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Another person turning 21...

She is the girl who ran into 6 Biru while stepping on everyone's chair to get to the empty seat in front of me.

She is the girl who snapped at me whenever I speak Chinese to my friends in class.

She is the girl who I didn't dare to snap at even though I was so irritated that she and the girl sitting beside me kept speaking Tamil coz I thought she was really fierce in standard 6.

She is the girl who shouts at chinese girls who pissed her off, "Ni ma ma mei you nei" (Your mother got no breast).

She is the girl who starts and ends her sentence with a whole bundle of vulgar words.

She is the girl who got me started scolding my first 'fuck' coz she influenced the whole gang so much.

She is the girl who thought of a name as kolot as Kongsi Gelap Troop for our gang although she's such classy type of human (as she said lah...Hahahahaah~)

She is the girl who corrects our English everytime we speak English like some Cina or Keling Estate. (Now no one corrects wonder my English sucks like hell!!!)

She is the girl who talks very loudly during recess that the whole canteen was filled with her voice. (Ok, this is a lie. Its impossible for her to talk so loud. Its actually the combination of all KGT's voices...haha~)

She is the girl who fights for us and always on our side without considering whether are we in the wrong or not.

She is the girl who tore her pants while dancing outside her class during dance practice (Wahahahahahaha~ there. I revealed the long kept secret.....)

She is the girl who memorized the whole karangan book before going for the Karangan paper during SPM.

She is the poor little girl who got scolded 'Stupid' by Mrs Chee (bai...lolz~) coz her dad blocked her from driving into her parking lot.

She is the girl who had the principal on her back all the time coz they were such close friends.

She is the girl who comes back and joins us in our group gatherings once in a very blue moon. (I could count the times, man!!!)

She is the girl who confuses most of our boyfriends' name except for mine. (Wahahahahahahahah~)

She is the girl who left for Tasmania without telling us and only revealed it when Puff called to chat.

She is the girl who is the real definition of "Hitam manis" coz she's so hitam but yet so manis (ok, ok and extremely sexy... Happy?)

She is the girl who never fails to tell us off even she knows that we wouldn't like it at all.

She is the bitch who everyone hates but secretly hopes that is their best friend.

She is the bitch whom I love so much eventhough she pisses me off sometimes during high school.

She is this girl...
...whom I circled with the red circle.

The mighty Kongsi Gelap Troop...all 13 of us. Can you spot me???

She is the girl who blossomed into this... the age of 21

She is the girl who is gonna celebrate her glorious 21st birthday today.

Love love love...

Terharu not??? Hehehe~~~ Miss me not??? Come back and visit us lah... you bitch!!!

We love you lots but please....
...throw away those ugly monster boots!!! They are killing me!!!

P/S: please excuse me for stealing your photos from Friendster coz I don't have one shit of your photos except for the group photo... Wahahahahahahahaha~

P/P/S:Those who didn't get touched reading this post is inhuman!!!