. We're not even staying there. Just to survey the place. We were even warned by Uncle Gue not to spend any unnecessary money there. (err~ like what unnecessary money, uncle? Care to give example?)

On the way there, in auntie yeow hoe's car again...
You will realize that most of the photos from here onwards u will see my dear bro wearing a cap. Wonder why? coz he met with an accident month ago to be precised. It left him with a permanent scar on the right side of his eye and he also lost a small portion of his eyebrow. So...u know lah he very 'ai mei' rite? So gotta hide tht scar this way lah. Aiyo~ nobody can really see it right? Erm~ sure cannot lah coz he cover with the cap. Haha!

NOTE: Sorry, u guys can't see Yuyu’s face properly. You know lah my camera phone's quality not that good lor.

I think the cap looked better on me. Don't you think??? Haha!

We reached Colmar Tropicale after a couple of twist-and-turns round some jungles and hills. And even getting lost in some place which is called Bukit Tinggi Village.

The fee for Colmar Tropicale, Japanese tea village and Bunny Park is RM16 altogether. Damn expensive ballz!!! I don't find the visit worth that much of money lor...even though the place is a good place to take photos.

Photos took at Colmar Tropicale:

The ciplak rendition of European buildings:

Look at the window pane...its heart-shaped!!!! Damn cute!!!


I'm at Europe...would u believe me? Haha!

I looked damn fat rite? Must be bloating with water from my midnight-water-drinking habit. And my eyes macam tak bukak kan?

Taken from the watch tower...
Check out the roof!!! It has flower patterns on it. Can u see it?
The peaceful town of Colmar Tropicale

the so-called 'Town Square': (haha! What I silly is as oppose to 'City Square' or 'Times Square' maybe? Haha!)
A horse carriage without a horse…

Guess what? No sitting on it... (how to take photo like that, tell me?)
I looked like I was a horseback riding fella with what I wore rite? Haha! Yuyu told me so

Don't ask me why I'm alwiz wearing that pair of short pants. I'm poor ok? So I only got a miserable pair of short pants which I can wear go 'gai-gai'. So quit with the caci-ings like…"why u keep wearing tht same pants arh?", "why u keep wearing that same cheerleaders' skirt arh?", "why u only wear that t-shirt arh?"...I'M POOR!!! Get it??? Damn frustrating man...brainless poo brains. No better question to ask arh? I hate all this fucked up people when they ask me these brain-less questions. So stop asking if you still consider yourself my friend.

NOTE: I wanna get a new bag!!! I'm sick of my hot pink bag~

Anyways...enough of anger and back to the photos...
Yuyu and Auntie Yeow Hao

see lah how stupid yuyu looked with the cap!!! Spoil the pic nie...


In one of the hotels in Colmar Tropicale:
Yuyu found his long lost brother after his reunion with me...haha!

A spastic photo with yuyu's long lost brother.

Sorry for the bad lighting. Sigh~ people who don't have a camera have to use their lousy camera phone to take photos and hence the lousy quality photos.
More photos taken with the knight in the not so shiny armor.

My eyes looked damn big but my eye bags are so obvious!!! Benci betul!!!

Yuyu asked me why those the armor suit has that part (the one I pointed with the arrow). I was like: "this fella trying to act funny ker betul-betul tak tau". I snapped at him: "for him to pee lah. Takkan he wan to remove the whole suit then go toilet rite?" Then he made a disgusted face and said: "eee~ so geli..."
One of the few beautiful paintings at the hotel.

Then we moved on to the next destination. We were supposed to go Japanese tea village first. But we couldn't drive our car up the very steep slope. So the workers at colmar asked us to wait for the ride they provided for us. And while waiting for the ride we could enjoy the show at the town central.

We wait and wait and wait and...I don't know how long we waited for both the show to get started and the 'so-called' train to come but it never arrived.

We couldn't wait any longer coz we had to get back to TPM to help Ah Hong and Ah Yang move into their hostel after their orientation. So we left Colmar and went to Bunny Park.
I dunno why Bunny Park got donkey but this donkey is darn cute. It kept showing us its teeth. Haha! Like doing Colgate's commercial pulak. Haha!
Look! We saw Bambi as well!!!

