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Hairspray and my vanity case

Yesterday night Esther and I watched Hairspray. Hehe~ not at the cinemas but in our very own room. I've bought the pirated DVD very long ago. We, the three room mates said that we will watch it together for ages but the time tak ngam. But tak tau why yesterday we three decided to watch it. So just switch on Esther's lappie and watched lor.

Tapi this stupid Jane... she the one beria-ia wanna watch together but last night when we were watching she was so busy talking to her 'friend' (some should know who...) and then she had to study for her french test. So actually she didn't watch it lor.

The movie was damn nice. And the songs are damn good. (I am currently irritating everyone by singing the opening don't know the title) Basically I love the whole movie. Thinking of getting the soundtrack or something.

Go watch it, you people. You'll love it too...

John Travolta is damn hilarious. But he looked too pondan to be a mum. Haha~ He still have the groove going on. Good one too.

ZAC!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! but not as much as my boyfriend lah... Hahahahahahahaha~


I like lots of Amanda's movies. I just don't understand why she's not making it big like other actress. Maybe she doesn't strip like the others... Hmm~ does it mean clean cut is not a thing in the entertainment world???

Isk isk~ that's sad if its true...

Anyways, I've been a member of the Malaysian babes forum for a month now. Its a quite interesting forum actually. Its a place where all babes share their thoughts and their stuff bout everything under the sun. Mostly girly stuff lah of course. You guys can check it out. I have the link at the sidebar.

Men are welcome too you know. A good place to know what to get ya gf for their birthday or whatever day lah. And also where to bring them for dates and stuff like that.

So, do check it out and become a member as well.

Anyways, there's this post where the girls would post their makeup collection and that post made me saliva flow unstoppable. Serious shit k? Coz their collection is so massive. Yes, its so so massive. Its like their some make up artist or what. And what's more 'geng' its that its all of expensive brands. Like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit...etc. You get what I mean right?

I wanted to post there but seeing my own collection... damn shy lor. Haha~ Mine all cheap stuff and so little lor.

But out of boredom, I took photos of my makeup collection and decided to post it up here. Hehe~ Not to show off lah. Just to show nie... Big difference k? One is show off with an 'off' in it and the other is without the 'off'. Hahahahahahaha~

My precious little thingies...

From left to right:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow in Iris Pearl (the one in purple)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow in Aqua Pool

(ignore the pencil sharpener)

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in light brown (don't know the exact color's name)

Beauticontrol Shadow Control Creme (this is damn good to keep the eyeshadow long lasting. Without it, after one hour my eyeshadow all gone)

Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadown in Spring Tones

Estee Lauder eyeshadow in 7A (the one in light pink in front of the Maybelline Eyeshadow)

Estee Lauder eyeshadow in 32 (the one in dark brown)

I usually just use the brown colour one and the white one from the Maybelline eyeshadow. And the Beauticontrol thingy everytime I put on makeup. I basicly just eyeline my eyes lah coz I lazy wanna go see what colour would suit what I wear. Coz then I will realise that I had not enough eyeshadow and I will go get more. More money will be wasted. Back in Melaka at least I have my mum who owns more makeup compare to me. Can use her eyeshadows. Hehe~

For now I am craving for a KATE eyeshadow. Er... any one in the BK collection. Don't know exactly which one I want. Most of it depends on the price. Hahahahaah~ Cheepo sial!!!

For those who are curious on why I have so many eyeshadow samples, my aunt is a makeup artiste. Thus, all the freebies. Woo-hoo! I love my aunt!!!

The mascaras (from left):

Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara in Brown (Best purchase ever...for the moment lah...)

ZA Cutie Curl Mascara in Black

The liners (from top to bottom):
ZA EverLiner for Eyes in WT99 (its white eyeliner)

Secret Pearl Eyeliner in Brown (tak sangka Secret has good stuff too...)

KATE Super Sharp Liner in BK (long live KATE!!! BANZAI!!!)

Beauticontrol Defining Pencil in Midnight

I basically live on liners. Haha~

From left to right:

MAC LipGlass

Lipice Lipgloss

Vaseline Intensive Care (the saviour of all chapped lips... hahaha~)

Estee Lauder Crystal Pure Color in Anger Fizz

Loreal Glam Shine

Sample of Maybelline Water Shine in Mauve Berry (the small one...Got it in CLEO)

Christian Dior Lipstick in Rose

MAC Lip Pallete in Cool Lip

For left to right:

(Ignore the face blotter)

Beauticontrol Wet/Dry Finish in N-4 (smashed coz I dropped it a gazillion times...gonna get another one coz I love it a lot)

Beauticontrol Secret Agent undercover makeup in N-3

Skinfood Concealer
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua gel foundation in Natural Beige

MAC Powder Blush in Cheek

Silkygirl Silky White Lightening Pressed Powder in Deep

I just bought this recently... but I bought the wrong one. I supposed to buy the one with purple cap which is for dull skin colour. But I was so in a rush that I took the wrong one. Anyways, this is for anti-redness. Another one is white cap for white skin.

I don't know if its good lah... Coz I've just started using makeup base. Let me try a couple others and I will review the best for ya all.

Well, that's all from my vanity case... that's what I call my makeup bag at least. Haha~ Actually I do have few other things that I left 'em at Melaka. Coz sometimes I lazy wanna bring that huge bag back to Melaka (which will add up a lot to my bag's load). When I get back then I'll get the photos of those babies.

Ok, that's all.

Hmmmm... don't know why everytime near the finals nie I will blog a lot. Haha~~~ teruk teruk!!! Gotta go stick my nose in those thick paper shits...