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I am not beautiful!!!

I posted this photo (the one below) on my friendster and MSN. And soon thousands of sickass guys start to request for an add on friendster and wants to chat with me on MSN.

Ok lah... I also agree that I look quite pretty lah in this photo. Or else why I wanna post on everywhere rite? But why like that arh? See pretty girls nie the guys all wanna add and get to know you. Honestly without all those makeup and wearing my glasses I look like ass can? And at that time... one hantu also never come and talk to me.

Actually not that I care lah. Coz if no guys wanna 'hiu' me also...I dun care. Coz I already got my beloved honey pie. And he really appreciate me, whether I'm with makeup or no makeup.


Think I very pretty right, all you shallow-minded-girlcrazy guys out there? What do you think of me when you see me looking like that???

Oh my gosh! I got huge mouth and teeth!!!

Now I got square face!!!

Er~ anything wrong with this one?

My brain must be huge huh?

My nose is big, my lips is damn straight and I think something is wrong with my eyes

Oh my gosh!!!! Its all twisted together!!!

My eyes!!!! And why my chin so long leh???

What a goofy smile... Haha!!! I kinda like this photo actually

I think I look like some creature from Lord of The Rings thrilogy...forgot the name lah!!!

Fuiyo!!! Besar nye hidung!!!

This looks a bit scary lor...

I've got big eyes here but my mouth too small lah

Another big nose beauty

Haha!!! Actually quite funny also lah all these photos... Photos credits to Mel~ Thx babe!!! I post these photos also wanna entertain ya all nie.

Nowadays I will mostly post photos without editing coz my laptop dunno why became damn assing slow. So the process to edit photos damn long. Take up all my time. I pun lazy wanna edit d lor. After Sinren finds out why the damn thing became so slow and sort it out, I will edit the photos. Not that I can't live without edited photos right?

Anyways, after seeing all these photos, I thank God that my face don't look like that in real life. And I shall longer complain about how ugly I look. God had made my features all in the right size and perfectly working. Nothing more to complain.

K lah. I want to go and bathe before Esther 'dap' me. We are watching 'Pursuit of Happyness' later. Shall review bout it after watching.

p/s: please do leave comments or tag me lah... boring lah~