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random post & some good news

Today mama didn't go to work and so we went to Jusco together. We had brunch at Sushi King, spending RM30++ there. Huhu! Don't tell my dad...he's gonna blow up.

I want to look at the different types of sushi they have at Sushi King. So that the next time when I'm doing another sushi party I could steal some ideas from there.

Mama and I had udon. The soup they made had a very strong bonito flakes taste in them. Wonder how much bonito flakes they put in the soup stock. I'm so gonna buy the sweet beancurd skin the next time. It made the soup damn sweet.

Gosh! I think I'm totally obsessed with making Japanese food. I had printed so many recipes. Gonna try them all before going back to uni.

Mama went to the supermarket while I went to Popular bookstores. i was looking for J. S. Bach's Prelude & Fugue CD. I had that CD... but i forgot whether bitch C-ass gave my CD back or not. That bitch ass had always been like that. Lending stuff from people and never returning them back. Damn pissed! All she knew was trying to be a fucked up bitch ass famous model. Well, GOOD LUCK, bitch!!! I'll be waiting for that day to happen...

Actually, I shouldn't accuse her lah. Coz I wasn't sure whether I misplace it somewhere ker she borrow and tak pulang.


Anyways, there's no Prelude & Fugue CD there. But I did saw Vivaldi's Four Seasons CD. Wanted to buy it till I realized that my purse was with mama. Damn! But kinda think of it... my purse is empty anyways. I banked in all my money into my bank account so that I wouldn't use it. (I'm saving money to buy a digital camera...)Sigh~

Then I went to FOS. And started to grab clothes to try. (I told you I can't get to FOS...I'll go crazy)

I grabbed 5 items and went to try...
I like the length of this tube dress. I think I don't have any dress at this length. But I don't really like the colour of the dress. Plus I can't find any matching shoes or accessories to with it.

I love polo shirts!!! Especially when its PINK. BTW, the brand's logo is a pelican. Haha! Damn kelakar.

I'm definitely gonna get this tube top. But I'm not sure whether to get it in black or navy blue.

my smile damn weird in the photo!!!

I don't like the skirt 'tho. Hate the colour and the lame design. But the tak sangka thing was... I could wear a size happy can?

After losing my jacket (I know...I'm damn careless), I'm trying to get another one to replace it. Studio 1's air-con macam snowing sial! No jacket sure freeze ah! The orange jacket I brought from Harajuku damn useless. Not thick enough lor.

I fell in love with this at FOS...
Damn cun rite? Its THE real Tommy Hilfiger, just kena kick out as factory outlet nie. And its damn thick can? If wanna go to Iceland pun boleh wear I think...
I so love this shade of red for the moment. Going crazy... AAAAHHHH!!!
Mama agreed to buy it. But she asked me to search for some other ones before buying this one.
Anyways, I have some good news. Just as I'm about to rot at home, my ex-employer called me. She asked me whether I could go over to Nobel (the place I used to work) and helped for two weeks. I quickly agreed sial. I agreed so quickly that I forgot to ask how much are they going pay me.
I'm not that into money lah. I just wanna go there and see the kids nie lor. But since I'm saving money for that new digital camera...terpaksa lah materialistic a bit. Haha!!!
I'm gonna start working tomorrow. Yay! Yay! Can go out of the house d. Damn happy.
Haha! Call me lame but I really wanna get out the house can? Damn bored d. Cannot take it anymore.
The second good news is... I had some problems; something to do with my health. I don't feel like disclosing what it was. But today I found out that nothing is wrong with me and I'm very healthy. Praise the Lord...
The last good news is...
Sin Ren cut his hair!!!
I prefer him having short hair mah... so he cut hair d, I pun happy lah. Haha!!!

I'll get his new hairstyle's photos as soon as possible!!!! That is when he gets back to Melaka lah!
Ok lah. That's all for today.