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Camwhoring moments

To those who missed me,

    MC is a good place to camwhore huh? The lighting and everything. Plus I have a not bad camera lah... Haha! Must give credits to my camera one or else when it gets angry and don't work properly mati I.

Anyways, I can't blog with photos even though I have so much photos in hand. Coz the line here (I'm back at hometown BTW) is like shit. So I guess I have to blog without photos lor. Then there'll be lots of grandmother stories to be heard lor.

Actually I could post photos but it will take hell long of hours bcoz of the ass line. Plus the photos can't be edited coz I have no Photoshop in my desktop or any other photo editor. Actually I had one but I accidentally deleted it when I thought it was useless last time. (yes... say it... I know you wanna say this... WTF?????) I had only one program in the computer which I only know how to add frames to the photos. And that is what I did lor to the photos above.

Aiyah~ if I had the time then I'll post the photos lah. Or else I'll wait till I get back to KL and post them up. BTWs, I'm going back there on this Sunday. Its like few days more.

There's a mixture of 'can't wait to go back' and also 'I don't feel like leaving home so soon' in me. I wanna go back coz Ren is there and I miss him like gila. And I miss my lappie... I miss the fast line... I miss the freedom... But at the same time, I wanna be at Melaka. Lazing around. Talking with Mama. Hang out with my besties and all.

Sigh~ how lah? how lah?

BTWs, Ren's birthday is coming. Headache for presents again...

K lah... gotta go. Mama's coming home. Gotta clean the house b4 she starts nagging again... HAha~

See you guys round...