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Sleepless At Kay-elle

its already 0204.

if its a normal day...its not really late for me. but since i am supposed to go to church, i am supposed to be sleeping ages ago. or else i might sleep off at church tomoro. and tht is something bad and i had tried not to do that for a very long time and had sort of succeed.

but i can't sleep.

i am troubled. but i can't tell what it is.

yeah~ i know blogs about blogging bout things from our heart and telling people bout things.

but i was just not able to tell it out.

so sorry.

i just felt like typing nie.

coz i can't seem to fall asleep.

help me!!!

i just wanna sleep lah.

sigh~ like that arh... i think i can't go to church lah. sure tertidur there.

mampus lah!!!

how arh?

i just can't stop typing leh...

but i guess i have to.

coz i think everyone felt like killing me for this wasting time post.

damn sorry k?

i am just damn troubled.

forgive me.