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...very random...

yes, i know that i loudly said that i would post up all the posts that i promised my readers. well, i think i do. but guess what i couldn't. and why was that? because i still continued working at nobel. why?? coz the teacher that i replaced had some babysitter issue and couldn't come to work. ok, don't get the wrong ideas bout her babysitter kidnapping her baby or what. well, from my colleagues side of the story, her babysitter fell down and they were not sure whether she broke her leg ker her hand. so she couldn't take care of the baby. actually teacher lai (the teacher i replace) did come to work. but with her baby taggin along. my boss asked her to return that instance coz how to teach with a baby tagging along??? if i were my boss, i would ask her to go back also.

actually my boss asked me to work for full day for this week. as in i have to help out in the afternoon's session. coz my other boss just gave birth and is under that pantang month. can't leave the house to come to work.
ok, i do need money (you people already know that i'm saving money for that t20 rite?) but afternoon session is a bit too tiring. plus i'm only good with little kids (as in 6 years old and below...). i will go crazy with year one kids and all the other above the age of 7. so i'm just teaching the kindergarten for one more week. FOR MY CAMERA!!! I WILL SACRIFICE MY SLEEPING TIME!!!!
here are some random photos i took for some time ago for you guys to kill time:
sinren's cousin

i dunno his name in english. so paiseh! ask that 'post-less' prinz for his name lah. i might be his relative if i ever marry sin ren and i don't even know his name in english.
damn cute right? and yes, call me pathetic but i think he's the cutest boy kid i had seen.

i know i look damn hiao rite? i dunno why i so free take photos and edit them. haha! maybe got inspiration from the other blogs i read gua.

and for the last time, to those who tak habis-habis asking, i am not naked. i am wearing a tube dress which keeps falling coz i have no boobs.

haha~ huay hong's tummy before she gave birth that is. i haven't seen the baby yet but i had seen the photos. damn chubby and doesn't really look like a girl. unlike ah juan's baby. by one glance, you edy know she's a girl.

this huay hong's giving birth story a bit funny noe... she came to church. then i saw her like keep patting her tummy. i went over and ask her what happened. she said that her tummy was unusually moving. err~ i mean she said that her baby was moving very rapidly today. like so energetic. (probably doing some lap practice in the tummy..haha!) then after church, we went for some yamcha session at that so-delicious-yet-so-chuan-owners mamak at malim. huay hong and husband just went home lor.

later we received a call from jeff (her husband) while still yamcha-ing, saying that shit! i forgot what its called. err~ gotta go check out lah. alah...the bag containing the baby leh. it broke lah. so its a sign that she will be giving birth right?

so he rushed her to the hospital. but after dunno how many hours? she still belum gave birth. but at the next day afternoon, she nie gave birth to baby teng through a C-section.

i don't know why but i find it a bit funny lor. do you?

"~_~" *shivering in cold*
mum brought these huge ass bananas from her friend. haha! damn huge rite? its actually organic bananas. why organis stuff alwiz look so fugly arh? and damn big. eat one of these bananas i think also full d lor.

BTW, i did not even cared to try i coz i thought it looked like frankenstein. haha!
that's all for this post. erm~ its kind of a pointless post coz like no particular topic nie. haha!

k lah. bubbye...

NOTE: I stop working from tomorrow and back to kl on Saturday. yeah!!!!