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Part 3

On going with part 3. I know, I know... this is taking forever. But aiyo~ at least got topic to blog about rite? No topic then no update. Boring rite? So do bear with me. It will end soon... I promise.

Alah~ take it as watching drama lor. Got different episodes mah rite? And like every drama sure got last episode one mah~ it will come to an end one.

Ok, ok. Cut the crap and continue with Part 3.

After going to Jonker Street and having the refreshingly good Chendol, we decided its time to something serious. Real serious.

And what is that u ask???


Yes. Shopping is real serious k? 'Dun pray pray'. Like what Li Shan said, shopping is women's war. Haha! Actually shopping is war when it's at sales lah.

We went to Dataran Pahlawan mega mall, which is the latest shopping mall in Malacca.

Well, just to let u guys know, Dataran Pahlawan used to be a field, where school kids go there to play football and stuff. And it was the very same place our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, announced to everyone that our country was going to be independent. How memorable that place is!!!

I like DP mega mall but I just don't get it why they must build a shopping mall on such a memorable place? What will happen to our children when they read in their History textbooks about Tunku Abdul Rahman announcing about Merdeka Day at Dataran Pahlawan, and they go: "Huh? Tunku Abdul Rahman announced independence at a shopping mall?". How misleading that can be?

So, like I always said bout the government, use lah your brains a bit. Why call our state the 'Historical State' when you just demolish such a historical landmark to build something for your retail therapy? No other land in Malacca meh?

Anyways...enough bout those stupid complains coz it'll never work. Malaysian government will never listen.

At DP mega mall, we went straight to Padini Concept store. I really don't know what will happen to my world if there's no Padini Concept. Where will I buy all my shoes???

Ok, enough drama.

Esther saw this thing which erm~ sort of looked like a pajamas but its kind of transparent looking. Erm~ it's a top lah. I don't like it but she does 'tho. And it looked something like this...
Yes, it's P & Co.

Erm~ I can't show u the front view coz it will show Esther's bra. Haha! I told u it was transparent lor.

For this piece of erm~ I don't know what to call it, it's about RM80+. Would u believe it? It's just a piece of transparent cloth lor. So expensive for what????

Esther thought it was expensive as well. So she asked Li Shan to take the photos of this erm~ top. Then she'll take the photos back to Langkap and ask her mum to sew it. Haha! Clever betul Esther nie. Like that one cent also she no need to pay lor rite? Hehe~ why lah my mummy don't know how to sew stuff?? Or else I could have all types of beautiful baju without having to buy them. Hehe~

I was too bored while waiting for them

Hehe~ don't ask why are we all in the same changing room. It's a girl thing. Haha!

A cacat group photo all thanks to Esther who is always out of the situation

Thank God the second one turned out great

After that we went FOS, another store that not only I can't live without, the rest of muah gang at UM couldn't either. We are huge FOS addict. I don't know why. Everywhere we go if we see FOS nie will terus masuk nie. Like kena possessed. Haha!

Upon reaching FOS, Esther had some unfinished business that she had to do at the toilet. Haha!

So both Li Shan and I waited for her.
We seriously got too bored

After when she finally came back from her business (huhuhu), we went to try out the outfits we chose.
The ones I chose

But unfortunately I didn't buy any of those. Coz the top one (blue and black stripes) was too big(size M, I wear a S) and a bit too revealing, and the one below...err~ its not exactly snowing in Malaysia so why wear until like that rite? But I really liked that turtle-neck top. I just don't know why.
The ones Li Shan tried

Li Shan bought the one at the top. Nice rite?

We told her that the one at the bottom made her looking like some weird auntie x tomboy wannabe. Haha!

Esther did not take what she tried coz she's not the camwhoring type like me and Li Shan. But I could tell you that she tried the same turtle-neck I tried and another light blue top which she bought. You will see her wearing it in other posts lah coz she wore it on the next day she bought it.
Another group photo...

Tu...that's the one Esther bought (she's wearing it). Fuiyo! Can see cleavage say!!! Haha!

There's a very famous fountain/pond at Dataran Pahlawan. Everyone who came here, MUST take photos here...I's a MUST!!! 
Esther and I taking photo at that fountain

Li Shan and Esther's turn

After walking round DP for quite awhile, we went over to another shopping mall just across the road from DP...Mahkota Parade.

Nothing much to shop round MP coz the shops at MP is almost the same with DP. So we went to Secret Recipes to have a short tea break.

Me and my forever-not-in-place hair…bah!!!

Esther and Li Shan's cake

I don't know which is chocolate indulgence and which is chocolate chip. They looked so the same anyways.
My apple crumble cheese

Sedap betul...I had not tried it before this. It was really good. The brown stuff at the bottom are apples. Sedap lah. Aiyo~ tak leh tahan... I feel like eating it NOW!!!
Another photo of the chocolate cakes

Us doing cake selling commercials: 

Ok, that's the end of part 3.

Part 4 coming up tomorrow.

That's all for now.