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Happy Birthday!!!

Hey dear brother, don't know whether you got my message or not on friendster...
Here's a little something for you...
I don't know what nostalgic message to type to you lah. Coz.... I also dunno why. Like got nothing to say nie.

I do miss you like everybody else did back at church. But unlike them, I didn't think you would come back and visit us. Coz I expected you being a 'shoi zai' d lah. Haha!

'Mummy' missed you too. And hope to see you again. But I told her that you wouldn't come back d lah. And I guess she gave up hope already d lah. Coz its already one year pass since you've been gone. *Kelly Clarkson's 'Since You've Been Gone' plays in the back ground* But I do hope that you had wonderful memories with us here back at GPMelaka and also with my family. Remember just as we always remember you.

And take good care of your girlfriend arh... don't let her run off again.

Man! I feel like an old woman giving all these advices.

Best wishes for your birthday...

Take care, muaks muaks (he's the only man other than Sin Ren that can get these two words in all the messages I send)

NOTE: I suddenly remembered that you once called me 'do-ra-ka-sut' and please remind me to whack you if we ever meet again!!!