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EL Sanctuary Family Outing

Back dated photos again... Hehe~ Aiyo... Don't mind lah can? My laptop memang got prob mah... Then arh... lately I think kena virus know... somebody sent me a shit file and manatau got Trojan (its a virus lah... for those who don't know). Don't know what will happen lah. Will bring it back to Melaka to get it formatted or something. Aiyo~ but if I format it hor... my photos mah all gone. Ah!!! Damn sad...

Anyways, this is a family outing organized by my church. Basically it wasn't a family outing for me coz dad didn't stay over and only mum was there. *rolls eyes* Sien lah my father... people whole family stay over. I pulak with my mother only. But thank God neney went as well lah...

Mama let neney drive our car. Sure lah happy the fella coz he memang love to drive.

What so fun about driving leh? I personally loath it. I rather sit at the passenger's seat and sleep. Haha~ But in this case I didn't lah. Coz was busy taking other people's photo and the journey wasn't far. Sleep for what right?

Hehe~ Camwhoring as usual

I guess my whole family including many of my friends already got over with me camwhoring everywhere and what ever free time. Haha~

Didn't take photos of the passengers at the back. They were shy it seems. They were mama, Wen Feng(Sinren's 2nd brother) and Auntie Gui Fang(mum's fren).

I have not been to Lendu (EL Sanctuary was there). Apparently Sinren's dad's hometown was there. Hehe~ back to the in-laws' hometown.

Lendu's kinda kampung I guess. Coz the road changed from normal tar road...

to some sort of er... kampung road lah!!!

Yay!!! Reach d~

Two lil puppies greeted us as we brought our luggage out of the car. There were many dogs but I specially love these two.

Awhile smelling (or kissing) each other asses. Then sleep in a corner together. So loving hor?

But there are times when they fight lah. Kinda scary lor. I mean seeing the puppies fight not so scary lah. But when the big dogs fight among each other kinda scary. Especially the mother of these two fighting with other dogs while trying to protect them.

This is the chalet that we stayed in. Very nice. Got the very kampung feel. But had to climd a damn long flight of steps. Damn tired can? Summore the steps so scary. Like will slip and fall anytime jer...

This is of course none other than the toilet we share among 30 people. So nice lah toilet... Got hot water shower summore. Better than my MC room. Haha~

The chalet that mum, Sinren, myself and 27 other people are for those who came without their family. Like refuge camp sial.

We slept on double-deckers which I forgot to take photo of. Haha~ just imagine summer camp sorta room lah. Filled with double-deckers and clothes hung everywhere. Hahahahhahaahah~ thank god no undies were lying around.

Actually we were supposed to separate the girls in one side and the boys on the other. But tak jadi coz the guy's side tak cukup place. Very chaotic lor... I was quite 'bu shuang' (not satisfied) coz I was supposed to sleep next to Wei wei but suddenly had to sleep with Paulie. Not that I mind to sleep next to Paulie but... hehe~ if I was to choose, I rather sleep with my bf rite?? Hahahahaha~

But mama settled everything lah. And she doesn't really mind that girls and guys mix together. Not that anything can happen right?

I end up sleeping next to Wei wei and some stupid kid who snores while Sinren slept in btween Paulie and Angeline (it should be me!!!)

I know I very lala lah... Hehe~ Kan I said before in my previous post that I'm a lala d? Hahahahahaha~

I was kinda scared of sitting on this swing. Aiyo~ don't know why dah besar panjang everything also scared. Scary cat...

I was also afraid that my weight might break the swing but after seeing this...
I rest my case....

Hahaha~ He's fatter than me and can still sit on the swing without breaking it proving that the swing is very stable lor. Haha~

After taking photos at the swing, I decided to take some modelling photos at some weighing machine

Haha~ good not?

Sinren said the second one looked like some 70s poster girl. While Jane said I looked scary when I don't smile. Haha~ what you all think???

The Lala and The Lala lover

At night after dinner, we had campfire. Gosh! It had been awhile since I've been to a campfire.

At first I was thinking that the campfire was going to be boring. Coz mostly kids mah... Kid's campfire sure like shit lah right?

The starting was really boring lah. Playing some silly games. My whole gang just sat there on the mat looking at the sky without even caring what the others were playing.

But after that, the fun began...
They had Limbo... Hahaha~ And Ah teck was the first to demo.

Ah teck, ah teck... old d don't do so geng punya exercise lah... hurt your waist then you know...

This auntie damn geng lor... She can limbo damn well. My mother also don't dare to try arh...

Some was really damn geng lor... Very low but still can get thru.

Ermm... I didn't play lor coz... erm~ I don't dare to play. Hehehehehe~

Some leh... are just plain show-off...
Banyak style but tak lepas one. Hahahahaha~

After that we could freestyle dance to songs played. Erm... actually they put 'Chilli cha-cha' lor, which is quite a popular dance in the campfire in Melaka. How bout places arh?

You guys should know how to dance 'Chilli Cha-cha' right? Got certain steps one right? I don't know what this girl is dancing lor

Like dancing hip-hop pulak dia... 'Chilli Cha-cha' got this step meh? Don't know what's her problem. Showing off through out the whole campfire.

Yes lah... You all guessed it lah. I don't like this girl lah. Got a prob with that??? Don't ask me for the reason coz I just don't like her.

My gang doing our thang

If you guys realised, in all of the photos above, you would see someone holding a torchlight shining towards us. Hahahahahaa~ actually they are trying to do disco lighting for us. Hahahahaha~ Damn lame right? What to do??? My friends mah...

Ce-wah~~~ See my mama shaking her booty. Haha~ she still got her groove. Summore dance with small boy when the husband not around. Hahahahahahahahahah~

After the campfire we had a midnight jungle trekking. To be honest, I was freaking scared but bcoz I didn't wanna show it, I was damn quiet all the way thru. Ini lah dipanggil jaga macho... HAhahahhahahahha~

Then after that we had a long chat till 3am (me and Wei wei). Didn't take any photos lor. Actually yes lah. Of yuyu and his... hehe~ I won't tell. Manatau he reads the blog. Sure kena maki one. That is the reason why I couldn't post the photos up lor...

Next morning we had praise and worship then go back to our own homes...

That's all...

But before I leave, here's two of my ugliest photo taken during the trip...
Fern and I looked like sisters hor???

Lele looked pretty ugly in the photo too huh? Hahahahha~ the prettiest is Wei wei lor... Hahahahahah~

All these ugly photos all thanks to Mr. Liow Sin Ren... Hahahahhahah~ No standard lah ney... Hahahahaha

Ok lah....