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Ah Yu's dreadful accident

Look at these pictures of this car and tell me what you see?

Would you imagine yourself sitting in that car? Look at the passenger's seat. Flat until like that... you think the person sitting there still alive arh? Most probably not right? Probably gone to the west sky d right? Guess what? Remember Yuyu? My brother?? Does that name ring a bell??? Haha! Ok lah. I think you all can still remember lah.

Well, for those who don't know, he's not my birth brother lah. I don't have a brother and I am an only child. But leh...coz we sorta look a bit alike and very close so we call each other 'di di' and 'jie jie'. Erm~ for those who don't think that we look alike...well, at least we had the same skin colour lah!!! Haha!

Ok, ok. Back to the point.

Yuyu was sitting at that passenger's seat. And here he is so very alive!!! (and damn irritating also!!!)

Really hard to believe right? The whole thing like totally kena bang till teruk d lor. Anyways, I asked him how the whole thing happened and how was his experience. He said it happened like so fast, he didn't know exactly how it happened. He just remembered looking at the car coming to his side, he looked in front and then terus kena bang.
Caleb and Yuyu
NOTE: Caleb was sitting behind of Yuyu during the accident

I think I told you guys before...Yuyu had stiches on his brow. Its like so 'cham' for him. You know lah...he damn vain right?

But look at Caleb. Don't you think he is doing worse?Maybe you guys can't see in the photo above. Check out the photo below:
Damn poor thing can? At least Ah Yu can hide his wound during his recovery. Caleb can't. I see also kesian arh!!!! Yuyu arh... see how kesian lah people. He doesn't even complain lor!!!!

And he also broke his leg leh... And he's only ten. How can a 10 year old kid go through all this? I heard he was really strong during his operation and all those stuff. Hardly even shed a tear. That Ah yu pulak... tsk tsk~ heard that he cried like buckets of tears even before his surgery. He dare to tell me some more he cried in the operation room....wahahahahaha!!!

Damn paiseh lah. This photos also from quite long d. Around May. But now only I post. Hehe.
I promise I will post something recent soon lah. I got lots of new stuff but the connection like shit lah. Hard to post.

K lah. Me gotta go sleep. Tomorrow got class at 9am. Assignments still not done but very tired lah.
I promise I will post very often. Trust me...

K lah...Bubbyez~