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Happy Birthday, Anunu!!!

To the girl who came to Melaka from Perak during form 2,

To the girl who is so chubby that everybody would love to pinch her cheeks when they see her,

To the girl who is a Chinese + Indian fusion but don't know why looks like a Malay pulak,

To the girl who shares the same god brother with me for hell knows what reason,

To the girl who calls her god brother 'birdshit' for some birdshit issues that I can't remember,

To the girl who was a tomboy and totally changed to a lady out of a sudden that its kinda scary, -haha!
To the girl who was a prefect but had to break a few prefect's rules because of me, -remember the matrix card and demerit slip incident?
To the girl who sat with me in class during Form 6,

To the girl who was my partner in crime to irritate people,

To the girl who always sleep in class with me,

To the girl who makes up stupid songs with me and sings them a thousand times without getting sick, -remember the 50 cents song? Haha!
To the girl who likes the color purple till she's sort of obsessed with it,

To the girl who is a brunette on the outside but is a total airhead dizzy blonde on the inside, -you dumb blonde, you!!!
To the girl who calls me baboon and kena call monkey face all the (by me of course!),

To the girl who is so blur that she had three layers of fog surrounding her (literally!),

To the girl who loves to call everyone a 'bloody fool',

To the girl who drives her car like ferrari all around the small town of Melaka,

To the girl who is going to be a lawyer when she's all grown up, -err~ you are a grown up now aren't you?To the girl who just received a set of lingerie on her 21st birthday by her best buddies in high school,

To the girl who is gonna kill me when she reads that I revealed to the world what 'you-know-what' was,

To the girl who is the only one in our gang whose birthday is on July,

To the girl who received a special honor on my blog on this day, -not everyone can get k?

To G. Anusha Nair,
Actually I stole your photo from friendster to edit a special birthday message to you

And it was supposed to look like this:
Haha! Kill me, Anu~~~

But I think the photo we took together looks nicer.

Whatever it know my intention right?

I just wanted to wish you a
myspace codes
Myspace Codes:

And my other intention was to lure you to my blog and help me get my hit counter rising.

Anyways, all the best in your future undertaking and do try to take care of yourself. If that litlle boy ever bully you, call me. Not that I can whack him but I will basuh him fo good. Haha!

And do try to drive carefully can? I still rememer how fast you used to drive. But I think now got driver d right? Haha! Like me lah. I think I won't ever have a chance to drive around lah coz my driver loves driving more than me. Huhuhuhu~

K lah. That's all my friend. Hopefully what I wrote here made you weep just a little. That was another of my intention can? So long never made an adult cry d. everyday working only able to make little kids cry. Haha! I think I'm sadist, man.

Lastly, here's a big cheers to our 7 year friendship and more to come... love you!!!

Happy Birthday once again...
p/s: if none of the above made you cry, I hope this will...
50 cents, 50 cents,
rolling on the floor,
one side round, one side flat,
just like old one dollar coin.
50 cents, 50 cents,
super-duper rounded!!!