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Gang's gathering at Carry On Steamboat

We were supposed to show support and go to our School's Reunion dinner but instead... being our usual rebellious selves, we had our own reunion in other place. I know, i know... I told some of ya all that I anonymously went to couple of blogs to scold those (especially some ungrateful juniors who are still studying and some who had already left) who condemned the reunion dinner. Hey, at least I did not say ungrateful words like: "What had the school done to me that I must repay the school?". Hell man! Giving you a place to complete your high school education is not enough is it? Change school lah stupid!!!

Actually even if I didn't go, I planned to donate the money to school when I get back to Melaka. I mean its just a little thing to help the school so why not? Maybe I had no interest to show up but I do love the school and doesn't hope that it was taken away by the government. Don't know what stupid name will give to it.

Anyways, back to our gang's own gathering/reunion. Haha~ We went to Carry On Steamboat. I had not been there for two years already. Don't know bout the others. If not mistaken, we went together right?

Oh yeah... before I forgot... Those from the gang who visits this blog and doesn't leave a message or a comment is a filthy bitch. Your teeth will all drop out and your hair will grow uncureable kutu. Hahahahahahah~ Don't call me evil. Coz I damn hate it when you all come read and don't leave a line to tell me that you had been here. And that guy who is known as my godbro who sometimes read. Please, please tell me that you read my blog and that you care. Or else don't read. (Ceh wah... kuat nye. Nanti tak de pelawat baru tau)

Anyways (keep going off topic, don't know when only complete this post), Buvie fetched me from my house coz Neney didn't come back and mum didn't wanna fetch me to town. Then we waited for Liz to fetch us all to Carry On at Buvie's house.

Liz, Puff, Buvie and I reached Carry On first. Anu said she will come after going to temple, Ann said she'll be a little late while Nana was rushing back from Johor. So we decided that we should start eating while waiting for them coz hell knows when will they reach. We might starve to death before their arrival.

We were so eager to eat that when the workers haven't even start to set the table up for us, we went straight to grab food. And then throwing food into the soup and hot plate before it got hot or started boiling.

Those who attended the gathering:

Damn clever to 'jia-jia' (fake it) arh, Kelvin...

He actually knows that I am taking candid shots but the moment he saw my camera he turn away to make it look candid. Hahahahahhahaha~

I forgot to take Soon's photo. Sorry, sorry... And Anu didn't turn up at last... :(

After learning bout the fun of candid shots from many other bloggers, I decided to take many of them. Hahahahahahah~

People, don't kill me... Some photos came out quite nice apa...

Lizzie, being herself

I don't know why but Ann ate lots of mee. So nice meh? I pulak one bit pun tak touch.

Buvie's too full, I guess

Puff and Liz got angry that the smoke from the pot keep kena their face. Hahaha~ Sure get big pores one when go back. I also got kena la wei...

Our plates of food

I don't remember which was who's. It looks the same to me. Haha~ But one plate was really easy to remember and it was this...

Nana loved bacon more than anything else there. She always took the whole plate filled with bacon. Haha~ And because of her, I love bacon as well. But still not as much as her.

The soup

Our table (Liz, Puff, Buvie and myself) was tom yam (which is my favourite) while the other (Ann, Kev, Soon and Nana) table had herbal soup which I forgot to take photos of.

The hot plate with a piece of mouth-watering bacon...

We fried the food on the hot plate with it...

Its not ice cream lah, moron... Butter la wei... Everybody thought it was ice cream.

I love whatever that was fried on the hot plate. The truth was I didn't really eat anything or cook anything with the pot of soup. I just drank the soup. Most of the food was fried on the hot plate.

Very unhealthy lor... but what to do... damn tasty lah...

But when you see the aftermath of the hot plate, it scares you...
Wonder how much of the burnt foil had you consume in your mouth... Eeeee-yuck!

And the amount of oil... Eeeee~~~

Don't tell me things like: "AIyo~ you so thin... scared what lah?" Its about health not bout getting fatter!!!

We decided to go somewhere after the dinner. The few hours of eating where got enough for us? Buvie suggested to go play pool somewhere at town. Anu, who didn't appear at the dinner, asked us to go clubbing at Pure Bar. Tze Liz and I suggested chendol at Jonker Street.

Well, want to know who won the suggestion, just read on lah... Haha~
Nana didn't wanna join us after the dinner coz she said she wanna 'study for her re-sit'. Yer ker? Atau buat yang lain? Hahahahhah~

I vignetted the photo coz Kev ter-take Soon into the photo. We wanted an all-girls photo mah... So got Soon there very weird right?

Nana's face blur again... isk isk isk~

No prize for those who guessed it right. Hehe~ We went for Chendol!!!

Buvie and Ann who was in Kev's car got lost or couldn't find a parking space...something lah. They didn't join us for Chendol. So only Liz, Puff and I had the tasty Melaka special.

After chendol, we met up with the rest and went walking round Jonker. Saw Wen Zheng (Sinren's brother) who gave me a big shock at the stage area. The little fella arh... tap my back d then when I turn he rushed off behind my back. Aiyo~ Like small kid nie...

Bought a couple of things at Jonker. Will show ya all in other post soon. I bought a red beads necklace. Very retro one. Liz, Puff and I bought earrings. It was 5 for rm10. Tell me where to get offer like that? Die die also must buy lah...

After Jonker, Liz fetched Puff and I home. And in the car, my menace began...
Lizzie's nerdy face

Haha~ I took this photo while she was driving. Hahahaha~

I risked of dying while taking this photo k? What if Liz got a shock by the flash and skidded her car????


Puff trying to dig her eyes out

Me being silly

Don't know why the flash always maximized my flaws. Isk~

We tried to take photos together in the car during the traffic light's stops. But...

Failed lah of course!!!

This one can see Lizzie and I. But Puff half-faced...
This one pulak we half-faced, Puff full-faced...

Liz and I smile until so the hell nice summore...

Half succeeded coz Puff's eyes like tengah stim (horny...hahahah~) pulak.


I didn't take photo with Liz coz it was of course to dangerous to take with the driver while she's driving. Hehe~

I could have take with her during red lights but it was all wasted by taking all these...
All the failure photos we took all the way from Jonker till my house... Haha~ Yes, we are lame...

Can't wait for the next gathering when everyone is back. That will be during our uni's break I guess. But when its our break, the MMU-s will start their new sem. Why so lame one MMU? Cannot start and end holiday with us meh? Isk isk isk~ I don't care. Must see everyone!!!

Sigh~ tomorrow will be Theory's final. Gotta start to whack those books d.