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Since yesterday I have not been feeling very well.

When I woke up at 7.30am to get ready to go to church, I can feel that my head was going to burst. It was damn painful. And something was wrong with my tummy. But I didn't really bother bout it coz I was afraid if I make a big fuss out of it, I'm gonna be late and make Bee Guan (the church van's driver) wait is not that good lor.So I quickly got ready and went downstairs and waited for the van at the entrance of MC.

After waiting for like only 10 minutes, I felt very tired. My head was very very extremely painful and my legs were damn painful (I went to California Fitness the day before... too much exercise in one day I guess). I couldn't sit down on the stone nearby coz it just rained and the stone was kinda wet. So I told myself: "Never mind lah. Awhile only. Few more minutes they will be here". And that gave me a bit of a strength to hold on and stood there.

But I don't know what was wrong with the van yesterday. It came very late that day. I couldn't take it any longer. I looked around and saw that there wasn't many people around. Wearing a black top and a bohemian skirt with green peep toe pumps, I squatted right in front of the MC's entrance. Talking bout daring say!!! Haha!!!

I squatted for like a couple of minutes and I felt a bit embarrassed lah. So I stood up. But I tell you arh... squatting there was really comfortable. Haha!!! Don't know why.

Anyways, I just had a hard time waiting lah... not gonna spill everything bout how I waited and how grumpy I became. Then this post will be damn long and some people will start to complain that I am telling grandmother's story.

I went to church with a massive headache and didn't concentrate during the whole service. I am so sorry, God. I didn't mean it. I really tried to concentrate but I seriously couldn't. I wasn't sleepy and didn't fall asleep during the whole service. I just couldn't concentrate.

After church, I went back and slept. And woke up feeling much better. So I thought I was already fine lor. Manatau... when was about to have my dinner, I suddenly felt my tummy was turning upside down rite inside of me. The intestines were like dancing and twisting all together. I quickly rushed to the toilet and... u know lah what I do rite...haha!!!!

Being so stupid, after that 'large business' in the toilet, I went to eat KFC some more. Damn stupid rite? But the truth is when I was eating KFC, I was feeling fine. No pain, no nothing. So I thought I was perfectly fine lor. But after the dinner, the tummy started to fail me again. I quickly rush back to my room and started to do another 'business'.

After that 'business', I was feeling fine again. And I was able to joke and play with my fellow room mates. Then a couple of minutes later, it started again. It was on and off for a couple of times yesterday night. And I spent lots of time in the toilet that I felt that it was the most comfortable place in my room....huhu~~~

After a couple of rounds in the toilet, I started to feel not well anymore. I started to shiver and felt very very cold in my own skin. I started to wear a thick jacket and asked Esther whether she is feeling the coldness. And she said no and added that I was crazy. (see like this type of friends, you don't need enemies at all!!!!)

My room mates started to get scared when they realized that my rounds in the toilet were too regular and started to throw all types of medication at me. Esther gave me some Chinese medication and Jane took a whole plastic bag of clinic medicine and showing me which to take. Haha!!!!

I got really really sick. And started wearing layers of shirts and pants. I wanted to do some assignments but I couldn't and decided to go to sleep. Then I realised that I do not have any thick pajamas here. All shorts and sleeveless. And the only long pants I had was already sent to the laundry. So I just wore lots of pants and many layers of jackets and stuffed myself in my thick blanket. But guess what? I was still shivering.

But would you believe me if I told you that despite all this, I was still able to laugh and make jokes? Haha!!! I think my room mates were right bout me being crazy. Hahaha!!!

I couldn't go to sleep coz there were too much shivering going on. And I was still doing rounds on the toilet. Jane quickly gave me some salt...some energy salt. Coz she scared I lose all my food in my tummy during all the process in the toilet.

At last I felt asleep at don't know what time. The last thing I remembered was Jane putting on an extra blanket on me. Awwww~ so sweet of her.

I woke up at 5 something in the morning today. And ran to the toilet and did another round of 'business'. But this time I was sweating like crazy and couldn't stop wiping off sweats. I felt very very hot. And felt like sleeping with Jane on her bed (her bed was rite under the fan) but didn't coz I wouldn't wanna scare her.

This morning itself I had 3 'businesses' in the toilet. I know by then I need to see the doctor or else I would not stop it. So I called my cousin and asked whether she could bring me to a doctor. And she just said yes immediately.

I went to the doctor at Section 14. And the doctor said I had food poisoning. I was told not to have any dairy products. And the irony was I could have any types of gas drink. Weird rite??? I thought get food poisoning only need 100 plus only rite?

So now I end up here. Just woke up from my sleep and started blogging. I was given MC (not the place I live in....) so I need not show up for classes. Now I felt much better and started to feel hungry d.

Anyways, I just wanna say thank you to a couple of people who was dead worried when I was sick yesterday and today. First of all, of course, my two room mates who gave me so much medication that it stop the diarrhea for awhile. And then my mother who got so worried that she nearly wanna rush up to KL. My baby boy who was worried eventhough he had to finish his presentation's preparation. And lastly, my dear cousin, Karen who brought me to doctor and spent RM40 for nothing. So terharu... Oh yeah!!! And my dear friend, Bi Hui who cooked porridge for me. Ahhhhh~~~~

Ok lah... that's all for today. See you guys soon...