So lazy the fella... just lying down nie. We tried calling the fella to come to us but the fella just stood up then walk around macam tunjuk saying: "I know u want me...but I'm gonna play hard to get". Haha! My imagination memang tak leh tanding.
Finally, we got to lure it over….with a piece of leaf we found near by.

The deer behind of this 'Bambi' is a full-grown male deer. We tried to lure it as well but he's lagi 'chuan'. Langsung never turn and look at us.
Bambi looking at yuyu.

Probably waiting for him to feed it. Coz both KayLyn (Yang Yang's sister) and I had fed it but he didn't. People takut kotor... Dun dare to pick up leaves on the floor. HELLO!!! THERE'S SOMETHING CALL WASH HAND RITE? BODOH!!!

The cute lil rabbits at bunny park...
The three of us (KayLyn, yuyu and i) ran around Bunny Park like orang gila trying to carry these cute lil rabbits. But these cute lil fluff balls memang are fast hoppers man. Do u know how embarrassing it was for us the three lil adults running around while the others are just little kiddos? Talking bout tak-tau-malu-ness. Haha! But it was kinda fun. Only KayLyn succeed in carrying the rabbits. Yuyu n I...err~ lousy lah...haha!

We left Bukit Tinggi after Bunny Park. Sigh~ really felt so wasted for not going to the Japanese tea village. Must be darn beautiful over there (judging from the brochure). U can rent their kimonos for RM20 per half an hour. A bit expensive but for me...I just wanna try wearing one lah. I wore kimono once at high school but I didn't wear it the right way and the one I wore was for married woman (don't ask why I wore I married woman's kimono k? its all thanks to mummy's lunatic friend).

On the way back to TPM. We doze off after this photo...

All of us slept all the way from Bukit tinggi till kl. Err~ all 'cept the driver lah. Haha! But I woke up before the other kiddos and...

Haha! My phone was safely in my bag so yuyu couldn't take it from me to take my ugly sleeping look.

A lame joke for my dear readers:
Q: Why did KayLyn wore her specs to sleep?A: To see better in her dreams.

And it's so obvious that Yuyu's scar was not visible rite? Dunno what is he so worried bout. The man even thought of cosmetic surgery to make the scar look less visible. WTH???

After helping Ah Hong and Yang Yang movin' into their hostel, we went for dinner.

I didn't take any photos of the hostel but let me tell u...its way better than UM's hostel or MC. Dunno why lah I forget to take photos. Wasted!!!!

While waiting for our food to come:
Very exhausted looking Ah Hong and Yang Yang and yuyu's hand holding KayLyn's camera.

Uncle and Auntie Gue (Yang Yang's parents) just looking while Auntie Yeow Hoe order our dinner.

NOTE: I dunno what was the name of the restaurant coz we were in a few of other restaurants before this and only this one got seats for the 8 of us. So I got confused which restaurant was which.

Auntie Yeow Hoe and KayLyn.

I know u got big eyes, Yuyu ang...I also got ok?

Kaylyn and I

Gosh! I looked horrible. My dark circles and eye bags made me looking like some haggard old woman.

Yu chan and shin chan, da Filipinos...haha!

Food time:

  My personal favorite of all-time...fried sotong.

Another of my favorite...'nga pou tau fu'
The soup's a bit too salty for my liking. But I drank two bowls after losing 'paper scissors stone' to me bro.

Really nice lemon chicken

After the dinner, we fetch Ah Hong and Yang Yang back to their hostel and return to melaka. By tht time my phone was already out of battery. So no more photos...

On the way back, I didn't sleep coz I was helping auntie yeow hoe to jaga the traffic while she drives. Yuyu pulak snatched my soft pillow away from me and slept the whole way from kl to melaka. Good also lah. Coz if he is awake we'll be laughing our way back.

It was a fun day. But I kena tummy upset after returning to melaka coz we ate too much and I didn't go to the toilet to finish some business. Kesian rite?

That's all bout the KL-Bukit tinggi-KL trip. It was a short trip but was really fun.

K lah. Bye for now and tomorrow I'll continue bout the melaka trip...