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happy news?

Today was a day that a 'burden' was let off me after a year of being stuck onto me.

Last year, as an act of rebel (I don't think of it that way anymore 'tho), I went to Sungei Wang to re-pierce my left ear's second hole. I had it pierced when I was form 4 during a trip to KL. My friends had their nose pierced while a slightly chicken-guts me just had my second piercing on the ear. Hehe~ But I had to let the piercing close up coz the stupid fella went to pierce the hole senget. So, wanna put on an earring is a very difficult task. Anyways, Neney went with me for my re-piercing. I can't remember how pain was it back then when I had my first piercing (or the second one), but this time's piercing was damn painful. I had to squeeze Sinren's hand during the process.

After piercing the ears, knowing that my mum won't like the idea of it, I had to hide it from my mum. Well, I did it the last time and mum didn't get to know a hint about the second piercing. But don't know what is wrong that my mum found out about it real soon. And her reaction was quite... Well, straight to the point is... she was all so disappointed with me. Sigh~ don't wanna talk about it lah. Sad nie...

Anyways, to cut the long story short, the stupid studded earring got stuck and I couldn't remove the earring from my ear. Could it be God's punishment for me for piercing my ear? No matter how hard I tried I couldn't take it out. Sinren asked me to get a spanner and he would get it out for me. But I was too scared and didn't do it.

Yesterday after having my business in the toilet, I washed my hands and had a moment of admiration at myself in the toilet. Haha~ I was staring very hardly at the ugly studded earring that has been there for hell knows how long. I so wanna take it out of my ear and replace it with some nice earring.

I suddenly pull the earring's front and back real hard and.... IT FINALLY CAME OFF!!! Oh yeah! After one freaking long years it had looked so ugly on my ear, the stupid earring finally decided to leave my ear alone. Ahahahaahahhhahaahah~ The joy of it is just...

Ok, photos' time...


This is the lantern that Sinren and I shared while walking around the taman. This event was organized by our church fellas. There was eating, some riddle section (apparently its popular to do this during Mooncake Festival) and prayer session. Then we get to walk around the taman with our self-choosen lantern. And of course da prinsezz chose the pink one. Hehe~

Actually Sinren and I had a date that we never went on before we got together.

Once I said that I had not played lantern on Mooncake Festival for a very long time. And this fella who was trying to ask me out eagerly suggest that he brings me to a beach that I had not been to. Hehe~ So romantic this fella... But manatau his father needs to use the car. So he can't use it to bring me anywhere to play lantern. And that is how MR LIOW SINREN owes me a date to play lantern... Hahahahahaha~

That night was a like repay for that date lor. Although not exactly the same coz we ain't at a beach and we were not alone. Haha~

The light in the lantern

Don't know why but I felt this photo looked very romantic. I mean it has a romantic feel. HAha~
I looked to ugly to be on photos so we took a photo of our shadows. Hehe~

No introduction to who's who right? Lolz~

Poor ol' neney had to take silly photos coz I was reluctant to take any. Haha~ Actually I did lah. But all looked like shit. So deleted them all!!!

BTWs, Sinren looks like he's posing for an ad for pink lantern. So 'meriah' the smile. HAhahahaha~

Anyways, went to Romp that day to see some clothes. I was looking for some long tops. As in those which are longer than normal tees one leh... Tried two at Romp.

Nice not? I feel not that nice lah. Coz like too loose. Don't know lah. Just felt weird wearing them. Like not nice lah... Will search other place lah.

Heard that Times Square got cheap shits that looked nice. Must go check it out lah... But I think next sem nie can go lah. Coz going to be break d mah... Won't be in KL.

Man, this sem I bought lots of clothing lah. Ahaha~ suddenly like so into clothes. Sigh~ what to do... not enough clothes to wear lah. My clothes like all outdated d. NEED A NEW WARDROBE!!! Sigh~ but no money lor. So... no need lah. Just wear whatever that is there lah.

I should give thanks that I have clothes to wear and be contended with it. Isk isk isk~ stop thinking bout getting more clothes d.

Ok lah... I'm off...

See you guys in next post...